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  1. This scent is now out of stock. Does anyone know where I can find a similiar scent? Thanks in advance!
  2. Drink up me Hearties - wine scent Parrot - Tropical island scent Blackjack - Ocean & linen scents Patchy - leather scent Limeys - of course limes (these were used to prevent scurvy) I would to think up some more but I'm heading out for coffee!! I can't imagine what a pirate smell would be. I know it aint any cologne type,lol. Some ideas to get you guys going Ship, swords, treasure chest,coins,
  3. I checked this one and it's full already. thanks for the info!
  4. Yeah she just missed out on this one. It was held at the end of March.
  5. Does anyone have a list of all the candlemaking workshops/conventions being held this year? I know a couple were already held but I'm trying to find out more info for my SIL who lives in New York and expresses an interest in candlemaking. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Well I've contacted the police department in that town where the scammer lives and send a picture of the letter & envelope. I told the department that several candle companies have been contacted so hopefully they will look into. Fraud is fraud no matter how big or small. It looks to me it's the work of an older person by the handwriting style.
  7. Wouldn't you know it, I got the exact same letter today and I'm in...Canada. I knew right away it was a scam when he stated the candle (the most expensive one on my site of course) did not have a wick. Goodness he certainly goes through great lengths handwriting these letters, sending them by postage mail and expecting something in return? But what gets me is that he's not demanding a replacement,credit or refund just an explanation on how a wick was missed in a candle given 'quality control checks'. It's almost like a trap for another trap. Seriously this guy needs to be stopped and why isn
  8. Definitely some smoke (he always did have a heavy breathing issue).... I agree with Black Pepper & Patchouli but also try mixing them with Amber & Cardamom for dark notes. This is a fun thread to read!!
  9. I would love to send him a Jack in the Box toy scented with 'Misbehaving' fragrance. I hope he gets caught so please keep us posted.
  10. Anybody know of a good fragrance oil dupe of this cold refreshing, sparkling lemony limey pop?? Man, I'm getting thirsty already:drool:
  11. The Candlesource's Bedtime Bath is Lavender and Chamomile. It's a really soothing soft aroma, not the medicinal lavender kind. It's one of my popular ones. I have noticed though J&J has changed their BB formula and is now not disclosing the fragrance ingredients. Give TCS a try, you'll just never know
  12. Thanks Candlebuddy, There are a few forest scents I would love to try from Candlescience but unfortunately they don't ship to Canada . I've been searching for months and months to find a certain clean and refreshing forest scent without the heavy pine notes. It's more citrus, light moss and light cedar/fir woods. It's really hard to explain it. My mom got the Frasier Fir candle when she was down to the states and thought that would be the closest scent I'm looking for which it is.
  13. Has anyone tried Candlewic's Frasier Fir??
  14. Can anyone tell me if there's a dupe for this fragrance or one that's very similar to it? It's dead on for a mossy cedar fir forest. Thanks in advance!
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