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** What's in your pot this week/end **?


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Happy Autumn Equinox! Happy Rosh Hashanah! Merry Mabon! Or isn't it just a great almost fall day?

What scents are you working on, are the shorter, cooler days changing what you like to work with?

Sunday will be devoted to lemongrass and ginger, and orange/clove. And a bunch of lip balms I want to make as a gift for my market neighbor - next weekend is the last market day :(

If anyone has a fall show, good luck!

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I need to pour mango & coconut, dogwood, and blackberry sage candles. Oh, and the dreaded caramel pralines. :lipsrseal

I need to soap lemongrass eo, plus a vanilla batch, a cinnamon buns batch, and a cranberry spice batch.

All caught up on lotion bars and whipped shea though, so life ain't half bad. Need to make a batch of candles for a swap, and a batch of lip balms for another.

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I just need to get my rear in gear with almost everything. I have a fall festival coming up on oct. 7th and 8th..at least I think. This will be the first time I'm there as a vendor. They usually set the crafters up in the firehall which is sort of out of the way of the rest of the festival so I chose an outdoor space (keep your fingers crossed with the weather). There were no candle crafters there last year, mostly just like church bazaar type stuff, so I'm hoping I'm bringing something different and make some $$.

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Oh!!! My melter will by workin' overtime this weekend. I will be mixin' up autumn/fall colors in the browns, orange, yellow and red colors. Scents will be gingerbread house, crisp apple butter, harvest punkin', & wagon hayride. Just to start with. I have two shows at the same time Oct. 7th so I have to make enough for both of 'em and 2 stores. I also have 1 new gift shop that will be opening Oct. 5th and wants me to fill a section of their store. :undecided I need more hands and space..........

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I have 15 orders of 8 oz candles and 40 tarts to make for the next PTG meeting ( new customers). My son is going with his dad tonight, so I might as well get them done now.

I'll be making Hillbilly Homebrew, Country Bumpkin, Pumpkin, LavenderNilla, Blueberry, Best Friends, Italian Biscotti, and lots of Eucalyptus.

I hope I don't get sick :(

Mindy :)

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Still pouring for the big show starting October 6th

Amish Harvest

Cool Citrus Basil

French Vanilla

Cinnamon Spruce

Home for the Holidays


Cinnamon Bun

Cranberry Cinnamon

Concord Grape

Spruce Christmas

Hot Cocoa


Thunder River

Orange Cinnamon


Hoping to get many of these poured this weekend. I've finished:

Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Brownie

Banana Nut bread

White tea & Ginger



Key West

White Tea and Ginger


Montego Bay


1/2 dozen Amish Harvests.

Fire:cool2: who does not expect to get much sleep this weekend!

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I will be doing a show tomorrow in Plains for the 10th Annual Peanut Festival! ITS GOOBER TIME HERE! Mr Planters is supposed to be there he will be 100 this year. And of course Pres Jimmy Carter, his hometown, will be there. 1st time I have done this show hope it turns out well. Juried show we are only soaps and candles!

Will let you know how it goes

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Merry Mabon to you too Robin!

I'm having electrical issues in my workshop...seems my lights dont feel like working today...i'm pretty sad...

Otherwise I am working on Pillars...all sorts of fall colors and fragrances...Just got my friend to mix me more of her special Autumn Harvest, oh wow I just love this scent! so now I'm whipping up a bunch of those...and other things too...

Cannot wait for next weekend to be overwith! Then I can rest for a day and do the pillars for a swap...lol..I know i'm tyring to kill myself here...lmao..or atleast my knees with all this standing....

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Not in the big league like the rest of you. I'm still testing, as agonizing as that can be. However, I just got home from helping a newsbie bunch of Marine Corp guys do a fish fry. They couldn't have pulled it off without us gals, so I'm happy. I'll resume pouring tomorrow, but I just felt like our service guys were more important right now!

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