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Here's how it went down... a soap story - NOW W/PICS (post#8)


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I've been itchin' to soap (dh wonders, how on earth did soap become a verb?) since my last batch 2 nights ago. Usually it takes me longer to come up with a recipe than it does to actually make it. Tonight was no exception... I had been chewing on this recipe for a few days, plugged in the #s, read all the FO feedback on 3 diff. forums and decided on this: 1/2 SW Moonlit Honeysuckle colored yellow, 1/2 SW Tea Rose colored pink & green. No big discount because even though the rose is supposed to be well behaved, the honeysuckle has a warning label that reads "for experienced CP'ers only!"

Undaunted, I proceed.

The lye solution is now room temp, oils are pretty cool, FOs are premeasured and sitting in dixie cups within arms reach - the mixing begins. It's then that dh decides to talk to me. HUH? Can't you see I'm busy? No biggie... I keep going. Add my trace oil, separate into 2 bowls and add color to one.

Then, tragedy strikes as I reach for the so-called well behaved rose FO. Bam, there it goes all over my work table, soaking my formula sheet which now smells strongly of my great-aunt Louise. DH is making gagging noises in the next room as I'm scrambling to look through my sample box for another rose FO because dammit, I want this blend and nothing else will do! Success! I find a sample of SFS' Rose Petals - skin safe, yipee! In the meantime the soap decides that med. trace is a great place to be.

Measure out my new FO after reassembling my scale which was also knocked over. Still, I somehow have time to separate the rose batch into 2 smaller bowls to color one green and the other pink. Onto the honeysuckle... it went from med. trace to soap on a stick in under .5 seconds, but I will not be stopped... as I'm swearing under my breath and beating the living daylights out of it, DD (up long past bedtime) wonders what the soap has done to deserve such treatment. Oh, if she only knew!

Finally, I smear the honeysuckle portion into the mold, which I at least had pre-lined and ready to go (ever forget to do that??!) Sprinkled a layer of rose petals for extra freakin' prettiness then glob on the pink layer. The green is now well past thick trace but still I plod on... I try a mediocre swirl... green and pink make, well, you get the picture. After throwing on some saran wrap, because I'll be damned if this is going to ash, I step away as if I were an Iron Chef and time has been called.

Next step was to not so politely ask the soap fairies to stop playing in the rose FO and be gone for the night.

Thanks for joining me on my current soap adventure. I'll take pics tomorrow once it's cut!

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LOL! I have had adventures like that before. I tried on my 2nd batch to soap rose and ylang ylang FO's together, not a pretty site. I hope the soap fairies turn it into a great batch, despite the problems. Please keep us posted! :D

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Dee you are too funny! Thanks for sharing your story. It's funny that I was soaping on the same day, and yes, my husband was talking to me too and guess what? While I started a beautiful green swirl, I happen to look up and saw the oil on the scale. :( So, I did what any other trooper would do. I just plopped it all back into the crock, added the oil, colored it throughtout and put it back into the mold. All the while, seething and mumbling because I knew this was gonna be a good swirl. Oh well, as it turns out, it's actually very pretty. :D Husband, kids, dog, telephone, neighbors, in-laws, go figure. lol

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