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  1. I plan to try Scentsational Shoppe's roller bottles (perfumeoils.com). Any feedback from anyone that may have used the glass bottles with plastic rollers?
  2. I emailed the company and they said upon further testing it maybe the FO that's causing the leaking. I think all FOs eventually weaken plastic as this company has found out. Honestly I can't remember where I got the bottles, I got a huge lot and am coming to the end that's why I'm trying to decide plastic or metal rollers... if it makes a difference.
  3. For years I've been using plastic rollers and some will eventually leak. The store I have them at displays them upright. She swears when I put the protective wrap on the bottles is when they leak, I don't think that's the reason. I'm thinking of switching to stainless steel rollers and am wondering if anyone that's used both can weigh in with their experiences. I read on one supplier's list - to test if using FCO (which is what I use) because balls can pop out, FCO can act like as a lubricant and loosen the roller balls.- I found that interesting and wonder if the leaking problem stems from the carrier oil I've chosen. Also wondering what carrier oil you use. I started with Sweet Almond Oil since people are allergic I switched to FCO but am thinking of switching to something else.
  4. maryann

    Water Soluble Paper in M&P

    Hey that's my tutorial Not too painful and super fun once you get it down to a science, you should try. I think the additional notes at the bottom have good suggestions use a white or pastel bottom layer (for bleeding purposes) and no fragrance if the end use isn't immediate.
  5. maryann

    Ocean Mist

    Love the swirls and colors!
  6. Water Soluble Paper in M&P By maryann STEP 1. Choose your graphics and print them out just like you would on a "regular" sheet of paper. Some of the graphics pictured are from pcCrafter. STEP 2. Cut your graphics out. I cut as close to the graphic as possible that way there's less of a chance that the white background will show up in the soap. STEP 3. I've skipped a few steps here- as you can see in the picture below I have already poured soap in three molds and their set up. I gathered everything I needed so it’s right at my fingertips. I'm adding unscented white snowflake M&P embeds (from Flexiblemolds.com) and cosmetic glitter besides my graphics. Now I melt my clear M&P base and let it cool. Tips: Don't pour too hot or it will disintegrate the paper. I wouldn't scent the embeds or the clear base as they could turn brown from the FO. Fo's also cause the clear base to become cloudy (as does putting your molds in refrig or freezer). The big snowflake mold came from NG, under Soap Mold-Snowflakes. STEP 4. Before you pour the clear M&P base spray the layer of soap you have in the molds with rubbing alcohol. This will do 2 things; adhere the layers together and help the graphic blend into the bottom layer of soap better. Spray lightly, if you spray too much the ink from your graphics will run (if not using a water resistant printer ink). Then place your graphic and/or embeds on to the layer in the mold(s), then lightly spritz with rubbing alcohol again and ........ STEP 5. Pour STEP 6. Pour STEP 7. Pour. Tips: I heat this super slow so I do not create any bubbles. Since I do not add anything to the base I do not stir it. Taking these 2 things into consideration I have very little, if any bubbles. I also pour slowly so I do not create any bubbles, if I do have any bubble I spray VERY lightly with rubbing alcohol. I've found that if I overdue it with the spraying it clouds the clear base. I also keep a wooden skewer close by to get anything out of the layer I just poured, whether it’s a bubble or soap that's set up before the rest has and looks out of place. Step 8. At this point I let it rest a few hours in the mold. Once its set up I carefully, with LOTS of acquired patience take it out of the mold. One thing I have found is that putting it in the freezer or refrig even if it’s for a few minutes will cloud the clear base, and you won't be able to see your graphic as well. Step 9. Wrap it up to stop it from sweating and at this point you may need a stiff drink! This is not an easy process. It took me MANY trials to get to the point I have in Step #9. Have fun and it does take a little practice to get it down. Other things to remember: If you use a colored bottom layer it will eventually bleed into the clear base. Also chances are if you scented the bottom layer, the clear layer after sitting a few weeks to a month will turn yellowish no matter what FO you use.
  7. All are your except one bag of bows (that were already sold). I should have an invoice to you late tonight

  8. Hi : )) I think I purchased them from Wholesale Supplies Plus but am not sure it was about 5 years ago.

    Shipping would be from 34203 (Florida)

    I just weighed water in the jar and it was 6oz

  9. Could you tell me where you purchased these from. I have been looking for them.

    86- Smelly Jelly or Sachet Bead Jars with fancy plastic top- quantity 24 tops and jars and 22 inserts for shipping so product doesn’t spill out $20

    How many ounces?

    That zip code are you shipping from?


  10. I'm HORRIBLE w/ names... but I just wanted to say HOW BEAUTIFUL that color is !!
  11. W:shocked2:W Donna both are sooooooo beautiful. Don't ya just hate using these works of art sometimes-lol Hey no one did that scent for the SS swap did they?? I'll have to add a bottle to my list of "to tries".
  12. LUV the sounds of these bars and the colors you chose are beautiful!
  13. These look AWESOME!! :highfive: I totally agree with the gingerbread comment. I've been looking for a good eggnog that doesn't discolor- Suz at OT said they're in the process of working on/tesing an eggnog FO. I can't wait and I hope it doesn't discolor. I used the last of the eggnog FO I had a few weeks ago and used eggnog as 100% of my liquid using Suz's goats milk tutorial. I made a few batches using eggnog last year and love the feel it gives the soap.
  14. They turned out GREAT!!!! (I just L O V E that avatar )
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