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New label for a "cancer candle"


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A year ago I started a candle label design for my apple orchard account and now I'm finalizing what label to go with and wanted to get everyones input.

My first choice is the first one.

2'nd choice is the second one.


This label has now become special to me because as you know I have cancer and the owner of the orchard house has been fighting terminal cancer for years and years and goes to chemo quite regular and she is a real doll ever since she gave me my first big order for over $1,200 and ever since then she never gave me an order but a free hand to do what ever I wanted since then....can experiment with new designs, temporary limited collections and bring in as much as I can whenever I want because everything sells no matter what I make.   It is truly a dream account for anyone ever wanting a business such as I have made here.   It will be such a shame when I move to Maine as I won't know what to do but ship (as they always get their candles delivered by me) or I can sell my business and I sure as heck don't want to do that.




What label would you pick?   Also any suggestions you can think of to make the label even better?













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1 hour ago, barbaranj said:

They are all so gorgeous.  I think the first one represents the meaning behind it the best.   

You are so talented, Trapp.   Thinking of you all the time.  



I love the first one too Barbara for the exact reason you just stated.


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1 hour ago, TallTayl said:

Each color Is used for a different type of cancer.  Which type are you hoping to market toward?



Yes, I know that so it was kind of hard to try to think and do it that way.   Most people generally see the pink as a cancer awareness logo so in my mind I'm overlooking the colors for now and just going to keep it pink as most probably don't even know that a pink is for breast cancer like I didn't at first but could mean any cancer, so I'm ovelooking it that way.  Like the owner of the orchard house she has lung liver and a couple of other types .  Most people wouldn't know grey is for brain cancer and liver cancer is emerald green.   Now they sell t shirts at the orchard house and all of them are pink, so see why I'm not going that way?


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I like them all but the first one really catches my eye more. 


PS I LOVE MAINE. When are you planning to move and what general area? It's really an under-rated place. I visit every year and every single year, I dream of moving there. 

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