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  1. I've never used this but it looks interesting. True white pepper could have kind of a funky musty note, so maybe look for Black Pepper or other Peppercorn scents.
  2. Ginger & Peach. You could go really easy on the peach to sweeten up a sharp ginger.
  3. This person is probably going to notice increased traffic coming from here and while it may be a good learning experience for her to find this site, some of what is said here comes off mean-spirited. Maybe the direct links and identifying images should be removed?
  4. Lana

    Sweet Cakes faves?

    Black Currant Rose Fragrance I have this scent and really love it. I don't find it to be like Diptyque though. I use it in wax melts in a blend. A little goes a long way for me Fig Fragrance This is so fruity-syrupy-sweet to me, it was nothing like I thought it would be. I can't think of how else to describe this. I made a tester in wax and it was strong, just not what I was looking for at the time. Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrance - Haven't put this in wax but it smells good OOB. I don't really know what a true Frank&Myrrh scent is supposed to smell like though. Hotel Costes (type) Fragrance I do not understand this scent. It is beyond strong and beyond perfumey. I used it at 4.5 or 5% and it was so strong in a wax melt that it gave me a headache. I didn't really like the scent profile so I haven't bothered to try to make a blend or do anything else with it. One day...maybe. (I'm taking suggestions 🤑) Midnight in Tunisia Fragrance Interesting scent. Kind of powdery OOB. I put it in wax at maybe 5% and recall that I liked it but for whatever reason, didn't continue working with it (yet. But I will, eventually) Molton Brown Naran Ji (type) Fragrance Very nice scent - same as above though. I really need to get to my SweetCakes oils. This post is actually giving me anxiety now that I'm going down the list lol. Nectarine Blossom & Honey (Jo Malone type) Fragrance I don't recall if I put this one in wax. Nice scent though. Not that it counts for anything but I get some clean "green" notes OOB so I have high hopes for this one for sure. Sandalwood Fragrance (interesting sounding blend suggested with this). I've used this in blends and I like it. Kind of a dry woody-type scent to me though. I have no idea what an ideal sandalwood or true sandalwood scent would be but I do like this one. True Rose Fragrance This is their Rose scent I have and I really like it. It's not too powdery to my nose, which is a problem with a few Rose scents I've tried. I've used it by itself and in blends. Tuberose Deluxe Fragrance Oh boy, another one I bought and haven't used. Might as well have just lit my money on fire! Very nice OOB though, maybe a little more on the sweet side than I was expecting. Most of their scents are really beautiful in wax though, so I will get to this one....eventually! Woodsmoke Fragrance - Alright now I'm really going to just light my money on fire. OOB smells great, never put it in wax. That all being said, I LOVE their Champaca & Bamboo and use it all the time. I think it would be great in lotions and soaps too but I only work with melts for the most part. Oceania is really strong, I use it by itself and in blends. New Mown Hay is kind of perfumey to me and not really what I've smelled when driving through the country and getting whiffs of new mown hay, but it's really nice in a Hay blend I've made. Two that I was truly disappointed in are Honey (smells like cat pee to me, I'm sorry to say) and Cappuccino (I can not get any decent throw with this scent). Totally just my opinion and I've asked others about the Honey and most people disagree. I can't get past it though.
  5. If you're looking for perfume purposes, I like fragrancenet.com. They usually run a good sale and have a great selection. I don't know of any dupes for these but wanted to chime in with that just in case.
  6. Lana


    I 100% agree with birdcharm. I can't stress enough how important a SAFE Candle is and it takes a lot of testing, trial and error. I also wouldn't sell a candle until I was properly licensed (depending on your states laws) and insured. And even then, I'd need to be confident I used to right recipe/formulation that was safe and effective. Someone can burn their house down with an improperly made candle. Sure, it may be rare, but it does happen. That all being said, you can learn how much your jar holds and then measure out candle wax, FO, etc., by weight with a kitchen-type scale. You want a consistent candle, so I take a lot of notes during testing so that as I make adjustments and settle on a final formula, I can keep it consistent moving forward.
  7. Lana

    dimples are NOT cute.........what's up with this?

    I think this wax is pretty similar to the pillar of bliss that I use (granules?) and I've had this same issue from batch to batch. I had the most amazing and smooth tops with a single pour and now I have to leave the top empty, let them harden and then do a 2nd pour. I don't think anyone cares about the smooth tops aside from me, but I still do the extra work of a 2nd pour. 😐
  8. So, my day job is in the food industry. Here is something interesting I just encountered. We are a co-manufacturer for many Fortune 500 companies. One such company wanted to know the GMO status of a particular product. We received statements from all the ingredients' suppliers and told the customer that 4 ingredients are genetically modified. 2 major ingredients (as in, in the beginning of the ingredient statement, which is in order of predominance) and 2 minor ingredients. They then asked us to send it in to be tested. It tested negative because the proteins break down and get destroyed during the refining process of the ingredients and even further break down during our manufacturing process. I'll go ahead and let you guess how the customer markets this product. And while I find it to be unethical, what they're doing is not illegal, because it is technically free of Genetically Modified Materials. (Much like soy wax).
  9. Lana

    Square Jar Search!

    Glassnow.com has a few different square jars. Not that exact size but might be a good place to start.
  10. Lana

    Tobacco Caramel

    I love that scent and it sells pretty well for me. I do get a lot of people saying they didn't know what to expect because of the name. I just don't know what else I could name it to bc it's a pretty unique scent (to me, anyways).
  11. I found them years ago when I was searching for a Tabu dupe, because it's the only perfume my grandma will wear and I wanted to make some candles or melts with that scent (yuck...but she loves it somehow). Anyways, there was zero way I could justify spending what they were charging for that scent, especially considering there's no reviews on most of their scents. They do have some interesting dupes though. I'd love to see feedback to see what people's experiences have been though. Christmas is coming and my gram's bday is in January lol.
  12. Lana

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    It's really a horrible cycle us FO-HOs find ourselves in. I am up to my ears in 1oz samples from all my suppliers, but I can't seem to stop collecting them. NG is pretty good, and at a good price and fair shipping (to me, anyways...but I'm only a couple states away). I'll have to go through my list and make some more recommendations. Although some of this is a repeat, off the top of my head I really like (using parasoy pillar wax, mostly for melts, also have used most of these in room sprays or reed diffusers as well): Green Clover & Aloe Nectarine & Mint (though I add more CS Garden Mint to it) Brown Sugar & Fig Peppermint Patty Freesia Blue Hydrangea Apple Orchard Bamboo & White Grapefruit Mrs Claus Cookies Christmas Cabin Spiced Cranberry Gingered Peach I do not like: ANY of their coffees. (I tend to gravitate to RE for coffee based scents) ANY of their tobacco / cigar scents. (To my nose, they are pretty perfumey and almost citrusy, which is not what I prefer. People seem to like them, so maybe it's just me!)
  13. Honey I Washed The Kids (from Lush)
  14. Lana

    Roasted Expresso?

    I should mention, I go down in percentage in any of my applications w this scent (melts, candles, room sprays, reed diffusers). I rarely make candles, but have made them in this scent for friends. I don't recall my formula off the top of my head but I can tell you in melts (parasoy), I do about 5.75-6% instead of my normal 6.5-7% for many fragrances. If I go much higher than 6% in RE Coffee House, it starts to smell fake to me. It's a pretty strong scent for me.
  15. This is definitely strange and I would 100% not give them certain details and say your process and/or particular raw materials are proprietary. In my day job, I work in the food industry as a co-manufacturer and some of our customers do request "open book pricing" where we do share our costs and profit margins but they are far and few between. We also have a customer who is a nut roasting company, so they make plain roasted almond/cashew/peanut butter, we process it with other flavors & ingredients and dispense it into retail jars for them. In that case, they give us the nut butters at no cost and we only charge them for the additional flavors, jar, labor, etc. I would say those instances could carry over into a candle business. In any case, these would all be established businesses whose business relationship together is clearly defined up front and no confusion, shadiness, etc. You have worked very hard to perfect your craft and you shouldn't be bullied into giving away your trade secrets. Best of luck with this - I hope it works out however is best for you!