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  1. I've bought from them and liked the vessels I received. I just went on a hiatus and haven't used them yet though but getting back into it. I will say that I am involved in packaging for the food industry in my day job and it is a complete nightmare right now. Packaging materials from overseas are getting stuck at the border longer than ever and even our domestic suppliers can't keep up with demand at all. This goes for glass, PET and paperboard/cardboard. It is especially hard for smaller scale companies like my day job and also dream vessels. Hopefully people understand and don't c
  2. The very first one looks awesome. I love it! I also really like the label you posted for the 2nd store. The script font works with that design, but I don't care for the script font in the Painted Pony labels. Best of luck!
  3. The owner of Maple Street said they are PET about a year ago. Not sure if they've changed since then, but I have NOT noticed a difference in the clamshells over the years.
  4. I've never noticed any kind of skunky or off smell with Maple Street's clamshells. I love their quality. Even though I really like them, I think after this box, I may try to go a more sustainable route.
  5. Like it changes - either not as strong, or maybe the prominent notes change, or goes noticably rancid.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'm not going to sell sub-par products when my FO goes bad but definitely want to keep my scents going strong for as long as possible. I'd say I'm a low volume seller by design because my day job is long hours and high stress - I just like a creative outlet. At the same time, I don't want to pour money down the drain, so to speak. I will check the scents that I'm noticing a difference in....that would make sense if they're HDPE. Maybe at the very least, I will swap out my FOs that come in clear plastic even if PET.
  7. Just curious if anyone transfers their larger FO's into glass jars to prolong their shelf life. I primarily sell wax melts and it's generally low volume, so some of my FO's can sit for a while. I'm noticing some scents morphing even though they're stored in a cool, dry place and out of sunlight. I'm thinking of buying a bunch of amber glass bottles to transfer FOs into but just wanted to see if it's worth it.
  8. I sell primarily wax melts online and my best sellers are White Tea (CS), Volcano (RE) and Tobacco Caramel (FC). I also sell a lot of blends using Black Tea (FC).
  9. These are all really cute and great sounding blends too!
  10. Lana


    I also use Candle Cocoon but I use a low percentage (I think the recommended about on the label). If I go higher, it smells cloying and fake in my melts. Using the recommended amount is key for me and smells perfect.
  11. I like them all but the first one really catches my eye more. PS I LOVE MAINE. When are you planning to move and what general area? It's really an under-rated place. I visit every year and every single year, I dream of moving there.
  12. How was the House of Intuiion candle? I've seen them on Instagram since they launched their candle line and the videos I've seen show a lot of sooting. I wonder if that's just been user issues (drafts and such). I was also turned off by their marketing on the magic candles. (What's on their website if different than your candle pictured - the images on the website say to leave the candle burning for 5-7 days - yikes).
  13. Melt the candles down in a double boiler or on a cookie sheet in the oven on a low setting and use as firestarters as mentioned already, or maybe wax melts.
  14. I've never used this but it looks interesting. True white pepper could have kind of a funky musty note, so maybe look for Black Pepper or other Peppercorn scents.
  15. Ginger & Peach. You could go really easy on the peach to sweeten up a sharp ginger.
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