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  1. Shari

    New to soap making. Could use help.

    I agree with Candybee, starting with basic recipes and getting to know them first, then you can switch things up, I recommend 1 change at a time to see what it brings to the party and if you like it or not. I tried all the fancy stuff when I first started but ended up back at a pretty basic recipe with a few tweaks. Lard or Palm, CO, Olive or HO Sunflower or HO Safflower and Castor makes a nice soap. I know of a few soapers that us HO Canola and love it with no DOS. I see people using Argan, Meadowfoam, Jojoba and other pricey ingredients that you can't even be sure they survive the lye monster. So, I use those type in leave on products.
  2. Shari

    Christmas Fragrance for CP soaps

    I only do 1. Applejack & Peel. I carry a Cedar & Balsam & Cranberry Citrus that I carry all year round. I just never had much luck selling holiday fragrances so stopped making them. I have a pumpkin brulee I made 3 years ago and still have 6 of 16 bars. I tried Apple Cinnamon and no bueno. I soap cupcakes with NG's Winter Garden and they sold well but I don't think they still sell it. A
  3. Shari

    Die cutting machine

    I got a Cricut Explore 2 last year on Thanksgiving evening at Michael's. I've not used it myself but my daughter uses mine and hers all the time. She's made signage for me, t-shirts, iron on monograms for small burlap bags for wedding favors (soap inside), party picks & banners. I just don't have the time or patience to learn to use it myself. But they both get a lot of use.
  4. I have little scrapers that I squeegee out as much as possible. I don't make candles but soap & B&B and will generally just weigh it into my product.
  5. Shari


    I'm so bummed, I just got an order from them. Darn! Story of my life. Day late and a dollar short.
  6. Shari

    I have an idea

    I too am a chronic FOHO.....not ashamed either.
  7. Shari

    New soaps

    Very pretty! Nurture has great micas. I've never been disappointed with them. There is also a facebook group called Steph's Micas and more, she has some pretty ones too. Her prices are really good as well. I just place my first order. It's a group buy and takes some time to get.
  8. Shari

    Harder Base!

    Hobby Lobby and Michael's don't carry good quality MP. Check out the resources above and it should be a whole lot better for sure. I use the MP from WSP for imbeds and it's pretty nice.
  9. Shari

    Autumn Walk in the Woods

    Very pretty and very fall like!
  10. Shari

    Oil lamps

    What a great idea! I've seen it before but never gave it much thought. Hope you get it to work for you. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  11. Shari

    Love the new banner!

    It looks really nice!
  12. Shari

    Well this is just great

    I like quite a lot of their scents. Peach Magnolia Raspberry is really nice, I like and have used their Lilac, Indian Sandalwood, Passionate Kisses, Bite Me, Dragon's Blood, Fruity Rings, Love Spell, China Rain, Sweet Orange Chili Pepper, Bamboo White Grapefruit (fades till gone in soap, nice in scrubs), Hummingbird, Nectarine Mint. I know there are many others but that's my short list.
  13. Shari

    WSP 35% OFF 21 Pumpkin fragrance Oils

    If anyone makes soap, they have a great saleprice on RSPO No Stir Palm Oil. 39.17 for 50 lbs.
  14. Shari

    WSP 35% OFF 21 Pumpkin fragrance Oils

    What I've noticed with WSP is that once a scent becomes popular they jack the price up to where it's no longer affordable. Their Raspberry Lemonade was really reasonable when I first started purchasing it. Now it's gone up way too much even on sale (43.00). I'm just going to drop it from my line. Same with VBN.
  15. Shari

    Credit Cards Processing

    I too use Square. It's popular in the business world and people recognize it and are comfortable utilizing it for payment. I also use square for stock inventory which helps greatly with things. I would be leery using something not known as customers may balk at using it. I also find the fees with square to be reasonable.