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  1. I've had to blend 3 different coconuts to get something that's relatively nice in my sugar scrubs and body butters. I blended Coconut Cabana (NG), Coconut Milk (Peak),and Coconut Craziness (NG). I don't make soap with it as I can't get the scent to stick.
  2. Depends on what you are using to make them. PS80 will keep things from separating. It's an emulsifier. I prefer PS80 over PS20.
  3. I too already do the discount for multiples. It's worked well. I may just increase single purchase price. Great idea. Thank you!
  4. I've only ever use Fractionated Coconut Oil with pretty good results. I have had perfumers alcohol for some time but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I'd like to make a body spray but may have to try the roll-on too.
  5. I'm going to adjust my system for the upcoming year. I'm going to have a 10.00 minimum credit card charge policy. This year I got a lot of small charges and it was frustrating. You can charge a credit card fee. I just had a service done and they charged 3% which was 3.00 for me. I've had other vendors at shows charging fees as well. Not sure I want to do that. I do need to raise my price on a couple items for sure though.
  6. I've found a lot of their tutorials are purely just to sell their supplies. Even some of their soapmaking and bath and body things make me go hmmm...
  7. The foaming are made with the bath whip and sugars. Emulsified scrubs are made with oils, butters, stearic acid, emulsifier and in some cases beeswax and a preservative. I prefer the emulsified as the oils leave a nice feeling to the skin but with the emulsifier it's not a greasy mess and turns almost creamy.
  8. I have used the foaming bath whip from Wholesale Supplies Plus. It worked really well. Unfortunately, they weren't a hit with my customers so I started making emulsified sugar scrub. I still like the foaming one once in awhile. Especially for my feet.
  9. Those are lovely looking! I so need to get back to it. Haven't made soap since March which is a record for me over the last 8 years.
  10. Congratulations!!! What a great problem to have.
  11. If you're buying liquid soap that's thick you can thin it by adding distilled water. I make liquid soap and just dilute it more for foamer bottles. I prefer thicker soap.
  12. I have to second online labels. They are the best I've used.
  13. I too say go for it. I want to go there some day. I'm only about 2 hours away.
  14. Shari

    Peaks Candle

    There's a couple other posts on this here as well regarding them going out of business again
  15. They lost me after the first closing. Airing their dirty laundry online really turned me off. Fortunately I still have quite a bit from when I did order from them. Will give my business to Keystone when I need to replenish.
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