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  1. For ungelled soap I generally leave it for 2-3 days before zap testing. It an take 2-3 days for it to be fully saponified if not gelled. I would do what TT said and put it back in the mold and heat up your oven, turn it off and put the mold in for a bit. Or just leave it.
  2. I have 9 of their 7.5 lb molds and love them. I also have 4 of the 4 inch molds. I use the 4 inch for testing. I also have a large slab mold from them. I love all of her products. They are well made and last a long time. I highly recommend making smaller batches as a beginner that way if something goes wrong you're not out a lot of supplies if it can't be fixed. No more than 2 lbs at a time.
  3. Shari

    Peaks Candle

    I think they are crazy and can't decide if they are coming or going. They've had a couple sales lately, I'm just not willing to risk going back to them.
  4. I use cruelty free silk as well. The silk is harvested and cleaned after it has been vacated. I have also seen where folk have used dried corn silk. I've not tried it myself so can't speak at to if it works or not.
  5. I do not in most cases. Once in awhile I'll add a bit for personal use for a little extra shine.
  6. I did consignment twice. The first business ended up closing overnight after 2 years and took all my product and never heard from them again. They blocked me on social media and didn't respond to emails. Wasn't enough to take them to court but won't ever do that again. It was 60/40. I would never ever go lower than that personally. You deserve to be paid for your time and work. The second just wasn't worth the hassle after a year so didn't renew the contract. It was 70/30.
  7. Congratulations! Sounds like the way to wrap up the year for sure. A rest is well deserved.
  8. yes, you've stated it's flameless....you haven't answered the questions posed to you. Are you making these? What's your point of posting in a candle forum when most here make wicked candles. Curious minds want to know what your post is about.
  9. I've started to include a different top (disc top) with my lotions which adds to the cost as I too have had instances where they did not work when customers went to use them. It seems to be happening more often than in the past.
  10. I've had to blend 3 different coconuts to get something that's relatively nice in my sugar scrubs and body butters. I blended Coconut Cabana (NG), Coconut Milk (Peak),and Coconut Craziness (NG). I don't make soap with it as I can't get the scent to stick.
  11. Depends on what you are using to make them. PS80 will keep things from separating. It's an emulsifier. I prefer PS80 over PS20.
  12. I too already do the discount for multiples. It's worked well. I may just increase single purchase price. Great idea. Thank you!
  13. I've only ever use Fractionated Coconut Oil with pretty good results. I have had perfumers alcohol for some time but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I'd like to make a body spray but may have to try the roll-on too.
  14. I'm going to adjust my system for the upcoming year. I'm going to have a 10.00 minimum credit card charge policy. This year I got a lot of small charges and it was frustrating. You can charge a credit card fee. I just had a service done and they charged 3% which was 3.00 for me. I've had other vendors at shows charging fees as well. Not sure I want to do that. I do need to raise my price on a couple items for sure though.
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