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  1. I like NG's Sweetgrass too. I mixed it with some Greet Tea and it's really fresh smelling. Again I make B&B not candles. I like OMG Olive too.
  2. What a great idea. Very nicely done! Unfortunately, I'm out of storage space...my husband may divorce me if I asked him to build one more thing that has to be stored. We don't have a garage or basement and a fairly small home. I've taken over most of it.
  3. @jfc I'm not exactly sure. I found this recipe quite some time ago, tried it and it worked. So I just stuck with it. I mostly make them for me and my family. I tried selling them but they weren't big sellers. Most likely because I don't do a lot of shows during the colder months here.
  4. Vanilla Champagne is one of my top sellers in soap and scrubs. I've done 3 baby showers and 1 bridal shower using that scent.
  5. You will likely need something temperature controlled. Especially in Texas. Heck here in the summer I can melt 50 lbs of palm oil in no time.
  6. Very nice as always! They scream Easter / spring.
  7. This is the one I use: 1 oz menthol crystals (cover with 91% alcohol). Just enough to cover and dissolve. 8 oz. Baking soda, 4 oz. Citric Acid, 2 oz. Cornstarch Sift dry ingredients, mix well. Add wet ingredient and mix well. I also add some eucalyptus or lavender to them.
  8. I make shower steamers but use menthol crystals in them along with EO. If you post your recipe we may be able to help troubleshoot. How much EO are you using? That will play a big part in them having a good scent throw in the shower.
  9. @Laura C - Wellington has different strengths as well. There are so many suppliers that have quality oils. You need to read reviews of which there are many here.
  10. I too use online labels.
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