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  1. I agree with the above. It takes a ton of plant matter to make very little EO. Much more time saving just to purchase it. Lavender is pretty reasonable to buy.
  2. That's just an infused oil. That's not something you would use to scent candles and not much scent would carry into soap at all and it would be little in body products either. Essential oils are steam or chemically extracted not infused.
  3. I agree with Blueberry or a green tea. I actually have a Blueberry Lemon Verbena tester somewhere in my stash. I liked it enough but I need to stop buying new and using what I have.
  4. Essentials by Catalina base recommend 1-2%. I've been using 1.5%
  5. Here's someplace I go for all things soapy that may confuse me. https://classicbells.com/soap/citrate.asp https://classicbells.com/soap/citricAcid.asp She does an awesome job explaining things.
  6. I just got a bunch of 2 oz bottles and lids from Nature's Garden. You can get them in 10 pks pretty inexpensively. Their shipping is generally pretty fair as well. I purchased a gallon from Catalina of their sanitizer and am packaging it to give to family and friends who cannot access it since the shelves are empty.
  7. The Michigan Faire is generally filthy. I've gone twice and it was kind of gross. I loved the Faire in Houston. It was much cleaner than Michigian though it's been years now.
  8. I use Soaper's Choice for oils/butters, sometimes Essential Depot has a good sale. For my salt I use San Francisco Salt Company or Wholesale Supplies Plus.
  9. They are cancelling shows and fairs here as well. All restaurants, theaters, schools are closed. They are starting to think schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. I work in a hospital, we have drive through respiratory testing running from 9 a - 12a. I'm sure it's going to cost a lot of businesses their livelihood. The only places winning right now are the grocery stores, bakeries and food markets, yet I can't find bread or Kleenex anywhere right now. Fortunately I have a day job and am secure, however, my soap business will likely take a hit this year. It will get better, just going to take time.
  10. I use and like quite a few from NG. Spring specific, maybe. I like Mango Sorbet, Vanilla Champagne, I mix Green Tea and Sweetgrass, Passionate Kisses, I use their Lilac but it does discolor without VS. Sweet Orange Chili Pepper. I also use Cracklin Birch, Perfect Man and Werewolf. There are others I can't think of at the moment.
  11. I utilize batch numbers that I keep in a database as well as on the original recipes. I just change them on the labels before printing. Very easy to do. I do B&B not candles.
  12. I've heard good things about the base from Essentials by Catalina but I can't speak first hand. I don't use a lot of MP mostly for embeds in my CP. They have a good selection too. Some I've not seen elsewhere.
  13. I should start with I don't sell or make candles. I do soap, scrubs, lip balm, bath bombs, perfume etc..... I carry 30-40 different fragrances. I don't do seasonal fragrances anymore as they were never big sellers. In scrubs I carry 8-10 scents, lip balm 12. I'm trying to keep it at 30 for this year as my two shelves I use for shows holds 4 bars of 15 fragrances each. I just have so many fragrances, I want to try them all. It's a very dark hole I fall into every year.
  14. This is your product. You posted it to another forum and it got deleted before it was viewed. Except you had a link to it. I think it's crazy. I can light a candle on my own just fine and dandy. And the fire risk......one way to keep the fire departments going for something crazy.
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