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  1. They’ve been out of business for some time now for the 3rd time. There are a couple suppliers that carry their fragrances.
  2. I'd be happy to send you some if you like. Let me check to make sure I have some in stock. I should have it. It smells like Bubblicious bubble gum smelled when I was a kid.
  3. My favorite is NG's Bubble Luscious. It smells so good. I've made it in sugar scrubs and soap. It sticks well in soap. I agree that flavor oil would work in bubble bath too. I use Element's Bubble Gum in lip balm.
  4. People just don't care if they are putting out a quality product. I'm on another forum and there's a gal there that just started making soap in June. She's already selling and vamping her batches up larger than what I even make and I've been selling for over 9 plus years now. I did call her out but she never responded. But there are many many others telling her what to buy and where etc. I just can't. They represent other soapmakers and cost them and myself business because they have no idea what their soap may do. I see the same type of scenarios for candles. One ju
  5. Keystone is the only one I can recall that had it. It's been out of stock for awhile
  6. I used arrowroot powder in the past but prefer IPM over other additives. As stated using drier oils/butters helps as well.
  7. Maybe some sea salt scrubs? I've not made nor tried salt scrubs. I've always been a little concerned about burning in minor scratches/cuts so I've stuck to sugar scrubs. I'm in the process of re-branding myself and have thought about possibly adding some to my line. Not positive though. Plus my sugar scrubs sell so well don't know that I want to add competition.
  8. Uline had bands and seals for regular not wide mouth but that's more than I've been able to find locally. thank you!
  9. I've make a lot of sugar scrubs and use vanilla containing FO's and not noticed much discoloring, though I know it can happen. I've used Vanilla Buttercream and Vanilla Champagne from NG and Birthday Cake from somewhere else (escaping me at the moment) they've stayed pretty light. I don't make more than what will sell in a 3 month period. I like them fresh but I have a Vanilla Champagne in my shower that still light and it's old. Sometimes I'll color them and I've not had the color morph at all.
  10. I have the Wagner posted above. Been using it for several years now and still going strong. I do have a new one just in case. Got too good of a deal on it not to have an extra.
  11. there is a huge shortage for canning supplies everywhere. the only ones I've been able to find are the 4 oz. Can't find replacement seals or bands. Fortunately, I've been canning for years so had some back-up supplies.
  12. Hello and welcome!!! I'm a soapmaker as well. Have been making soap for almost 10 years.
  13. That looks very similar to one I have that I purchased quite a long time ago. It's still a great cutter though I don't use it often. Mostly for specialty soaps for special orders. My ex-husband made my first multi bar cutter out of wood and I got about 3 years out of it before it started warping pretty badly. I ended up getting a metal one after that. You did a great job!!!
  14. I've been using Optiphen Plus in my scrubs for with no issue. I've also used Phenonip in the past. I love sugar scrubs. They make my skin feel so good.
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