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  1. Lemon Verbena, Vanilla Champagne, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. Lavender sells fairly well too.
  2. I too use copious amounts of paper towel. Like Candybee I wipe out all my soaping buckets and utensils really well and toss the paper into the trash.
  3. I would go with the 2" tall. The shorter one just doesn't scream candle to me. Too shallow.
  4. Welcome! I responded to your other post asking the same question.
  5. Fragrance Oils are not really natural. They are made in labs and are primarily synthetic. Though some will contain essential oils. The only way to be natural is with essential oils which can be pricey. Wholesale Supplies Plus carries some natural fragrance oils but again they are pricey. I use primarily Fragrance Oils and get them from Nature's Garden, Elements Bath & Body, Rustic Escentuals, Nurture Soap. Fragrance Lab, WSP (sales only). Never heard of P&J Trading, just took a look and they seem pricey for fragrance oils. 3 ounces for 18.00. I would look elsewhere for much better pricing.
  6. I went into the site and it seems to be working with no issues.
  7. I carry 35-40 fragrances at any given time in soap. 10-12 in sugar scrubs and bath bombs. 12-15 in lip balm. 10 in perfume. Then any other odds and ends I decide to whip up.
  8. I make sure to use low sweat MP when I make embeds for my soaps (not often). Also letting a fan blow on them helps until you can completely wrap them.
  9. I use a piping bag for cake decorating. I fill the bag and cut the tip off and pipe into the bottle. Give the bottle a little bang on the counter once in while.
  10. I currently make my own but when I started I used the lip balm base from Nature's Garden. I actually formulated my own from that one as it's simple and really nice.
  11. Here's a good place to start and read reviews..... https://www.craftserver.com/forum/79-fragrance-reviews-by-supplier/
  12. I found this one. Haven't used it though. It's the only one I found. http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/8-oz-935-Herbal-Lavendar-Lemongrass-Scent
  13. I did the same thing for an infection. I used baby shampoo (no sting) and moist hot cloths. My ophthalmologist said to start using moisture drops. That alone has helped with the dry itchy eyes. Never thought to try castor oil. Will keep that in mind if it should happen again. Thank you!
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