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  1. Wow, how dangerous. Glad he wasn't hurt too badly. You keep your supplies out of his reach and you instruct him not to touch them. I have a 6 & 7 year old around and they know better than to play with my supplies.
  2. I did a search and came up with these: https://www.theflamingcandle.com/soap-making-supplies/fragrance-oils-for-soap-making/all-soap-safe-fragrance-oils/passion-fruit-and-guava-fragrance-oil/ https://www.indigofragrance.com/item_866/Guava-and-Passionfruit-Fragrance-Oil.htm https://www.fragrancebuddy.com/Passionfruit-and-Guava-fragrance.aspx Looks like they are all in stock.
  3. Why would it need a preservative? Does your recipe have something in it to feed mold/bacteria? Just curious....I'd not of thought to preserve powder.
  4. I have had 2 Dell printers that unfortunately crapped out after 3 years or so each. I purchased a Brother Laser printer after a lot of research for the best printers that were not too expensive to print labels (less than 400.00). I've been extremely happy with my choice so far.
  5. Just what does the smell of family video/blockbuster smell like? I wouldn't even know where to begin with that one.
  6. I'm of the mind that the use of the word Natural means nothing anymore. I don't make candles but make soap and other B&B. I see people touting all natural soap all the time and I just shake my head. It's just a selling tactic. People play with works like saponified oils of..........which 1 isn't proper labeling and two is just avoiding stating they use lye. However, no lye, no soap. I could rant on but I won't. Essential oils are sometimes extracted with chemicals, so are they still natural? Right up there with those who make medical claims.
  7. Here's a couple previous posts on the subject you may find helpful. https://www.craftserver.com/topic/112251-incense-ponderings/?tab=comments#comment-1059598
  8. I use mine to shave my legs. It's all good.
  9. This one doesn't contain alcohol. I haven't tried this but they have fantastic products. https://essentialsbycatalina.com/purefresh-advanced-odor-neutralizer-fabric-room-spray-base
  10. Flaming is opening sometime today!
  11. Absolutely felt like a covert spy over there. They certainly know what they like and don't like. Yes, no clay, no olive. I need to make some. It's been awhile.
  12. I've never added allergen alerts on my label. I label every ingredient in my product. If someone has an allergy the will be diligent at reading labels. I've had several customers not purchase soap because they are allergic to something in the soap like shea butter (latex allergen).
  13. Handmade shaving soap is the best. I have been making it for years now. I formulated it by reading Badger & Blade and on another forum that had some awesome wet shavers.
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