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  1. Time most importantly . An amazing soaping shed. Lots of oils and butters, a few more molds, jars for scrubs and did I say time........
  2. Shari

    Random Scent request

    What about a cranberry citrus, I don't make a lot of holiday scents in my soap as they just don't sell. I have an apple cinnamon that was a pretty slow mover....I use a fairly high lard % in my slow moving recipe. That's a hard call. Love spell is a slow mover for sure....just rename it to something holiday?
  3. Shari

    Anybody got a rate?

    I use 5% and use aged Indonesian as well. I have some die hard customers who lover their Patch.
  4. However, if you search northwoods there are quite a few posts on them.
  5. Sorry, never heard of them. No help.
  6. Shari

    Beer Can Candle

    Would likely be a huge liability. Better have good insurance. Wax would likely seep through the sand and still be hot.
  7. Shari

    Hello from Houston

    Hello and Welcome!
  8. Shari

    Just scent recommendations

    There is no such thing as using one company for all your fragrances at least not for me. Even the same scent varies from one company to another and you will want to find the one you like best. Now, I don't make candles but B&B products. I have been able to pretty much narrow down my FO's to about 3-4 companies. But, it's taken years to get here. I'm still always trying some new ones from other companies. One thing I do try to do is keep the companies I purchase from closer to home. That saves on shipping and the time it takes to get to me.
  9. Shari

    Lotion bar packaging advice

    I don't know if you have a dollar tree around but they have little plastic tubs with lids in round and square. There are 10 for 1.00. I put little lotion bars in there or just fill the cup. They work great. Not sure if it will hold yours, depending on the size round it is. I mostly make my lotion bars in roll-up or push up tubes.
  10. Shari

    New Crafter

    Hello and Welcome!
  11. Shari

    Label advice and feedback

    I really like you candle/labels. Even if you don't have a website put your email or phone # so they know where to get another one. Many times they lose the business card but the information is not lost it is on the candle or product itself.
  12. You're off to a great start. Height would help. Crates work great for that too. I would put your fragrance sign behind the melts so that you can see those up front. You'll find yourself tweaking your display every time you do a show. I still adjust mine frequently.
  13. Shari

    Today's Craft Show Pix

    Your display and labels are lovely! Very appealing to the eye.
  14. Shari

    Does anyone make chocolate soap?

    I've tried a couple different chocolates and fudge nut brownies. Chocolate soaps did not sell. Even when I made them in cupcakes it was a no go in my area. I can't sell foodies scents here.
  15. Shari

    Non Goat Milk Soaps?

    I pretty much only make coconut milk soap as well. I do make a couple goats milk. I have two unscented, 1 colored 1 not colored.