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  1. Shari

    rendering tallow

    Some just boil it in water several times. Other do water and baking soda I believe it is. They render it then set it to cool and take off the clean fat then do it again. I needs to be cleaned until no impurities are left. So, it depends on how clean it is to start and where the fat is from.
  2. Shari

    Peak....again with the closing.

    I never purchased from them again after the last time. I'll miss a couple of their fragrances but will certainly move on with replacements.
  3. Shari

    Ace Hardware Label - Which one?

    I like the first one. It draws your attention immediately. The second is nice but I think the first is more campy and catchy. Beautiful as always.
  4. Shari


    Hi Lindsey and welcome! I'm a soap and B&B maker. No candles.
  5. Shari

    2 new soaps.

    Those are great as always. @moonshine No, the glitter doesn't stick when used in the shower. It's a bear when using it dry but I've never come out of the shower looking like a glitter fairy....I use glitter on almost all my soaps. My husband wishes I didn't as it has a tendency to get everywhere when making the soap. He usually has a sparkle or two going... ha ha
  6. I like #3 too. They are awesome as always!
  7. Shari

    Next Craft Fair Coming!

    I like those. I have a couple I display cupcake soaps in at shows. Mine are a bit bigger. I think they are cute.
  8. I think it's lovely. Nice job!
  9. Those are absolutely awesome!
  10. When I started soapmaking years ago I too was going for as natural as possible, however, I was continually getting requests for scents like Love Spell, Mango etc....started switching from EO's to FO's and my sales tripled. I still carry a few EO soaps but FO scents hands down sell better than my EO soaps and body products. At least in my area, people aren't that picky.
  11. I don't change it either. Like Talltayl I sometimes have to add a splash to slow things down.
  12. I have looked at Fountain of Youth numerous times over the years but have yet to purchase it. I need to put in an order, maybe I'll add a bottle to it when I do. Though I make soap, B&B not candles.
  13. I hope they are replacing it for you or some kind of compensation. You shouldn't have to strain it.