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Lip Balms


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I can't bring myself to color mine- just doesn't seem right to make blue or purple lip balm! :) Just me, though! And I like the natural color- PLUS the customers can't see that they're not colored, so it doesn't affect their purchase. It also makes it easier on me...one less step to be concerned with! :P

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I don't color mine either, I agree it goes along with the natural ingredients that are used, PLUS I use white tubes so you can only see the tops. :)

I only colored my balms once as an experiment w/ Chocolate Devil's Food Cake, I use cocoa powder to color the balm- it turned out nice.

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I like to color mine, not that I make tons of them.

Tonight I tried a new recipe and made Tangerine in a nice light orange color.

I made Huckleberry in a nice shade of pink because I didn't have any lip safe purple.

I made natural color lemon flavor.

I made cafe latte and infused it with ground coffee then filtered out the coffee. It made it a nice shade of brown.

As I only make a few at a time right now, coloring is fun. If I were making 100's at a time I might think again. I think as long as the color doesn't show on your lips, people find it fun to use.

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I got some lip colorant from Micheals. It came with 2 colors a reddish pink and a minty green color. I have only used the red so far for my cherry lipbalm. Since I don't usually were lipstick, it is nice since it has a small tint to it.

Normally I usually live it uncolored.

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