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  1. How to build a soap recipe - Part Uno Please note, this is only a general get started guideline. Some awfully strange recipes make fantastic bars of soap, and you’ll never know unless you try it! For soapmaking instructions and precautions, please see Robin’s CP tutorial. I’m going to assume you’ve printed it out, and read it forward, backwards, and can recite it in your sleep. Ok, many bars are comprised of 50% hard oils and 50% soft oils. There are many variations, but we’re keeping around here for simplicities sake in teaching. Yes, I know if you soap with 20% hard oils you can still get a
  2. Ah Soy - I didn't mean to call any members out on this, only to discuss my feelings and if I was right or wrong. Seems to me from the general opinion here, I'm wrong. Yours is a tag line, mine is a business name. If you love it, please put it back.. ((hugs))
  3. Ok.. Now check this one out.. Someone just PM'd me with lotions and potions oh my! It's not a business name, where you click to get to the lotions and potions. Now, that one is too close for comfort.. I can't believe! Now I'm getting pissed... But it's still not a company name, or a tagline like the above. Guess it's time to get some paperwork in order.
  4. Ya'll are right, the products are not the same. And I'm not freaking out over here, just a little miffed. I'm glad to hear two things: 1. That ya'll are honest with me. I appreciate that greatly! 2. That my name has a better flow! LOL! Ok, I know it was wrong, but I loved seeing that! I'm headed to bed, ya'll have a great night!
  5. Ok, I'm Lotions and Potions and Soaps Oh My, and was fiddling around the net like I always to, and came across a company with the name "Butters, Bubbles, and Bombs Oh My" and it's kinda perturbing me. I know the first three are different, but everything for me is Oh My bath bombs or Oh My blah blah.. I mean, everyone here helped create it, and it has a very special meaning to me. Would you be miffed? Just curious as to opinions here.. No flaming or hollering, just opinions from all sides please!
  6. The second cream soap looks fantastic!!!!! Did you like the whole process! I love it, and need to make more also!
  7. Well..lol Does your unscented LS smell good? Curious now..
  8. I've tried it. While I can't smell the TRO in the finished product, the soap stinks anyhow to me..lol
  9. It like turns to water! I can't believe you're never had one do this! WOW!
  10. Umm.. No. Not in any way shape or form for 95% of the fo's I've tried!
  11. Lol.. When I try that, I get the consistancy I want, and the moment I add my scent it turns totally different.. UGH!
  12. I don't think mine is drying. But it's not as perfect as I would like it either. I just doesn't bubble well yet. I need to play with this some more! Hurry up and go back to work hubby!
  13. I'm totally confused by this statement, as it seems to contradict itself. If you add excess lye it takes away the superfat, and without calculating it to 0, it very well may be lye heavy. I'm not understanding at all.
  14. Do not superfat! Ummmm.. Do really wait til the goop is translucent.. Do not expect it to be any other color than amber. It's gonna be amber.. Floggings!
  15. Mmmmm Lurkin. Looks like a fantastic recipe to add to the recipe section! Would hate for someone to miss it here!
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