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I bought a pretty glass jar


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I thought I would share a picture of a candle I made for myself.  I saw 3 of these glass crackle glass containers and just had to buy them for myself.  

I thought they were so pretty with the gold sparkle and were so me and so fallish.

I did them in a blend of CandleSource Orange Creamsicle and FB Vanilla Ice Cream - 50/50.  Can't wait to burn them in a week.  They smell soooo good.


Thanks for looking.





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Thankyou for all the lovely comments everyone.

Yes Moonstar the roundish ones are definitely more difficult to wick.

The top opening is 2 1/4" diameter and the widest part if 4" and it is 3 1/4" tall.

I'm using 464 and I went with a cd 10.

I have to more or less guess when wicking a jar like this what size wick to use.  Due to the jar having a pretty deep shoulder which is going to hold in the heat, I'm  just hoping being that it is 4" at widest part this wick hopefully will work.    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



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