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  1. Are you using any type of additive at 8%? I'm under the impression that 6% is the maximum, but 8% is okay along with some sort of additives.
  2. I've never made tarts/wax melts, but I keep reading good things about "Pillar of Bliss" wax, you might wish to research through the threads about the favorite waxes that are being used for those. As for the large tealight cups, I'm not familiar with those either. Good luck in getting back into things!
  3. My feeling is that 210dF is way too hot for your wax ... did you have any discoloration as well? I think you're only supposed to maximum heat that wax to 185dF.
  4. I don't have any experience (yet anyway) with coconut wax ... but you need a wick that will perform with the combination.
  5. I read something I haven't seen mentioned before, so I'm wondering if any one could offer any additional information about it. I've made whipped paraffin wax in the past, but I haven't made it with any other waxes. I've seen it mentioned to add cornstarch to paraffin, but I've never tried that and I'm wondering what that does or if affects the burn -- but what I'm perplexed about is I've read something about beeswax and turpentine ... what is this mixture?
  6. Wouldn't that end up to be a bit messy for wax melts? It doesn't seem that most people would enjoy handling the gel after it's melted along with a soft wax, as it seems as though it would tend to get a bit gooey from the combination -- okay in a candle, but you don't have to touch it at all. Just a thought.
  7. P.S. If you'd like to see the reviews, please send me a pm and I'll send the link.
  8. Okay! It looks as though it's fixed now (kept getting a "corruption" error of some sort and couldn't post). I wanted to say that I very recently read a couple of reviews about the supplier mentioned here, and they weren't exactly good ones. Also, they said that the company appears to be located in the U.S., but the package came from another country and one of the reviewers returned what they purchased, but never heard anything from the company.
  9. Testing ... last night I tried to reply here, but something was wrong with the board.
  10. If it cools down a little, it seems that is fine, I'm mostly speaking of permitting it to really cool down, like somewhere below the 150dF range, as I feel that once it gets too cool, it will not have a chance to incorporate fully into the wax.
  11. I've read many comments where the poster said they didn't add their scent until wax was well into cool down and they're wondering why they don't have any scent throw or why there are pockets of oil adorning the surface of their candle. With that, why spend the time to test the wrong way of doing something? Just do it the way most people who already have experience do it, and be on your way!
  12. Are you saying that on the first leg of the trip it's going to travel by truck from Georgia to Virginia and not by air? That would mean that it could get a little warm, depending on the weather, at the start of the trip. When it's on the international flight, it'll probably be cool, but when it's being processed overseas, who knows how it'll be handled and where it'll be stored ...??
  13. It all depends on how the package is going to travel. I think (this is my guess anyway) that it's going to go into USPS warehouse facility or other facility before heading to a cargo hold in a jet that travels where the air is quite cool, then it's going to probably stay indoors to get to the delivery box. In other words, I doubt that it'll take the typical domestic route of getting on a truck to drive through a neighborhood to possibly get placed on a hot porch in the sun. For domestic shipping, I know that if you have packages held at the P.O. they can do better, so in this case, it may not be so much of a concern, I guess it all depends on the temperature conditions at the final destination and how long it's held there before delivery.
  14. Oh! Good point!! I wasn't thinking of too much of any individual, my mind was on combination of many based on the question, but yes, that is an important concern. Yet, not all suppliers give the percentages used of the specific aromas, so it seems that part might be a little tricky.
  15. It doesn't make any difference, just make sure you're using skin safe oils.
  16. The shape is really pretty difficult for making a candle that is secure and will burn correctly without too much waste. I'm looking at it and can only think of work-arounds and those even seem to have issues if I think about how it's going to burn. As for mounting wicks at the base, I think you would probably have to sink some metal rods (like long wick pins) while the wax is hardening. Also, the little tree could be a small candle, but the thing is there is no support at the bottom, which to me is a safety issue, but if you use a tab with a long metal sleeve to make sure it goes out on its own well before hitting the bottom (so there is no blow out), you could test it to see if it works. As I said, a difficult design, imo!
  17. I guess this info might be a start ... although the below doesn't mention what type of melon exactly ... hopefully you have a sample so you try to copy it. Top notes are Melon, Orange and Lemon; middle notes are Ginger and Orange Blossom; base notes are Woody Notes and Musk.
  18. The wick needs to be anchored at the base of the clock, imo, I don't see how the legs/feet are going to be able to be a part of it as far as burning goes ... same with the arm, as there's no support. I think if it were wicked in two parts distributed evenly under the clock, that might work.
  19. Thanks! I do have some pieces of cedar wood, but I got some e/o and thought I'd try to put it to use for this purpose also. The wax melts in a jar idea is interesting! I might try that. I won't use mothballs as I think they're not healthy to have around.
  20. What is the scent that you're using? Maybe some others have experience with it.
  21. I think those should work as long as you use a large enough wick, it might take a little testing ... it looks as though it's about 3.5 inches. Cute idea.🦩
  22. Does anyone here use this oil for keeping moths out of closets, drawers, etc. and if you do, what are some of the creative methods you use? I don't like to use mothballs and I have some cedarwood e/o, so I'm thinking I should use it for this purpose, just trying to figure out a way to go about it!
  23. Even without knowing your wax or your additive, my guess is that you could remelt, add your additive, pour again. Since your f/o is already in there, I don't think you need to bring the temp up as high as you would when starting from scratch ... I would just get it to melt enough in order to combine your additive. Your additive must have a melting point mentioned somewhere in the details, so maybe that would be the temp to work with.
  24. What is the wax you're using specifically? Maybe someone has experience with your particular wax. My first guess is the wax wasn't hot enough ... at what temperature did you pour your candles? Do you include any type of additives in your wax or does it come pre-blended? What is the fragrance oil and type of dye used? Actually, the shell in your last photo looks pretty good, I like the speckles!
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