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March SOTM Clyde Slide Technique

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For this months soap of the month I had to abandon my original idea of trying to pipe soap.  I don't think I am the person for that tutorial anyway, as I myself, have not piped soap yet. It has been on my bucket list, and I have the piping kit, I did a test run and I need way more practice.  


So with that said, I decided just to try a technique.  I chose the Clyde Slide, from soap creator  Clyde Yoshida of Vibrant Soaps.  I always check out the Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club, though I myself have not felt confident enough to join in yet.  That too is on my bucket list.  


This is my first Clyde slide....so if I can do it, anyone can. I decided to use a high lard recipe. 1 because I like lard soaps, and 2 because I was hoping the high lard would slow down my trace.


I am using Tassi Lavender from Soapalooza for this soap.


Here is my recipe:

2 lb batch, I left the default values in soap calc for lye concentration and superfat, which is 5%


Lard              50%

Olive Oil        25%

Coconut Oil   20%

Castor Oil        5%


I used Beer as my liquid....just what I had laying around, Miller Lite....this was left out for several days to go flat...but you can boil the night before if you want to.


Beer      344.73 Grams

Lye        127.14 Grams




I mixed my lye into my beer....it will turn brownish....this is normal.  I think it also stinks, but it goes away quickly.




While that is cooling down in my ice water bath....I melt my oils.




While the oils are cooling down, I get my colors ready, weigh out my fragrance and all that jazz.

For these colors I am using: Mad Oils Grape Nehi, Twilight, and my black oxide.  I will also use TD.




I did not get a picture of my colors mixed.  So sorry.  Things started to move on me.  




I thought this was a thin trace, in fact, I got too happy with the stick blender because I almost thought I had false trace.  

I got the colors mixed, but they started to get thicker than I wanted for this technique.  


So I got a fresh clean bowl, and started pouring the colors down the side of the bowl, alternating colors as I went

until I used them all....saving a bit for the top.  As you can see, things got thick LOL.  




It looked SO COOL going into the mold...I wished I had been able to get a pic of it....but I just couldn't.  Here is a pic

of me trying to get a pouring pic.....I had to stop because I needed both hands at this point.




I got it in the mold and plopped the rest of my batter on top




Out came the bamboo skewer




I was not sure what to expect when I unmolded the next day.  I was hoping it was going to be good, but because it

got so thick, I didn't have high hopes at all.  Imagine my surprise when I took it out.


The sides:  SO COOOOOOL



The Bottom: LOVE LOVE LOVE how this looks



I decided to cut this log in 2 ways....regular cut bars....and then a few I cut length wise....to see if the pattern is different.  It is.

I'm SO happy with how this turned out.   And it smells SO good.  This was my first time trying the Tassi Lavender and I love the scent.




The bar on the left is cut the traditional way....the one on the right was cut length wise.  




I hope those of you who haven't tried this will give it a go.  Sure is fun!

I just unmolded this yesterday, so unfortunately I don't have a bubblage picture for you.  I can't wait for

this to be ready to use.









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Wow debratant that is some beautiful soap! I love how the swirls came out and your color choices and scent are divine! Will have to give this one a try. I kind of think the thickness of the trace helped the colors to stay suspended better. Great job! Thanks so much for the tut on this lovely swirl technique.

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So pretty and great colors. 

I've been wanting to try this technique for about a year, and just haven't gotten around to it. Very pretty

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1 hour ago, Candybee said:

Can the Clyde Slide technique be used for a slab mold?

I've seen it done in a slab mold before. I think Sarah Milroy has a youtube video doing this technique in a slab mold. 

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I was thinking about trying this for my salt bars. I use my BB 18 bar slab mold for them and thought that if this technique looks half as cool done in a slab mold that would be awesome.

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