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    I lean more towards the right. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing so I can spend time with my husband who is an avid outdoorsman. I love to read. I don't like to cook...but someone's gotta do it. I love being creative which is why I started making soap and candles. This is a hobby that is really fulfilling for me.

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  1. debratant

    Wick Suggestions for IGI 4627 Blend

    Yep, agree with strugglebrother, HTP. I use HTP with 4627 and it is the only container wax I use. If you pick them up, also pick up some 105 wicks in addition to the ones struggle mentioned above. Some scents I need a 105.
  2. I was signed in for sure. I got my oils today so I logged into my account and lo and behold, wishlist is back. I missed 7 FO's that I wanted to order. Oh Well. This is what I got: scent1: Alaskan Wildernessscent2: Barbershop 1920'sscent3: Bora Borascent4: Beachwood Vetiverscent5: Cardamom Cedar Blossomscent6: Christmas Bliss (FES)scent7: ClothesPinsscent8: da Lime in da Coconutscent9: Falling Leaves (FES)scent10: Little Black Dressscent11: Lavender Apples & Oakscent12: Purple Sandalwoodscent13: Rustic Lodgescent14: Spiced Pumpkin Lattescent15: Strawberry Muskscent16: Sea Grass & Sand Dunesscent17: Teakwood & Coconutscent18: Vanilla Beanscent19: Silver Birch & Vetiverscent20: Cuban Tobacco I have only had a chance to sniff them real quick....but what I smelled all smelled good! Not sure who recommended the Purple Sandalwood, but so far OOB that is my favorite.
  3. debratant

    Puzzled by votives

    I do agree...I noticed she still had to use the heat gun. It just seems like double the work...and the fact that, like you said, that wick will drift. Quicker to just wick the jar.
  4. debratant

    Puzzled by votives

    I have been a subscriber on her channel for a few years, she is a very talented soap maker. I saw this video when it came out a year ago and was confused too. She does explain in her comments why she does that....to avoid craters. If you watch her pour, she lifts up the votive a bit while pouring...maybe that seals her wick tab on the bottom? This would not be a method I would use....I would still put glue or a wick stick em on that tab prior to pouring. When burning molded votives in a votive jar, the wicks are not stuck on with a with stick em or glue either. So I guess I cannot condemn her method...but I am not going to be using that method anytime soon
  5. Did anyones wishlist disappear? I had put 20 fo's in my wishlist since last week...waiting for this sale...wanted to remember which ones I read reviews on so was adding them to my list for the sale as I was going along. Tried to access my list last night to put my 20 in the drop down and the wishlist is GONE. So I ordered out of sheer memory. Who knows if I got all the ones on my wishlist lol I really shouldn't have ordered them but I have never used their oils so figured I would try some. I placed the order last night after midnight, didn't want the ones I wanted to get out of stock lol
  6. very late to this but I started with IGI 4627 for containers, dabbled in other waxes and now back to 4627. Yes it is a mess to work with, but still love it and killer throw. I use htp wicks in that wax. for pillars I use IGI 1343. for melts I use IGI 4625 with IGI 4627.
  7. debratant

    Pillars And Pantyhose

    LOL....too funny. I honestly do not buy pantyhose either, as I don't wear them and haven't for years, but I DO use them to polish my pillars and they also polish cp soap real nice! I have a bunch of old ones I cut up and use I say go to the dollar store and buy them. quite honestly, I do get embarressed sometimes when I buy certain items at the drug store. a few months ago I had to buy stuff for a medical procedure my h was having: prep H , an enema, stool softener, some large kotex pads and I just so happened to need (ahem....whispers)....adult lubricant since I was low on it . Since I was there I also got 2 packs of cigarettes LOL. It looked really bad at the register....and of course it was a young kid at the register, and a line behind me so I said....we are planning a wild night at my house LOLOLOL. He laughed
  8. debratant

    Spotted Pillar Candle

    I agree with Flicker, this looks like it is mottling. If you are using straight paraffin with no additives, this can happen. It is often desired for some, me included, though I take steps to increase the mottling effect so that is is in a pattern of sorts.
  9. debratant

    Packaging! Finally Proud of Sniffies

    That is such a great presentation of your sniffies TT! Nice Job!
  10. I am going to suggest trying a blended wax that already has the additives in it. For example....the wax at Michaels is "okay" but honestly if you are serious, you should try ordering online from a supplier. For the price you paid at Amazon for Country Lane General Purpose Wax you could order cheaper from a supplier who deals with wax. Here is a link to Community Candle in Alabama https://www.communitycandlesupply.com/products.php?cat=Pillar+Votive+Waxes For pillars I use IGI 1343 which can mottle if I desire. I also use IGI 4625.
  11. debratant

    Favorite Aztec FO?

    I ordered from Aztec between Christmas and New Years and I can tell you that all the reviews were on there as I read them all. I always read reviews before buying. But I went there 2 nights ago to refresh myself on the reviews as I was wanting to soap an oil I got and they were gone. Not sure what is up with that. Anyway, I bought Volcano after reading JC's post listing it as a favorite and so JC if you are reading....how does it soap?
  12. debratant

    Burn tests

    what size of htp are you using to double wick? also, what is your FO load? you could try 1 htp 126 or a 1212, but the 1212 is very large and would likely be too big.
  13. debratant

    E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    Yes, I have googled lol! Google can scare you. I googled way back when they started. Thyroid tests normal, negative for HIV, clear xrays, no TB, blood work clear. ALL of my bloodwork was done again this year. Cancer...who knows. Lymphoma is one on the list for night sweats. Congrats on being a 14 year NHL survivor! My MIL also had NHL....she was stage 4 at one point, then the Dr removed her spleen as a last resort and she had a miraculous recovery. She lived to be 86 and was cancer free for nearly 30 years! She passed of heart failure 2 years ago. She told me she had night sweats with lymphoma. That was my first concern years ago with me.
  14. debratant

    E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I am going to google pro gest right now, thanks Belinda My Gyno did not recommend HRTbecause I am a smoker and side affects....so will research the bio identical to see if there are any risks with smokers. Edited to add, since Moonshine mentioned it.....my bloodwork and levels were normal....minor perimenopause, but nothing thru the roof. I can't think of anything else that would cause these night sweats. I'm not very hormonal during that time of the month (at least I don't think so LOL) I don't get emotional. Just the normal occassional cramps, backache. In fact, my period is getting lighter and lighter each month. Moonshine, for sure I am not comfortable taking estrogen or progesterone or testoterone either.....would rather deal naturally. But I will be googling the bio identical. When my mom used them, she had to go to a special doctor somewhere outside of Detroit....the hormones were touted at the time by Suzanne Somers. My mom swore it helped her tremendously. At the time, she had to pay cash...as it was not covered by insurance.
  15. debratant

    E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I am 49 and have had horrible night sweats for at least 6 years. My mom had them horribly too and at one time she also did the bio identical hormones, which she said helped alot. She says she still gets hot at night, but not the sweats. What is weird is I don't get hot flashes during the day....just the sweats at night, no matter the cool temp. I wake up drenched nearly every night and have to start stripping clothes off because they are soaked, and now I am cold. I'm exhausted from the sleep disturbance....if I get 4 hours of sleep, I'm lucky. I tried EO's, tried black cohosh, I bought 200 dollar bamboo sheets....bamboo shredded pillows...frozen pillow cooler thingy that you put in your pillow. Not wanting to do HRT if I don't need to, so hoping this will subside in the next 10 years LOL