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  1. sorry it didn't go... i guess christmas time is a bad time to get something together.. Thanks...TT
  2. I have ordered.. But I am ok with whatever you decide to do. I am in no hurry so if you decide to wait off for a while longer that is OK with me
  3. just got my sniffles.. they smell heavenly.. Thanks.. will get my order in..soon
  4. i am looking at possibly .. 1 pink sugar 1 sweet amber...Any A or D 1 providence ...Any A or D depending on how I like the sniffles .. do all three of these hold scent really well in cp soap?
  5. I would like a sniffle Of Providence and sweet Amber Do I need to order that from your website?
  6. does the set of 8 sniffles on your site have all the above scents? I am interested especially in the provence, and sweet amber. but who knows which others !!!
  7. This question might have been addressed in some form, but has anyone talked to the suppliers of these waxes, to see if they have done any testing and what problems they're having? Does not candle science test all their Fragrances with 415? I wonder how they're doing with their testing?
  8. This is so sad... I really feel for those that have built a business with these different waxes.. i wish all of you the best of luck with your testing. but you all are keeping such a jovial attitude. I admire you.. i have about 20 fragrances that I also spent months testing, just to have for my own use and give as gifts. I started making my first candles about 10 years ago. And to be truthful, I don't know if I have the heart to start over retesting. I just may use up my remaining fragrances, into melts..
  9. I am needing vitamin E.. Does anyone know a supplier, with a good price? It's been awhile since I last bought, it has really got expensive...
  10. With all my testing I found cd wicks worked best for me in 415..
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