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  1. Good idea kicking the temperature up. I had never thought of that, I just mindlessly stirred for 4 days.
  2. No coco butter BUT there IS a TON of high stearic PO and a good bit of CO in my formulation. I'm like almost positive it's a stearic bloom from the oxidation of the FO. I mean it's GOTTA be, right? It rubbed right off the bar first use and the scent was primo... That was DEFINITELY one of my HTFHP bars though. (This was the last batch of HP before you brought me back into the light...) 😘 It's HTFHP so it's absolutely NOT ash.
  3. Someone just actually ordered soap from me! Yeah, IKR? Anywho, while I was assembling their order I happened to spy this older bar of Pumpkin's Pie... It's at least 2 years old because it had the clear tape band around the middle of the labels with the gummed backed paper tape band on it. (All of my current soaps get the labels stuck directly onto the bar and then shrink wrapped.) So anyway, this bar has been in COLD, DARK, SUPER DRY storage for it's entire life. I see that it has what would otherwise look like soda ash all over the bar. It's even present under the paper tape but not nearly as much as the areas outside the label. The the whole bar was shrink wrapped with micro perforated polyolefin too so it wasn't just exposed to the air. I KNOW that it's NOT soda ash, because that only forms while there is active lye exposed to air, but what IS this milky coating on the surface of this bar. I THINK it's stearic acid that has finally oxidized AND/OR (it IS pumpkin pie scented) it's oxidized FO. It FEELS waxy like stearic acid though... This one's new for me, or maybe I've seen it before but I'm getting early onset senility and don't remember seeing this before (seriously I just found out a week ago that one of my meds was probably the cause of my rapidly deteriorating short term memory). Anyway... I claimed the bar as my own because I was due for a new bar anyway and I wanted to unwrap it and see if it's gotten any orange problems going on. (It doesn't... YAY!) Thorts? (Yeah, I know, I've been scarce for awhile now, but I JUST SOLD $100 of soap and THAT I HAD to share!) Slainte, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  4. That's RIGHT! It's MOI! That where in the world is there in the world a guy so eclectic and obscure! C'est MOI! I HAVEN'T been making soap. I have grown some mushrooms and I HAVE been growing trees though... OH! And I HAVE made a NEW creation! A rather LARGE food dehydrator... I CALL my work of art... The DEHYDRATOR! (I know it's a bit dry, but so is my humor.) This is the glorious food dehydrator that took OH so long to build and nearly as long to post the pictures! The cabinet warped rather significantly so the door isn't square like it was when I built it. It even split along some of the prefab glue joints, I guess that's just pro bono airflow. Save for the door hardware the ONLY fasteners used in this build are glued dowels. (Yes they REALLY are through doweled.) 100w light bulb, soon to be replaced with a 100w reptile ceramic heat bulb, is the heat source. Plate glass mirror under the bulb to keep things cool and reflect the heat back up into the cabinet. The fan switches from left to right are OFF/ON. LOW/MEDIUM. NORMAL/TURBO. I made a simple resistor bypass system for the speeds, so if you turn on turbo it's just turbo, not low turbo and medium turbo. It's straight 110V coming off the lamp base to the fan. The fan has a built in 110VAC to 12VDC step down transformer in the base. Screens are all aluminum window screening, and are actually TIGHT. Works great! Thought some of you might want to see it, If not, skip on over to the next unread post (or whatever you want), but if so, then ENJOY! Slainte, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas, Sundry Services, and Other Unholy Desiccations. Some of the warping glue joint splits and doweling work. (NONE of MY glue joints failed only the pre-fabricated ones.) Bottom vent screens AKA: a futile attempt at keeping gnats OUT of my dehydrator... (WELL, IT MIGHT work...) Straight 110VAC coming out of the back there... Custom Stainless steel heat shield/diffuser thingamawhatsitmuhbobber... Oh and the MAGIC MIRROR on THE FLOOR! I got a FEVER and the only prescription is MORE LIGHT BULB!!!!! It's straight 110V coming off the lamp base to the fan. The fan has a built in 110VAC to 12VDC step down transformer in the base. The fan switches from left to right are OFF/ON. LOW/MED. NORMAL/TURBO. I made a simple resistor bypass system for the speeds, so if you turn on turbo it's just turbo, not low turbo and medium turbo. THIS actually took the LONGEST to figure out and actually make. It's a STUPID simple resistor bypass system but it took me forever to figure out for some reason. Made of lighterfat pine. Screens are all aluminum window screening. And SOMEHOW they actually ended up and have stayed TIGHTLY stretched. (There's NO splining under the batons. It's just flat stapled. Yes there is a trick...) TA-DA!!!! The end.
  5. Give my NOSE a buzz? (slow blink) (Coughs) I haven't snorted anything in a LONG time hun... (well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) I'm honestly not sure what you mean. Like alka seltzer "it tickles your nose" ? IF so, no... Namaste Dammit! Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
  6. This is PROBABLY not what you are PRECISELY looking for BUTT, I mean BUT... Candle Science's white tea with a little Himalayan Bamboo is REALLY NICE... IJS... (Like white tea with overtones of the Himalayan bambok likely not even full % amounts. I just drop till my nose gets off. IYKWIM...) YIKES! I've gotta get back to my social distancing... UH, BUH-BYE!!!! 😘 Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas, Consultant for Best Practices with Non-Social Interaction and Schism Genesis Within Social Organizations, and uh, Sundry Services...
  7. Yeah, KaOH WOULD give you a much softer soap... (It's SHAMPOO!) That thing about the Sodium lactate Nightlight mentioned.... Add in the SL after the cook and after the mix has cooled down to about 150F and then mix in the SL... Oh it can get FLUID. How fluid you ask!? I'm glad you asked! It gets THAT fluid. (Yeah so there is SOME wizardry involved in THAT but it's mostly because of Sodium Lactate.) Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. Thank you for remembering that I was someone that knew something about anything at one time, now, long ago...❤️
  8. I used a foaming feminine wash from dollar tree. The bottle was 103g I used 15g of the soap base 3 grams of 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution and 85g of distilled water. In a pinch you could use the same amount in something like lysol concentrate as the biocide or even clear iodine in a pinch. (well, I wouldn't have a problem with the lysol) The CHG is a residual biocide so it stays on your skin kill'n junk after it dries. It's a common surgical scrub. @TallTayl star san is 50% phosphoric acid so the concentrate can do some harm. (pour some on some junk concrete and you'll see what I mean) It's TOTALLY safe diluted though. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Service.
  9. Soaper's Choice Websturantstore Would be my first 2 picks for fats and such THEN I'd keep my eyes peeled for some specials from: Bulk Apothocary (I buy my lye in bulk when they have some sort of SUPER special on it and sometimes castor and sodium lactate...) Brambleberry All sorts of stuff. (They've gotten much more competitively priced on a lot of things.) For colorants and some additives I use Mica's & More and sometimes TKB Trading (mostly bulk oxides). For FO's I use Mica's and More, Candlescience, and Just Scents. Them's my go-to's! Cheers, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  10. Am I in? I am INsane if that's what you're ask'n after. (but THAT ain't news to NOBODY) I'm out of business right now, I haven't been able to make any soap since Sept. I am working on trying to get a workspace set up though so I can start making soap again. I don't disagree that we should have that collection of information again... It was a HUGE and IMPORTANT piece of research. I'm still fuzzy on how this swap'n thing works... Is it kinda like a key party? (Just for the record, I'm not really clear on how THOSE work either...) A whole buncha people make single oil soaps and then send their little cakes'o'suds to some poor unsuspecting soul with a chain letter-esq note informing them of the horrors and disaster that awaits them should they desecrate the sacred foamy swap by breaking the swap code of the latherati? Can you demand anything in return? I don't usually want much... You'd be surprised at just how sketchy I'll go for a Klondike Bar... I think THIS might blow the doors off my hidden potential here... BUT!!! We'll NEED a cover story for when the feds come asking questions! Who's gonna do THAT!? So much to do... So few slaves, erm... I mean conscripts, to get it done... Sponiebr The Prelate of cluttered dark spaces in abandoned shops 'n stuff...
  11. Yeah the single oil thread was really an awesome resource... The one made from stearic acid was a particularly amusing tale of caution. 😂 Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  12. Good evening all! NOT A CHANDLER pundit Sponiebr on the scene at a rather CONFUSING event... SO, it would seem the HIGHLY controversial Company EcoSoya that singlehandedly began the greatest decline in mental health of North American chandlers has gone out of business. The public response is CRYPTIC at best. It seems difficult to tell if it's vitriolic sarcasm or genuine mourning being expressed at the passing of this rather keynote company in the home candle making industry. Is this a blessing or a curse? No one is sure... One thing is for certain, although this ONE problem seems to have suffered apoptosis, chandlers will soon enough find NEW and inventive ways of reducing their available stock of sanity. Back to you Trisha... Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Reporting Services. P.S.: Seriously, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly can't tell.
  13. @Vicy What scents are you shooting for? Take a look at candlescience's soap safe FO's. They have the percentages list as to what the maximum usage rate is AND the IFRA certs to go along with them so you can see the correlations. You REALLY MUST get the IFRA thing down if you want to make scented bath & body products but your learning curve could be helped a LOT by looking at the direct correlation between their usage rates and the actual IFRA document. EUGENOL? We don't need no STINK'N EUGENOL! (psst: Eugenol is REALLY EVIL stuff in soap... Does BAD things to both the maker and the user. Stay away from eugenol...) (I'm only being a LITTLE over the top ) Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  14. Oh! Ok... I thought you had an app for some reason. I can just access it from my web browser on my phone. 10-Q!
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