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  1. @Vicy What scents are you shooting for? Take a look at candlescience's soap safe FO's. They have the percentages list as to what the maximum usage rate is AND the IFRA certs to go along with them so you can see the correlations. You REALLY MUST get the IFRA thing down if you want to make scented bath & body products but your learning curve could be helped a LOT by looking at the direct correlation between their usage rates and the actual IFRA document. EUGENOL? We don't need no STINK'N EUGENOL! (psst: Eugenol is REALLY EVIL stuff in soap... Does BAD things to both the maker and the user. Stay away from eugenol...) (I'm only being a LITTLE over the top ) Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  2. Oh! Ok... I thought you had an app for some reason. I can just access it from my web browser on my phone. 10-Q!
  3. So I'm all over the place... Literally, figuratively, just let your imagination RUN with it you probably won't get too far off base. MOST of the forums I'm "helping" in I have a policy where I REALLY NEED to be disconnected from them so that they don't suck up EVERY SECOND of my time. Craft server is NOT one of those forums though... I really MISS "helping" out in CS... SO, I wuz WANDER'N... IS there a Craft Server App? o.O O.O _ . _ O.O o.O Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Happy Helperton "Services"
  4. Yeah, there are THOSE mushrooms out in the wild too... Interesting factoid (which is a fact I pulled out of my o.O ) there are NO deadly poisonous boletes in Florida. Yup! NONE. There are 2 or 3 that will make you so sick you'll WISH you had died, but none that will kill you outright. So down here we "seek the sponge". We also have native oyster mushrooms (3 kinds actually one of which is specific to Florida), native chanterelles, and shiitake & lion's mane have established themselves down here too. Lotsa good eat'n down here in the swam-(POP).
  5. I am not a scientist by trade. I DO study things IN DEPTH to get a proper handle on how to best use them and bend them to my purposes. CONTROL BABY!!! I was studying to become a Dr. at one time and a lot of the skills I learned have been VERY useful to me over the years. e.g: I hunt wild edible mushrooms in Florida (yeah... there's a BUNCH of them), but I get asked to ID mushrooms that other people find too. I have a NICE binocular microscope with an oil immersion lens for helping me to identify mushrooms that I collect.(Still, I rarely have to break out the scope) I think it just boils down to : I'm weird. idunno... (shrugs)
  6. Speaking of silk undies... Did you know that dirty unwashed undies bought online are actually MORE expensive than BRAND NEW ONES!? I mean A LOT MORE expensive! Unbelievable! Sponiebr, The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  7. I were confused. You're talking about LARGE floating candles, uh, right? Yanno... I'm not a chandler... I'm gonna get back to chopping up dirty silk undies for some soap.
  8. I mean they've had those floating tea lights for decades and I've never found them to be overly dangerous in a large heavy ceramic or glass bowl. The diameter of the candle keeps the flames off the sides of the bowl if they drift to the side (which they ALWAYS do unless you put a drop of Dawn in the water). I think a house would be a nice decorative container to put my candles in...
  9. What TT said, I do but I add a WAD like 2 grams worth or so... It's a WAD of silk fiber. YUGE!!!! What I wanna know is if you're using silk unmentionables in SOAP making would you still need to wash them FIRST? Wouldn't them being physically part of the soap make them about as clean as is physically possible? Things that make ME go Hmmmmm.... Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  10. OMG! I can't BELIEVE I FORGOT the MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL!!! CBD It's A MIRACLE!!! It FIXES EVERYTHING! Jeeze... HOW could I have POSSIBLY overlooked THAT ONE!!!? Put it into your lotion, soap, buttwipes, and anything else you can physically get it into, near, or on and I PROMISE even if you make your cold cream with used motor oil you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP IT IN STOCK it'll sell so FAST. This would be really funny if it wasn't absolutely true. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
  11. This is also a REALLY NICE blend: http://www.ingredientstodiefor.com/item/C_E_AntiAging_Facial_Oil/950
  12. If we take oil to mean the functional substance and not the molecular structure the 2 absolute fastest and best in my experience are Jojoba and Argan. The both have almost an identical molecular structure to human skin oil and as such they are properly esters. Those 2 are the absolute best for skin "nourishment" and they are actually absorbed into the skin and hair, and they do so very rapidly also. Also adding a little simethicone or dimethicone to a batch will be a huge help in providing a nice skin nourishment. If you need a little more glide to your lotion as Nightlight mentioned isopropyl myristate is THE nicest choice I can think of, BUT the simethicone or dimethicone will also give some glide to your formulation. Also one of the best non comedonal oils hasn't been mentioned yet is Mineral Oil. There's a BIG reason why it's in ALL of the commercial products, and that's because it WORKS like magic. My beard lotion is like pretty much straight mineral oil these days with just a smidge of vitamin E (tocopherol). ETA: Also a very nice deodorant I have used extensively is just straight old Dollar Tree non sweetened Milk of Magnesia. SUPER anti microbial and makes REALLY good fairly long lasting deodorant as well. Also, for a little extra moisturization some sodium lactate is a very nice addition. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  13. Yeah, I tried a BUNCH of them, Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Castor oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Beeswax. Of all of them I felt the OO was the nicest, though lanolin was REALLY nice too. I've heard cocoa butter is TDF... I've never tried it, it's just too damned expensive; for me.
  14. That walmart shortening is DA BOMB! innit? FWIW I've NEVER been able to manually calculate out the same values in soap calc using just PO and Beef Tallow, I strongly suspect there's some hydrogenation in there somewhere that is accounting for the differences in SAP and INS. Ok, so if you're adding in 1oz SF PPO then you're doing a 6.25% SF which should be LOVELY in HP soap by itself. I personally wouldn't go over 8% in HP for SF content. I have been attacked by the DOS demons before and I am now skittish. Personally, (this is just my preference), I wouldn't bother to put in ANY SF before the cook. I just dial it to 0 and then (in that particular formulation) add in the 68g of OO to get a 5% SF content. (I think that was 5% of the total oil weight) . I figure WHY? I'm PUTTING in a specific oil as the SF anyway, and in the the way I do my HTFHP I CAN'T miss the addition of the SF, or FO because if I did it would NEVER get out of the pot, so adding in ANY SF before the cook is completely unnecessary. (I mean, TO ME it is) If I make it a smidge lye heavy and my SF is 4.98% then so be it, and if it's a tad SF and my end SF content is 5.03%, meh... I'm ok with that. I've found those weird SF to be more prone to DOS than say a pure OO SF. In HP it's the same before the cook as if doing CP, you CAN'T KNOW what the superfat content* is made up of. The lye chooses from your fat content what it will, and won't saponify. Your SF content in any CP soap therefore is most likely a blend of ALL of your fats, though it's probably not much of the CO, PO, or Animal Oil, and NONE of the EO, and esters (waxes). Now, as to your lanolin feeling wonderful as a SF, I would say YOU BET IT DOES! 1. because lanolin's AWESOME, and 2. because lanolin is an ester and therefore unsaponifiable. If using an ESTER as your SF you STILL have to basically calculate it as 0%SF, and then add it in manually. Soap calc does this for you in some of these, like lanolin, beeswax, pine tar. You can plug them in to the calculator and it knows to ignore these as a fatty acid and just to factor them into the final volumetric calculation. Yanno, 'cause when you need a quart of soap making 35 ounces is an irritating waste. *UNLESS it is an ester that you are using as your "superfat". Technically adding an ester as a "superfat" is a misnomer because an ester CAN NOT BE a fat, because it isn't a fatty acid. ❤️ Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
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