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  1. Sponiebr

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    IKR? Thanks for being on MY side Maya... It... it... was SO cold and, and DARK over here with my creepy jars filled with weird crap that didn't burn worth a damn... But now YOU'RE here and, and it's.... still dark dammit! Didn't you bring a flashlight or something?
  2. Sponiebr

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    Torture tools!? AWESOME! Where!? Lemme AT EM!!! Oh! HOLD UP A SEC!!!! I got a LIST!!! Lemme get the list! Don't go anywhere!!!! I'll BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!! Guillotine? Naw... Inefficient and a pain in the neck to sharpen. I'll plead "Reinventing the wheel", that's probably the best bet right there. Sponiebr! THE (Oh you know...) P.S.: This forum is SOOOO MUCH BETTER than life!
  3. Sponiebr

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    EPISODE 8 CONTINUES: And now, for the conclusion of Episode 8... Stay tuned for Episode 9!!!! Cheers, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  4. Sponiebr

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    Episode 8: The Birth and Exorcism of a Fore-maiden... (The DEVIL IS in the DETAILS.) The following events took place on, or about Saturday, October 6, 2018 through Wednesday October 10, 2018. There were no witnesses. The only evidence that exists are these photographs and the actual artifact. The following images contain some very, very, fussy stuff. Viewer indiscretion is advised. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  5. Sponiebr

    What gives gel candles a bad name?

    Well, dang... I'm sorry to YOU too... When BFRoberts is done with the little flaming unicorn maybe she'll let you borrow it? I dunno... I'm just try'na be helpful.
  6. Sponiebr

    New to soap making. Could use help.

    They're REALLY AWESOME... @Courtney89 Everything TallTayl and Barbara said. I'll reiterate Barbara's suggestion to lose the Canola, like forever... Every time I've ever used canola in any amount I've gotten Dreaded Orange Spots (DOS) aka: rancid soap. I also add that using a SAP calculator is an absolute must. Trust NO formulation from NO ONE EVER until you personally have run it through your SAP calculator. I'm not saying anyone of us would ever steer you wrong, but a lye heavy soap is a dangerous thing and just double checking the numbers is an easy and solid method of due diligence for your own peace of mind. Soapcalc is my personal favorite SAP calculator. If you bought a kit from BB I take it you have a good scale? Good luck! Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  7. Sponiebr

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    EPISODE 7!!! (Oh this is the ONE you've BEEN WAITING FOR!!!) The creation of the quick lock orifice-flyer-bearing assembly! It's got a VIDEO!!!! 😮 This is a TAP press for This a tap press for threading the holes. This is NOT A DRILL! I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL!THIS is the oft referred This is the oft referred to "Ball Plunger". (dear GAWD there's a ruler in the picture for size reference on my ball plunger... (sighs. I can't win for losing...) Again... Sorry about the skeevy looking hands, 8 hours on a metal lathe will work hell on your hands. MORE TO FOLLOW!!! -Sponieb
  8. Sponiebr

    WeLcOmE tO tHe FrEaK sHoW! Episode 1

    Episode 6!!! Opening up the fly hooks and installing the fly hooks.
  9. Sponiebr

    HALP! Mold making materials

    Any particular kind or brand you prefer? Or should I just do the cornstarch and food coloring thing with the type I clear caulk? BTW... WHY DO we use cornstarch in that mess instead of gypsum or Plaster of Paris? I may need to play with that concept. DANKE!
  10. Ok! So I'm "stuck" doing MORE sword restorations... I've really gotta work on my "boundaries" but HEY! I'm getting paid in SWORDS so... yeah! (don't JUDGE me! ) I happen to be in the rare case with one of these sword where I actually have ALL of the bits and pieces unmounted, which means I can make copies of them with mold making material! I know copyrights and plagiarism is a hot topic, so so let's hash that out right now. These are restorations so I have no issues with "copying" the patterns because the different pommels, quillions, and scabbard mounts, chapes, and footes crests, will be used to make or repair the same swords they belong to and (most importantly) THAT AREN'T MANUFACTURED ANYMORE, BY ANYONE, ANYWHERE. SO! Having gotten that out of the way, what's your favorite mold making material to produce extremely high detail copies? If even all that I get are master specimens of each type I'd be thrilled. Anywho all y'all's help is appreciated! Slainte, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  11. PINE. Like scotch pine, PINE. PINESOL! PINE! PINE!!! PINE!!!! (twitches with catatonic rage.) (My! Such a REACTION!) NURSE!!!! PINE!!!! PINESOL!!! MY PIZZA TASTES LIKE PINE!!!! (twitches) Now I know what you're thinking, "where the HELL did THAT come from Sponie?". Well, let me 'splain myself. You see they tend to over do it down here in the land of Failure, I mean Florida... Mostly they overdo the Pinesol thing in the only places one can get actual food while on a rural job site, at the Jiffy. (Jiffy's don't actually exist in Florida anymore, and haven't for over 35 years but NO ONE down here will call a convenience store ANYTHING but a Jiffy.) Go to a Jiffy and get food and it will taste STRONGLY of pinesol. How strong? Oh like, marinated in undiluted pinesol for 6 weeks and then dried in a pinesol fumigated drying closet for 6 weeks, level of strong... Actually, you can't think of anything but pinesol for 2 days after eating from a Florida Convenience store. It sorta permeates your taste buds so deeply that all you taste, all you see, all you hear, all you think, and all you feel is pinesol for about 2 days. GREAT pizza though! So when people ask me what scents are good for kitchens I have a nervous breakdown, or, uh, I mean I automatically think of Pinesol. I personally adore grapefruit scented soaps and cleaning stuff for kitchens. There ya go! 2 more cents about scents, since last time, from a guy with no sense. Your Mileage WILL Vary! Sponiebr, The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry PINE!!!!!
  12. Sponiebr

    I worked on my website today!

    I read this as :... man is a time suck listing and photographing so many things! I was like DAMN! Harsh TT! Me thinks hubby is not going to have a good week end... Oh. IT'S... Well, that's TOTALLY different then. (It's been a LONG 28 hours for me.) Item 2) I personally like the little #in stock ticker. Under each listing. Item 3) scent variations, do you describe them all somewhere other than the listing? Do they all look pretty much identical? I'm going to transliterate this from Russian: NEVER DO NOT list the scent descriptions ANYWHERE but with the item. e.g.: NO separate page detailing scent descriptions. NO! Unless you have insanely LOW prices with free shipping on FO's if I have to go hunt down a separate web page to find out what the scent description is, I'm outta there. (I'm just talk'n about me personally) I do love the tooltip hover with the scent description idea, that's BRILLIANT! I LOVE collections and accord listings! (oh and HI!!! Faerywren! ) Just some input from a grouchy, stink'n, over tired, dude. (but I've got a GREAT CHARACTER! ) Nite all y'all! Sponiebr
  13. Sponiebr

    Oil lamps

    Olive oil is primo lamp fuel oil. Get a wire make a loop large enough to extend over the container of fuel. Twist it up but leave a toothpick in the middle so there will be a space. (think button on a string) lay the stick of twisted wire over the container's top and feed a wick down through the little space in the middle. Your wick holder will not heat up the fuel now.
  14. Sponiebr

    Over/under wicked?

    AMEN! Boy ain't THAT the truth! Personally I smell of sweat and garlic (yanno, it's just SO HOT and HUMID down here in Florida and the garlic keeps the vampires off of me at night.) I bet you smell nice Moonshine, I imagine like fresh pine shavings and Laser Sheen... TT smells like her Amber and Pink sugah (we know this because she's said so... I remember stuff!) Poor Trapp probably still smells like skunk... Y'all talk about INTERESTING stuff over here in chandlerville! I oughta get over here more often!
  15. Sponiebr

    Over/under wicked?

    I don't normally come in here but this is kinda interesting... I see what Trapp is saying, if you have x container with x wax why not perfect the candle to finished specs per candle? And that's fine as far as I can see, but TT makes a good point with Using Trapp's method at minimum you'd have to run a test batch of unscented candles wicked at the same size as the final product that went wonky to see if it was the wax or the FO. Using TT's method you would know that it had to be the FO. Hell I don't make candles and either case could be also the wick and/or the container in play but from a materials standpoint baselines are industry standard in everything. I have no idea how you would establish baselines for FO's because they have to be incorporated into a wax to work (in candle making), but if it could be done that would be great. Considering how these wax suppliers are changing the formulations with the same label and not informing ANYONE about it, HOW can you NOT test these wacko soy and palm waxes? During the hurricane last year I was reduced to having to use some of these soy candles and frankly I was HORRIFIED. These were commercial candles (my mother bought them) that popped, sputtered, spit, and danced with a WHOP-WHOP-WHOP staccato that was creepy at best, but they also heated up the containers and threw out so much soot I hated to use them at all. The wax was all soft and mushy and nasty greasy gritty mess that reminded me of chapstick that had been doped into beach sand, but with soot and stank... The jars got all liquid after a long burn. 2" deep MP and somehow I didn't think that was "normal". (Not that I know anything about normal) So, I didn't use them at all after the hurricane. Instead I made my own crisco and mineral oil lamps, and one of these used a pipe cleaner as a wick. (don't do that BTW, the wire in the pipe cleaner heats up the whole container *through* the fuel. I got away with it because I was using a LARGE shallow pyrex dish and there was enough cooling with a small flame to keep the thing from bursting into flame. The flame also gets bigger as the fuel is used up because the wick doesn't burn. SO DON'T DO THAT.)  But just from my point of view I'd say as far as CYA is concerned having a baseline for your wax is a very good idea. FO's are CRAZY in soap so I can only imagine how bizarre they act when you set fire to them. I mentioned in some other threads that TT helped me reformulate my soap and it's great so far, but every single batch I have made since the change over has been a "test" batch size. I test every batch of my soap by actually bathing with it, and if the next morning I wake up looking like Frosty the Flake Man I pitch the soap. It's done. FAIL! If it passes, I put it out for circulation. But every batch has to be made at a "test" batch size until I make sure all of my FO's are compatible with the new formulation. I have made literally hundreds of unscented bars of "test" soap to get established baselines on all sorts of formulations. If something DOES go sideways I KNOW immediately what the problem is if it's in the same batch of oils, or at least WHERE to start looking for the problem if it's a different batch of oils. Like I said, I normally don't belong here in chandler's land but establishing baselines is a universal concept. From a liability standpoint baselines are the only option. Just my tuppence. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services