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  1. Hi guys, I am venturing to make tarts or melts very soon. I bought IGI 4625 Pillar Blend from CS and I was wondering what is the norm FO% that I should use with this wax? Thanks guys
  2. YAMS

    Lonestar Fragrances

    I haven't tried then yet. Sorry
  3. YAMS

    Melts vs. Tarts

    That's what I thought but want sure. Thanks
  4. YAMS

    Candle Science Fragrance Oils

    Thanks Jul. I'll be trying those as well.
  5. Also you do think it is safe to use in very small amounts? I wanted to make a Winter Wonderland FO candle and want it white but opaque. I really would like to continue to use the white but only if its safe. Thanks
  6. Scented what are lustre crystals? Where do you buy that and how do you use it? First time I hear of it? Thanks a bunch for this information
  7. YAMS


    Okay so I just read Jcandleattic's recommended post. Great information. I have a very dumb question even after reading the post!!! What is the difference between a light bulb type warmer and a hot plate? Is a hot plate one that just uses heat via electricity without any form of light? Also, which do you all prefer? Thanks guys and bare with my newbie ignorance. I am getting great at candles but this whole tart thing is too foreign to me still.
  8. YAMS


    No I haven't J. I am going to do that right now as I watch the presidential race. Lol Thank you so much
  9. YAMS


    Liliput, so basically I don't have to get rid of the warmer just change the bulb? I thought most of them have a maximum wattage capacity? Also, important to mention I am using the left over 4627 wax from my candles. I have yet to make tarts using the appropriate wax. Do you think this may also be influencing the HT?
  10. It really does. The white gives it this chalky tone that I love but not worth the risk.
  11. Yes, the block looks very pigmented. I should have thought of that...... I guess I won't be using it again. Ugh.
  12. So I ordered some color blocks from Flaming Candle and decided to add a little of the white to a blue to give it a chalky tone which turned out to my liking. I let the candle set for 2 weeks and EPIC FAIL. I am almost convinced it is the dye. I did nothing different with this candle except a new scent: Winter Wonderland from Flaming. Look at the pictures and tell me what you think. The candle barely burns the wick is almost buried now and what I see on the melt pool is almost a white powder like particles. Again, I did nothing different. I stirred the dyes for as long as I always do. What do you guys think? The worse part is that I just made like 10 other candles last night (different scent) but I also added a little bit of the white. Also, do you think I can re-melt and do something to save these candles at this point? Thanks guys
  13. I am getting ready to start making melts using 4625. Do you follow the same guideline for this wax as far as the % of FO you that should be used as you do for your soy or paraffin blends? I normally use 4726 for my candles. Thanks guys.
  14. YAMS


    Moonstar that's the thought i was going with. My sister in law uses Scentsys all the time and she loves them. I am only using my candle wax now because it was leftovers and didn't want to discard but I purchased 4625 already and plan to make some today. I will be ordering the Scentsy ones online soon. Thanks for your advise.
  15. YAMS


    I am a bit frustrated. I decided to use my left over wax from candles (4627) and use as melts. I bought a few wax warmers.. I bought the electric ones with a light bulb in them. I also bought the ones with a light bulb that go as plug ins on wall outlets. I bought them from Target . I don't get almost no HT. I love the fact that I don't have to use a tealight but they basically just look cute. I believe the wall plugs use a 5 w bulb and the large counter top ones use a 25 w bulb. The only warmer that works is an old one that I had bought from Bath and Body Works years ago. Is a ceramic one that uses tealight, great HT. BTW I am using one of my best performers, CS Mac Apple. Can you tell me what warmers work for you? Specially if you have found the electric ones that do work well? I am not so worried about the price I just need them to work. Thanks guys