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  1. Talltayl this is a good way to pay attention to the appearance of my finished candles. I will pay closer attention note to the finish of the top of my candles from here on. Interesting how much I learn here daily Thanks
  2. Good questions Flicker. I use two types of jars: Libby Status Jars 3 1/4" diameter and The Dollar Tree Square Jars 3 1/2" diameter but when measured corner to corner is approximately 4" . If you have any recommendations for this jar it would be helpful.. So far it's a headache. I am using approximately 9% FO (at least with the ones that didn't get a HT on) for the ones that have worked for me in the past I have added 11% and I got an excellent HT. U measure by weight (I use my digital kitchen scale which is very exact). I use Zinc Wicks. For the 3/14" Libb
  3. Birdcharm, you think I should attempt to to add a little straight soy to my 4627 Blend? If so, what's the norm for blending? What percentage? Are the instructions on properly blending? Thanks a bunch
  4. Interesting TallTayl, the way you've been able to figure out what works and that you pour at a very cloudy point. I use 4627 which I have read that one should pour at around 185 degrees. Yes, the only thing I did different was to transfer my wax from the heating pot to a Pyrex cup and then added the FO. I am assuming since my house is so cold all the time, that the temperature dropped to lower than an optimal point. Thanks for this information. I learn so much from you guys.
  5. Interesting point Birdcharm. I don't take my time to add the FO. I don't do it slowly. I do take the time to stir. Back and forth and in circles for about two minutes with a spoon. Question: Vybar, I have seen comments on this additive before. What does it help with? Does it actually impact the HT? Thanks for the great suggestions.
  6. Moonshine, I am doing everything the same except that before I added the Dye and FO while in the heating device. The last batch I transfered the wax to a mixing cup (Pyrex) and added the FO there. I am thinking that may be the problem. The temperature probably goes too low by the time I add the FO.
  7. I bought it online. Recommended by other Resin artists. They don't have to be super expensive just need to have the right system. I got it from Amazon. I can take a picture when I get home tonight and send it.
  8. Not too saturated since I don't mass produce. But I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't know what I am smelling anymore. Lol. I have given it to my sister in law and my friend and they also don't smell much. I've also moved them from the general open space in my house to my craft room and nothing. The other day I thought of sniffing coffee beans to see it would help with the candle nose. Lol. I know they do that when you're testing Perfumes. When you want to smell a different fragrance it's supposed to eliminate the previous scent. I wonder if that would wor
  9. Yes. Same method same amount of FO. Maybe 3 days less of curing than the ones that worked. Same company. Other than the small change of curing time everything else is the same. I can almost tell by the faint scent during the curing phase that it is not going to have good results . Can 3 days make such a difference? I use IGI 4627. The FOs I am talking about are FOs that get very good reviews for instance Blue Spruce and Peppermint Eucalyptus from CS which I have seen nothing but good reviews in HT. Ugh!!! Frustrating. Makes me feel better that you've also gone through this. Encou
  10. I am a little sad today. New to candles and my first tests (like 4 different FOs) were great. All of a sudden all downhill. The latest FOs I've tested have resulted in no HT. I've read about the FOs in question and people seem to have great results with them. So that tells me it's not the FO but something I am doing wrong. The thing is I haven't changed anything I did before. It's getting expensive to test the same fragrances so many times specially when I do t sell my candles so I don't recover the expense. I don want to get discouraged because I am enjoying making candles but it's get
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