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  1. I see nothing to worry about. It's as good most Etsy shops and better than most. Very impressive.
  2. I've been using shrink tubing. Tubing not shrink wrap. It takes a heat gun and a little practice. If what I see in the bottom picture is yours, then you're doing pretty good. Without machinery, you probably will never get it to look like the top picture. Making the ends folded nice and neat like that would require expensive equipment, I'm sure. Shrink wrapping is a lot like doing gift wrap, only you have to keep it from slipping around. You will need a heat gun to get it nice and tight. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. So many that you could watch for days if you had the time. I'm kinda fumble fingered so I look at shrink wrapping as ADVANCED gift wrapping. Practice is the only advice I can offer. I've been getting my shrink tubing from Packco in Missouri. https://www.packcoinc.com/home.php They offer free shipping on any order over $50.00. Shrink wrap material is very heavy, so the shipping offer will come into play very fast. Call them. They are very helpful and tell them the size of what it it you want to wrap and they can tell you what size wrap to get. Ask them to send you some sample pieces and they will gladly do it at no charge to you. Then you'll have something to practice with also. Heat guns can be bought at Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, etc. Most Home Depot Stores stock them every day of the week. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Wagner-Furno-300-Heat-Gun-0503059/206723935 This is the one I have. It should be more than adequate.
  3. Didn't think of it that way. Yes, the aluminum foil tent in 92 F temperatures was pretty stupid on my part.
  4. Here's the good news on my hot and cold garage shop: In about two weeks I'm having a building constructed behind my garage. It will be wired with sockets all over the place, insulated walls, 48 feet of shelving, and best of all, a through the wall A/C and heat unit. An LED lighting system will cover the ceiling, hang over the workbench, and under the top row of shelves. The lower level of shelves will be at countertop level at the same height as the workbench. That will create a horseshoe-shaped assembly line sort of operation. I'll be close enough to connect to the Wi-Fi in the house and will have an intercom so I can continue to monitor my 93-year-old father. I'm his caretaker. There will be a computer in there to access my formulas, notes and other information. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to reach the wireless printer. That way I can produce labels while waiting for things to cool down or heat up. This arrangement will also give me the ability to jump into this forum and get information plus watch YouTube videos on candle making. An added benefit is that I can watch my favorite college football team have another losing season and end up in the cellar of the SEC again. If any of you have some refreshing suggestions as to what else I can put in there, please let me know. I might put an 8-track stereo system in as well.
  5. I was using 444 not 464, but they're pretty much the same thing aren't they?
  6. Can this wax be salvaged? You should see it in real life. It looks somewhat like Zombie skin.
  7. Did I mention the little aluminum foil tent that I placed over them to keep them from cooling too fast?
  8. I wondered about that. The candles stayed in my garage workshop all night, and it never gets cool if it's heated up all day. Now that I think of it, this type of problem wasn't so frequent back in the winter, when the garage was heated by a wall heater about 15 feet away. Please translate: "Def try lower FO."
  9. I wondered about that. The candles stayed in my garage workshop all night, and it never gets cool if it's heated up all day. Now that I think of it, this type of problem wasn't so frequent back in the winter, when the garage was heated by a wall heater about 15 feet away. Please translate: "Def try lower FO."
  10. I meant to say stair stringers, not risers. Here's the home depot link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/3-Step-Ground-Contact-Pressure-Treated-Pine-Stair-Stringer-279712/301040004
  11. You need a business license, though, don't you?
  12. I agree. However, stair cutting (which is what we see here) takes a bit of carpentry skill.
  13. I have no insurance for things like we do. Do you think I could get some sort of umbrella policy? Do they still sell umbrella policies?
  14. Beautiful. What you and @MilosCandles have done is to make steps or stairs. That's not an easy thing. You've got to be a pretty good carpenter. The good news for the unskilled among us is that Home Depot & maybe Lowe's sell the pre-cut risers. All you have to do is add the treads and go. That's the route I'll have to take.
  15. What happened here? I'm having continuing problems with 444 and 464 wax. The photos you see here were left to cool slowly overnight on their own. The ambient temperature when I left them for the night was 92F at 8:19 PM, and the humidity was 36% (low humidity for my area). I'm getting these results with this wax more often than not. The tops look dried out and have a rippled, cracked appearance. The tops appear similar to a severe case of chapped lips. I didn't pour too hot. Pouring was done SLOWLY at 135F or less. Wax: GW 444 Heated to 190+ and added dye, then stirred for a full two minutes. Added 12% fragrance at 185F, then stirred for a full two minutes. I let the wax stand until it cooled to 135F, and then I poured. If this is the way these two waxes are supposed to look, then I can live with it or is there something I'm missing here?
  16. "What next? Photos"? Amazon is already taking pictures of your package sitting in front of your door. Some of you may not have Amazon's private delivery trucks in your ares yet, but taking pictures is what they're doing.
  17. No, I'm not going to pursue it. I just found it interesting. That's all.
  18. I don't have any intentions of concentrating valuable time on her. However, If there was a simple solution that y'all knew and that I could do with the stuff I have on hand, I would have considered making her a candle or two.
  19. After my experience with the guy from the Bahamas that wanted to pay retail so he could sell my candles in his store, I'm skeptical about everyone. The information I gave her was very generic. It was no more than what you'd read on the internet or in a book. Thanks for the warning, though.
  20. I received a fascinating phone call yesterday. The lady on the other end of the line got my phone number off my website. She said she had questions about my ingredients. I gave a quick explanation about different types of candles requiring different waxes. At first, I thought this was one of those anti-paraffin hits. It seems she is highly allergic to soy and many of the additives used in candle making. She wants container candles. I told her I would research it and see if I could find a solution. Does anyone have recommendations of wax I could use to make a non-allergic container candle?
  21. The average consumer doesn't understand or realize a lot of things. Some think FREE shipping is free. They don't understand bad things happen to good people. For example, when I sold carpet for Sears, the truck carrying a customer's roll crashed and burned between Dalton, Georgia, and Memphis. The driver was killed, and all the goods on board were destroyed. When I called the customer and told them about the tragic event, his response was: "Does this mean I'm not getting my carpet in before Christmas"? Then he began yelling. He didn't care that the driver had died and that his loved ones were broken-hearted and crushed. This guy just wanted his stuff, and he wanted it right then.
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