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  1. Quentin

    An observation

    I like to come up with new names too. Even when it comes to things like "Clean Cotton" or "Apple Cinnamon", I at least consider another name. My thinking behind this is how many more "Clean Cottons", "Amish Harvests", "Apple Cinnamons" or "Pecan Pies" does the market need?
  2. Quentin

    An observation

    I seem to have bad luck with both of these waxes. I like them because they hold large amounts of fragrance. What I don't like is I never get a nice smooth top from either. Maybe that's impossible. If so, I can accept that and proceed. Is that just the nature of the these two waxes? I hope I'm not opening up one of those contentious pouring temperature discussions again.
  3. Quentin

    An observation

    That's another good one that could be used. 🙂
  4. Quentin

    Candle Retirement is Official!

    I really hate to hear that, but if it's best for you at this point then you must do it. Stay in touch with us here.
  5. Quentin

    An observation

    Many times I too HAVE to change the name just to get it to fit on label without making the type so small you'd need an electron microscope to read it.
  6. A few months back I asked for information on where was the best website to buy plastic lids and dust covers. I'm also interested in kraft dust covers. None of the links panned out, but if someone has a favorite link to share, could you please post a reply here? To save you a little time, I will tell you I remember that Filmore was a dead end for me. Their huge selection still didn't contain what I was looking for. When these companies list diameters, are they referring to inside diameter of the lid, outside diameter of the lid or are they referring to the jar size it will fit? Does it vary by company how the list them or is it all standardized. I'd be surprised if it's standardized.
  7. Quentin

    An observation

    I do that too. With some fragrances like Patchouli, for example, I label it just like that. Then for people who don't know what Patchouli is, I label it as "Flower Child". Lavender is a little tough for me to rename. I usually just go with Lavender. If the color comes out differently than expected, I might call it "Purple Lavender", "Dark Lavender" or "Light Lavender", etc. I tried to make a dark red rose the other day. I was going to name it "Reddest Rose". However, it never came out the right red I was hoping for, so I named it "Enchanted Rose".
  8. Quentin

    An observation

    It's just a fact that some people are lazy and/or don't have any creative thoughts so they copy what they see. I always, at the very least, TRY to come up with another name. For example, I buy "Island Nectar" from Peek but I use the name "Island 40 Nectar" on my labels. It's sort of a local thing. I live just a hop, skip and jump from the Mississippi River. The section of the Mississippi River down south here is loaded with islands. So many islands, that most of them don't have names. They just number them on the river charts. Island 40 is a well known hunting area. I've never seen it. I can't even tell you exactly where it is! I've only heard of it. Even people who have never heard of Island 40 MIGHT have their interest piqued by that name. Some will. Some won't. The people on this forum are a little smarter than the average dog. That's why you're baffled when you see the stuff you described. I see the same things you saw when I go in the shops around here. I always ask myself, "Self, can't they come up with anything else?" I always answer myself the same way, "No, they can't." All they can do is copy what they see and think that's the road to success. It doesn't mean they're not intelligent. They just aren't gifted with the creative mind for the type things we do. They may be talented in other ways and be able to do things I could never dream of doing. I can't play a musical instrument. I'm not good at any sport that requires good eye-hand coordination, so I ran track in school. Electronics is a mystery to me. I would love to be able to weld and I tried it. I just wasn't gifted in those things. Rub your finger across the lid on one of their jars and see how much dust is there. You've hit on a very important point. If we don't do something to set us apart from the others, no matter how small the detail, our products will sit beside theirs and collect just as much dust.
  9. The natural daylight method works as many of you suggested. These two pictures were taken right beside a window with the light coming in from the left (west) side within just minutes of each other. Obviously there's plenty of room for improvement, but no more massive glare from the flame. These will do while I learn more about using a camera. I did pick up a little trick on my own. Didn't change the position of the candle or camera. In one picture, you'll notice the little glare on the back top of the glass. In the second picture it's gone. I just rubbed a little Chapstick on the top rim and the little glare is gone. I love to improvise.
  10. Quentin

    Creating LLC info

    I'm happy to make people laugh anytime I get a chance. Glad you picked up on that joke. It's true, but even I like laughing at it.
  11. Quentin

    Printing Company

    Thanks @Sebleo and thanks @MilosCandles . I had misplaced this info also.
  12. You're right. I noticed that last night. I'm using a low end Android, the Samsung J3. So when you say "focus on the flame", I'm really not sure what you mean or if this cheap phone even has that capability. I've just never been one to take very many pictures. Either way, I started looking through the manual settings last night and found the metering function that you and some of the others mentioned. You touch on the screen and the little circle pops up On this cheap phone, it seems to be limited in what it can do. I'm due for a new phone here soon anyway.
  13. In fact, I'll wait till the morning and see what natural daylight does for it, but I'm going to take one now using the light in this room.
  14. I'm using an Android. Using the advice I've gotten here I'm getting much better pictures. Since I'm not using Iphone, I'll look around the Android camera app and see what I can find. Thank you.
  15. Yes I can do that. I'll post one here shortly. I'm using an Android phone, by the way.
  16. There are pillar blends. There are pillar/votive blends. There are votive blends All votives are pillars Not all pillars are votives Therefore, you could use a "low shrink" votive blend to make larger pillars. Wrong or right?
  17. I actually meant to say add the stearic to a low shrink votive wax to make a larger pillar but I think your answer applies to that as well. Thank you. 😀
  18. Quentin

    Hade these made - Wick Holder

    Same here.
  19. Quentin

    Creating LLC info

    I think I'm just going to register as a "Not For Profit" corporation. After all, that's the business I'm in right now.
  20. Thanks to both of you. Everything you say makes sense. I just got curious. Basically I think you're both telling me not to waste my time trying it. What if... you added just a touch of stearic acid or would that just create another set of problems?
  21. Quentin

    Creating LLC info

    Sounds like a good way to do it. You hear people say "time is money". In my opinion time is everything.
  22. Quentin

    Private labels

    I'm not a lawyer so this is not legal advice. I see candles marketed in stores in this manner all the time. Usually you just see something like "Manufactured by Such & Such Candles, 123 Elm Street, Anytown, U.S.A. 55555" in fine print on the front, back or bottom label. I can't imagine it would be a big deal. It seems to be a very common practice. No charge for this advice, either.
  23. How do you take a picture of a burning candle with all that glare? I'm guessing you use some sort of filter over the lens?
  24. I saw this picture of a pillar on Etsy. There are lots of ways you can package pillars, but I like this. What I can't tell from the picture is this: If this is some sort of paper "wrap" that glues to itself in the back, does anyone know a source? If this is a stick on label, what kind of label would you use that would adhere to wax, but still be removable without damaging the appearance of the the candle? I could use either method.
  25. I finally got around to trying it. I promised I would report back. It was hard to discipline myself to wait for the temperature to drop, but I did it. I took good notes too. I was pouring only two jars as a wick comparison test. I poured the Comfort Blend at 148F and did it slowly. I came back every 15 minutes to check it out. The result was a success. Nice smooth tops. No holes around the wick. I heated the jars beforehand. No wet spots until the next day and that was only on the first one I poured. Fortunately, they are small and clustered together. A perfect spot to put my label. The conclusion is that I should pay more attention to what people tell me and I need to write those tips down instead of just reading and moving to the next response. As was mentioned earlier in this thread, @Kerven told me what to do. I should have made a note. Another little lesson I think I picked up here is that the first candle poured showed the wet spots and just a tiny little crack around the wick. So maybe 148 might be just a tad too high.