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  1. For those of you who make palm wax candles, do you find they sell as well as soy or paraffin or any other wax? Do you find that your customers don’t care about the wax type? Thank you!
  2. I make palm wax candles, use CSN wicks, secure wicks with wick tabs; however, once wick gets lower, wick tab is pulling away from jar and is sliding. What else is good to use to secure wick that will survive the heat of palm wax/CSN wicks? thanks!
  3. In your opinion, which company has the best professional super clear labels for a laser printer to put on glass jars for candles?
  4. It seems anyone with an existing square acct is good. Starting a new website/acct within square, because square has acquired weebly, it’s saying you need to use square that way. I am definitely not tech savvy and will accept any help or suggestions or correction! Lol.
  5. Ideas for a simple e-commerce site to sell products. Looked into square but you now have to use weebly which they have acquired. I have no idea where to begin. Suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  6. Which type of labeling paper is the most professional looking for jar candles and product packaging? Waterproof? Thickness? I am so bad at this. Thanks for any help!
  7. How do you order from them? Their site doesn’t allow for ordering, as far as I can find. Do you need to contact them directly? Thanks! Happy 4th!
  8. I’m finding if I go higher on the wick size, like a 16, the flame size is torch-like and scares me. I’m used to those controlled smaller flames with soy wax. I love palm wax very much, so I will keep researching, testing, etc.
  9. Any idea if a CDN would perform similar to a CSN so I could get a closer fit for wicking this jar?
  10. I cure for a couple days at best. I just love the palm wax, but for whatever reason, the status jar has been a challenge. And, yes, the CSNs seem to have that tall flame. Definitely takes some getting used to!
  11. Anyone have success wicking a 12.5oz status jar (~3in diamter) with Candlewic’s container palm? CSN 12 doesn’t seem to large enough and CSN 14 is too hot. Any other suggestions? thank you all!
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