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  1. I am only able to get the best HT out of soy wax candles using wooden wicks. That is if the wooden wick stays lit. There are so many of them that would not lit up or stay lit. Testing wooden wicks in soy wax candle is a must. It will show you how good HT of soy wax can be. But my advise would be not to use that in your product line unless they can come up with good reliable wooden wicks.
  2. I use Uline tins, and they are great in quality. It will last forever without discoloring or rust. Even if your FO has high vanillin content, I think it should be okay without modpodge.
  3. You might want to keep your eyes on this one too. https://cloud9vessels.com/ They don't have matte finish ceramic vessel right now, but their vessels might interest you. It's quite pricey, but they are located in Orlando(Winter Park) FL. So, you might be able to save on some shipping cost.
  4. They are located in Concord which is 30 miles NE of San Fran. It is kind of new company (little over 1 year), and owner name is Vanessa McGee. There are few members here who bought "Monaco" container from her, and it seems like they are happy with the quality and their service. Its price is including the lid, so price does not seem so bad.
  5. The container will never get hot with taper wick design and provide full melt pool from top to bottom. It will also provide less dancing flame bottom of jar. (Right amount of convection at the bottom!) Be creative with candle making!😉
  6. Figuring out coating materials is not hard. Anything that burns well without burning odor would work nicely as coatings such as cotton, wood saw dust, special fibers, fabric without fire resistant treatment or chemical treatments, etc. But finding a glue that can hold coatings on the surface of wood would not be an easy task. It has to be one of natural glue that is odorless and un-harmful when it burns. That would be trade secret. *If you ever figure out the glue, then you will come to a conclusion that you can actually make a wick out of special materials better than wooden wick i
  7. Sorry! There would not be any solution for wooden wick. Problem of candle wick made out of a wood is the density of wood. Different part of a tree can have totally different wood density due to part of a tree growing in rainy season, dry season, winter, summer, night or daytime, etc. Tight density means no capillary action which translates into no(or weak) flame. One wooden wick can burn beautifully from start to finish. Another wooden wick might not even lit up from the start. One wooden wick can start burning beautifully but the flame will die down when it is h
  8. It's not just one company (Lumetique/Wood Wick Company) that holds patent on wooden wicks. There are 3 companies that hold wooden wick patents, but Lumetique is not the one. What Lumetique holds is patent for "Planar Wick" and bunch of others. Basically, Lumetique is blocking everyone from creating a wick that has any kind of planar shapes (*They got patents for all kinds of shape.) including wooden wicks. It looks like all 3 other wooden wick patent companies are paying loyalties to Lumetique for their wooden wick patents having planar shape. Wood wick & wood wick with boo
  9. Sixteen Seventeen has light grey concrete container. https://sixteenseventeen.com/collections/copenhagen-modern-jar
  10. Many people are satisfied with 6006 using HTP, but 6006 isn't my favorite wax at all. I am open to use any wax that performs well and produce good HT, but I find that soy or parasoy isn't one of them.
  11. It's not a video, but picture should show how to use it. Quality of Tube wicks are better than wooden wicks, but people without a torch lighter will have hard time with ignition. And quite a few of them did not stay lit as with any wooden wicks.
  12. It appears to me that they do not provide ingredients for Open-Window Fresh on their website.
  13. Sometimes, nightmare can be turned into a good opportunity. We can be trusted more when we clean up our mess! 😉
  14. Hmm! I am pretty sure they have excellent candles, since they have been business for quite some time now. Maybe the one in the picture is a bad batch? This could be one example that shows how inconsistent the waxes are that we are getting. I did have experience of having a bad batch for 300 candles before which I ended up replace all of them even though it turned out to be about 15% had problem.
  15. SDS is not required for US candle makers, so not everyone has them. Only few companies do it voluntarily, and the ones in presence in Europe would have them. I am getting most these SDS searching European websites. Maison Louis Marie is located in Los Angeles, and they are close to me. They might have good in-house scents, but I don't think they have good candles. Sooting (see picture below) and I see some people complaining about lack of HT (typical for soy wax candle). Soy has excellent strong CT, but HT is a problematic! There is slight chance that you might be getting hea
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