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  1. I think Cottonwood & Helix are very nice wicks even though it did not work out in my 464. It might work in other waxes nicely. It looks like Yankxx use double Helix 5 for their tall Tumbler Candles(soy blend). Yankxx candle was sooting really bad. When I tried it in 464, it worked better. But it mushrooms(just little) & HT is weak. Cottonwood burned really well in 464. Burning characteristic was close to perfection in 464 that I almost got fooled. But HT is weak, and it started to scorching the wax after 2 hours and 15 minutes. I got wax & FO burnin
  2. @TallTayl You might be right about CandleScience dropping CSN. They might have known, It seems like Wicks Unlimited has CDN. Wicks Unlimited might be willing to carry VRL(CSN) & V from now on (hopefully). Cottonwood will be in question for a while since Atkins & Pearce is losing their wick assembler. Who knows? Atkins & Pearce might be willing to take over that wick assembly machine. V series including VRL(CSN) can be purchased from UK. But, most of UK candle suppliers don't have capability to send out international shipment. In
  3. I think their quality came from their professional staff. I don't see others that have professional staff like Precision Wicking. It must have been hard without big account like Atkins & Pearce has. How about Wicks Unlimited? Don't they have most of what Precision Wicking carried? Atkins & Pearce was asking for 10,000 MOQ on Cottonwood instead of their usual 5,000 because 3rd party is doing the tabbing.
  4. @TallTayl Are they the one who were actually assembling Cottonwood & Ribbon Wicks?
  5. You are right about that. Let me correct this! Registration for Commercial Co-Venture is required in 22 states including my state California. If you are located in a state where your state does not require one, make sure you are following other state's regulation when you make online charitable sales promotion sales to other states that require Commercial Co-Venture registration.
  6. No. If my knowledge is correct, then IR thermo only can measure up to 790F where the flame would be anywhere in between 800 to 1400F. So, I have been using only digital meat thermo until now. I will be getting J Type thermocouple thanks to one of our member here & I will be getting IR thermo too. We will see.
  7. Most craft shows or fairs should have past attendance records. Some might have breakdown sales data which shows how much different category of vendors sold at the fair. It is considered huge success if a vendor(I am not talking about candle vendor here.) can make a sales to 15% of the attendees. You have to keep in mind that one customer can buy several candles. These things need to be research by you for your own show which you are planning to attend to come up with ideal inventory to take to a show. *Attendance number could be totally different from last year due our current pandemi
  8. I forgot ask CT strength level. Is it good idea to aim for 9 to 10 CT strength with 6-7 HT strength?
  9. It is true that some wick will create bigger flame and form deeper melt pool. There is no denying this kind of wick is not a hot burning wick. However, I am observing below which brought me to this question in my post. Same wick is working different in different waxes. 1. Melt pool size & depth stays relatively the same. But, melt pool temperatures are little different wax to another wax. I see difference of 5F melt pool temperature with same wick in different waxes. 2. Container temperature stays almost same. 3. However, there were big differences in air
  10. If we were to scale HT strength in 1 to 10(1 being weakest and 10 being strongest) , then what would be your target HT strength of your candles and the reason? Let me go first. My goal is around 7. Personally I prefer HT strength in this level, and luckily I found many who likes this kind of strength. *Of course measuring HT strength would be very subjective that can be totally different from person to person. But let's try our best.
  11. This topic has been posted many times over, but let me tried to post this one more time for new comers with another interesting topic. There are only 4 things required by regulation to be put on our labels in US. But I see so many out there who cannot do this right. 1. Your company name 2. Product identification: If your product is a candle, then it must state that it is a candle. 3. Net weight in both oz and grams 4. Manufacturer's(your company) full address These information has to go on main level, and it requires to be places on side when its possible
  12. Yes I have seen wicks that can catch up quickly between burns. But like you said earlier, there are many wicks that won't catch up but perform superior. I am the one who choose to go for performance over hmm I don't think my candles are unsafe but here it is "safety". I guess we are all different. Thank you for your input!
  13. How do you manage to handle wax shrinkage after burn? It is my observation that every time melted waxes being harden the wax will shrink down leaving taller wick than while burning. Wax shrinkage will be different depends on duration of burning & different types of wax. So, I thought every candles need to be trimmed almost every burn. Have you found a wax that would not shrink or wick that will shrink with the wax? Or are you using wicks that will work with your wax at any (long) length?
  14. Welcome to CraftServer! If you are Santa Cruz CA, then Candle Science should be real good choice for you due to close proximity for saving on shipping cost. And they do have good quality products. If you want to try out few others, then California Candle Supply in Glendora Southern CA would be good supplier to check on. There is a company called Perfumer's Apprentice in Scotts Valley CA which is very close to you. They have only few very expensive FOs for candle (which I don't think it is worth that kind of money), but you could learn a lot about fragrances from thei
  15. I have been checking these below until recently, but I felt there are few very important things that need to be observed also. Glass containers: Thermal shock endurance & Annealing *I did my best to figure this out, but I have to admit it was not enough. I just went for reputable American manufacturer glasses. Container temperature during burn Checking for any cracking or breaking HT: Spreading out range and direction, Complexity of scent, Strength Wick: ignition & re-ignition, tunneling, guttering (flickering), Performance in both heavy and light dra
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