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  1. Adding Vybar 260 to 464 would not do any good. 464 should have enough of it in the wax already. Try to add about 5%(max) of IGI R2322 palm wax. It will increase HT significantly. But it is going to reduce CT little bit.
  2. Quality of oils from almost every US fragrance oil manufacturers or fragrance houses are equally the same. But when it comes to scent, it is matter of personal taste (smell in our case). Scent is all about presentation of a certain scent, and they are all manufactured in different way. They call it "accord" and top, middle & base notes of different manufacturers are all different for same named scent. Even just one manufacturer produces about 50 different kind of rose scent alone. You might find manufacturer A has best Rose that you like, but you might find manufacturer B's Pumpkin Pi
  3. Here are some comparison between Coconut 83 and GB 464 in case someone might be interested. Coconut 83 hardens much faster than GB 464. See below picture. GB 464 was poured 15 minutes earlier than Coconut 83 in bigger jar , but Coconut 83 hardened much faster. Below scale is in 1 to 10 scale. Comparison was made all waxes in 12.5 Libbey Status Jar with 2.94" diameter. Coconut 83 w/10% FO GB 464 w/12% FO GB 464 + 5% IGI palm wax w/12% CT:
  4. JAFE Decorating. https://jafedecorating.com/ Their minimum order requirement is 504 pieces, and they have stock items (black or white painted containers) which is available to purchase at 144 and above. 544 pieces of 12.25oz Libbey tumbler 918cd is around $1.38 each($0.66 for the jar + coating price), which the price will vary little bit depends on different coatings. This pricing was last summer which might have gone up since everything has been going up during this pandemic. Best price I have found on same Libbey clear jar that I have located at the similar time was $0.99(now
  5. We are all competitors in here, but we have no problem sharing our information. Some might be very protective of their findings, but then there are many who are not. What is your definition of perfect candle? Do you know what you want to achieve in your candle? I know that I will never achieve creating my definition of perfect candle. I haven't found any candle that is perfect so far, and I am very confident that I never will create one or find one. I use 12% FO to achieve the most powerful CT. I can achieve similar HT using only 6% FO, but I will never achieve tha
  6. I have tried that, and it works. It also provide steady flame (less dancing flame) at the bottom of the jar when the wick is tapered. Below is what I have found out so far using special wick other than wooden wick. Wooden wicks are unreliable and out of control. I am using this, and I should be able to tell everyone about it by the time when this pandemic is over. These pictures show one in action.
  7. Sorry TallTayl! I only have made several candles using Ceda Serica, and I did not like it as much as Coconut 83 or 464. I wasn't getting strong enough HT compared to Coconut 83 or 464. So, I haven't looked into CAS # or other things on that wax.
  8. It is better to hire middleman companies like China sourcing companies when dealing with Chinese manufacturers. They will take care of everything including delivering it to your door for small fee, which is worth the money. You might end up getting better product at better price this way. They locate, make the deals, check quality, do exporting documents, put it on ship, go thru customs, and deliver it to your door. Don't forget that China is communist controlled country, and it is not easy to deal with them directly. For orders over 500 but less than 3,000 pieces, it might be
  9. For glass containers, try "Jar Store"! https://www.jarstore.com/jar-category/candle/
  10. Yes! This is very complicated subject. Creating a great HT producing scented candle and designing a candle that can fill a room are two totally different matters. I test strength of HT of my candles by smelling it from the top (Don't burn your nose hairs while doing this!), and burning it 1 1/2 feet away from me on my working desk. After that, whether my candle can fill a room or not is matter of air flow of the room or a house. My goal is to design a candle that can throw HT about 1 to 2 feet into the air by using cooler flame wick, so HT can spread through out the room in mo
  11. Hello, You might want to looking into a purchasing small laser wood engraving machine for your need instead of locating imprint company. Those laser engraving machines' prices are very affordable now days.
  12. When ordering online, try to play around with number of cases per order to figure out estimated shipping costs. Usually ordering 2 to 4 cases per order will give you the best shipping rate.
  13. You might want to try to find your local sources as much as possible and even looking at Dollar Store. If that does not work out, then try looking at Jar Store & CandleScience. I believe you said you are near Knoxville TN. Both of them should offer decent shipping rate for you. If you are looking for tins, then try looking up nearest ULine Packaging.
  14. I hope all is well and wish full recovery for you and your family (and all Texans) during snow storm crisis going on over there.
  15. State Farm could have different policy offering in different states. In California, State Farm offer insurance for small home based candle makers doing online sales only (and I believe some sales at farmer's market was allowed). Other than that type of candle operation, they don't offer candle company insurance. My State Farm agent couldn't offer me a policy for my operation, so she refer me to other independent insurance brokerage firm.
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