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  1. Which FB groups? I've been looking for a few... Can you pm me if you can't state publicly?
  2. This is great! I will probably watch more than once. :-) Did he mention trimming the wick between burns? I might have missed it...
  3. I've been playing around with it for the last 6 months or so. I really, really liked it at first, CT and HT both really good. But now I'm starting to get a little frustrated with the HT being very weak with a few fragrances I LOVE. Wicking doesn't seem so tricky, but of course does really change with the scent. I started out with HTP's and am now trying CD's. I would love to hear anyone else's experience with this wax. HT, CT? Additives?
  4. What is the best odor eliminator you've used? I read a discussion on it months ago and cannot find the thread again!
  5. Beautiful! I love, love your labels. Itching to see more pictures.... :-)
  6. Awesome, thanks! I have a place to start. Enjoy your weekend!
  7. Does anyone have a favorite chai fragrance? Coffee fragrances have never worked for me - maybe I should try again. But I would love to find a vanilla or cinnamon chai...
  8. You created the molds yourself?? Truly a work of art! Love them
  9. Ha! Never mind! I had been all over their website to see if they sold them separately and I JUST found them!
  10. Happy Sunday! I had ordered some fragrances from FC a couple of months ago and they included a little flip top cap, which I thought was genius! Now I want to order them for all of my bottles but I'm having a hard time finding the right size. Does anyone else use them and could you tell me where you get them? Thanks! Dani
  11. I grew up in Montana as well, and I feel super lucky to be raising my boys here. What part is your husband from? And actually, I was on this forum way back when, but I must have been purged! (or maybe I just couldn't remember the sign on correctly) Yes, it's been that long... :-)
  12. Yes, definitely a challenge! And of course I can't make it easy on myself - I'm experimenting with combining palm embeds and layers with the coconut wax... we'll see... :-)
  13. Hi there! I'm jumping back into candle making after a 12 year break - raising kids takes SO much time!! :-) I forgot how much I LOVE candle making, and am excited to start again. My husband and I own a hardwood floor business, which also keeps us busy, but I'm finding time to experiment with coconut wax. After working almost exclusively with palm, I have to say I love, love the white creamy texture. I am enjoying this forum so much, and appreciate those you like to keep it positive and are so willing to offer advice and encouragement.
  14. Super cute! My vote would be distressed white...
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