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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! have y’all ever experienced this issue before? I am using GB 444. I heat up wax to 190, add oil at 185 (anywhere from 8%-10%, depending on the FOs strength), stir for 2 minutes (clockwise and counterclockwise), and pour almost immediately after stirring (temp is usually anywhere from 160-175 after that). I let them cure for 1-2 weeks. This is my general process! however, a few of my friends who test my candles have said that although they smell amazingly when first lit, the candle loses it scent throw or it weakens on the 2nd burn (or sometimes half way through).
  2. I was reading on a website the other day about taking measurements of your ingredients and such. A sentence toward the end of the article really jumped out and got my attention. The author's statement was "don't forget to measure your fragrance oil and liquid dyes by weight not volume" [My paraphrase]. Uh Oh! I have been adding fragrance oil by liquid ounces or milliliters and not by weight. I looked at some of my fragrance bottles and you see the statement that says "bottles filled by weight". Other manufacturers label their bottles as X Fl. Oz./XXX ml. I've been griping about
  3. I've been able to get a good hot throw from most of my fragrance oils using new 464 in pint canning jars and CD or Premier wicks. Still having problems with Rustic Escentuals Apple Pumpkin Strudel. Are any of you using this fragrance in this jar and getting good results? If so, would you mind sharing what wick you are using? GoldieMN
  4. I am looking for real strong scents and already have some favorites from natures garden or flaming candle but I have never ordered from JS and they have a lot of unique things I would like to try. I was hoping someone could chime in and see if they've tried these scents before as I already googled a lot. I use parasoy candles and use max load possible. Here are the fragrances I wanted to try: VANILLA SNOWFLAKE BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH BUTTERSCOTCH BRULEE PEPPERMINT BARK MARSHMALLOW PEPPERMINT CHRISTMAS WISH CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD COTTON CANDY SUPER STRONG BAHAMA MAMA
  5. I have a few fragrances that I think may need special wicking but I am not sure how to do this as I am still new to candle making. I finally found a wick that works with my jars and gives mw great throw for scents like love spell or egyption amber but some scents just simply aren't smelling that strong. I made sure to read reviews before buying and others seems to have more success with these fragrances than I currently am so I was thinking that it could be that I need to wick it differently as I read sometimes that that is something you need to do. I made sure to use the same amount of dye a
  6. Help! I'm using pob and 6006 and have tried them separate and with different ratios of each. I'm heating to 185/195 like the wax says and adding oils at 180 like I have read.i have tried different oils to see if that was the problem but I'm still getting no hot throw!? What else can I try!?
  7. My candles been burning for awhile now, few hours, and the scent no longer is there...I am using joy wax and NG coconut cream pie FO with a CD wick and vybar. Are my candles supposed to look separated like this? Why is it after awhile I can no longer smell it? Even if I leave the room and come back in.
  8. I have about 4" candles I am using joy wax for. I made one and allowed it to cure for two days (when I CALLED NG they said cure for two days) and using their coconut cream pie fragrance and some vybar. The smell was better than my other candles but not where I can smell it no matter where I am in my bedroom. Even if door is closed. That's a turn off for me since I want my candles to smell like bath and body ones. I want the BEST scent throw hands down. I made a new one using 1.5 fragrance and no seeping so I will test in a few days. My question is, did I mess up going with joy wax? They state
  9. So, I'm having some throw issues and I wonder if anyone could guide me in the right direction. I think I am doing everything correctly, so I just have a few questions. Firstly, I have tested several waxes (4630, 6006, 4627) and I definitely seem to have the best luck with 3022. I could basically never get much of a throw at all from other wax/wick combos. Having said that, the throw is still not exactly as strong as I would like. I definitely get a hot/cold throw, but I feel like it could be stronger compared to some of the 'higher end' candles that I burn here at home. I have been using bot
  10. Ok, So I have been testing several new candles and I have been discouraged at the scent throw that I am getting. Although I am tesing another candle that in past burns has been light in HT but now after originally pouring a month and half ago it starting to finally have a decent HT in my living room(which is my biggest room I have to test in). Ok so my recent candles have had a light to medium HT but it takes almost two hours to get to a medium scent throw. This can't be acceptable to a customer. I don't know why I'm even posting this because I know the answer but please post your opinion any
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