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  1. The very first try with 6006, I used RRD 40 wick in my 2.9” diameter 12 oz mason jar With 8% FO. and it smelled up the room within the first 15 minutes. That was just for fun. Now I’m really testing. Lx and zinc, and waiting for flaming candle to get their premier wick samples in stock. I don’t know anywhere else that has them. im going to be testing in 4oz tins, 4oz & 8 oz jelly jars, medium straight sided jars, 12oz canning and 16 oz tins (double wick). any advice with those are appreciated by anyone.
  2. Ditto, but I’m having a super hard time. I was using soy 464 and switched to 6006. Testing wicks currently. Specifically focusing on my 16oz tin right now double wicking it. So far lx 12 & 14 seem to be not working. Going to try double wicking LX 16 next. I’ve been trying to ask for help I’m in some groups on Facebook, and there’s a mentor ship but when I rich out to the ones listed as mentors, they read my message and ignore.
  3. I see so many people talking about wick testing and the melt pool needs to be 1 inch per hour of diameter...... I've also spoke to someone who has been making candles for over 10 years and successfully sells candles. she called BS on it and never goes by that. She said that the customer's don't care about that they care about the hot throw not the rate of speed to accomplish a melt pool. As long as you monitor your wicks and heat of the glass when you're testing, you're good. Customer's don't want to sit and wait 3 hours before they start to smell their candle, so the whole thing where pe
  4. I’ve been using soy 464 with CD wicks ranging from CD 8 to CD 12 the best hot throw I’ve ever gotten was from using an RRD 40 wick. A lot of suppliers say to go bar the diameter of the container however candle science goes by not only the diameter of the container but also the wax why is this? Recommending CD eights for soy wax for specific container but recommending eco 2 in 6006 wax with the same container. Since recently testing with 6006 I have found it gives off a better hot throw it did awesome with an RRD 40 it also did well with eco-six this is in 12 ounce canning jar from candle scien
  5. I'm not really even sure how to ask this but we're ready to launch our site but have no idea how to go about the shipping. Should we use flat rate (already have the USPS Priority mail boxes), by weight (already have plain boxes we got from ULINE), or by number of items? We are using square to host our site and don't want to pay the price for the $80 plan yet to get the real time shipping info. The biggest question we have is figuring out how many boxes the customer will end up needing. We don't want to have to cover the shipping costs because we were wrong about something.
  6. You should definitely make videos please! We need someone we can trust!!
  7. Do you prefer 464 or something like IG6006 and why do you like what you like better??
  8. Yeah, I cure them, mostly i'll go 3 weeks, but have gone nearly 2 months before I test. whats your favorite blend and where do you get it? and do blends need to cure?
  9. Hear me out. Im so stressed out and tempted to throw in the towel (but I won’t) First pic 464...I’ve only been using 464.. I’ve heated to 185, poured in FO at 6,8, & 10% stir slowly 2 mins. I’ve poured at various temps...I’ve also recently mixed at 120 degrees and poured after stirring. I CAN NOT GET A DECENT HOT THROW. However cold throw is awesome. I’ve tested wicks (also why there’s no wicks in these pics so I can do that testing method Jeff Standley has shown us) I’ve tried eco 10, CD 8,10,12 and today I’m about to try the RRD 37. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. However my soy wax m
  10. I've never had this problem with 464. until the higher fragrance load. I haven't burned it yet, just the CT after cooling this go around.
  11. Great analogy. I just want to have the best throw for my customers. and have highly scented candles. Also, I my house is open concept, living, dining, and kitcehn all one huge space, so I'd like it for myself as well. the 6% dont seem to be cutting it for me in that regard.
  12. My most recent candles and melts I’ve been using a higher fragrance oil percentage however the scent is either faint or nonexistent. Soy 464 Can have up to 10% fragrance load I’ve been putting in 9% last few batches instead of 6%. And my wax melts is specifically for melts and tarts soy 494 and that is up to 12% fragrance oil. I was previously using 8.4% and now after they cool there’s no cold sent throw or barely if any I’m putting in the fragrance at 185 stir lightly couple minutes and pouring around 140 for candles and 160 for melts as instructed. These aren’t light fragrances either Hi
  13. Anyone notice a difference between using GB Soy 464 for wax melts versus GB Soy 494 for melts & tarts? I know the 494 can't be used for candles, because they won't burn, but just curious if it's worth the extra cost and shipping. I know 10% max for 464 fragrance, and the 494 is 12% max......I've used both and I can't really tell a difference. Seeking other opinions.
  14. Where do you guys get air freshener base to make linen and fabric spray that doesn't contain alcohol? Like water based. I see a lot of bases, but most say don't ship via air. I want one that's safe all the way around. Ideas?
  15. Does anyone know of someplace you can buy some wax/candle warmers and turn around and sell them for a few dollars more? I've been searching....
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