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My first craft show

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Hi Everyone! I wanted to share some pictures of my first craft show. It wasn't a real craft show per say. A friend got several of us together and called it A Spring Wellness weekend. There was a jewelery person, a skin care person, a yoga person, a acupuncture person and I had my soy candles and M&P goat's milk soap

(which i forgot! Oops:shocked2:) post-12305-139458479903_thumb.jpg

She didn't charge us a dime so this was a good opportunity to get out there and make my mistakes. I had about ten customers that bought my candles. So it was a good day for something that wasn't advertised that much. Hope you like my pictures and if you see any place for input let me know.





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Your set up is very professional! Looks great! I like your banner too, the font is very fun.

I was thinking the same thing! Everything looks clean and professional. If you learn something new every time you do a show, you will be doing great!

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Looks like in one of your pics you have an email sign up sheet. Thats very smart-- especially for your first show. I just started doing that and now have a growing email list I can use to send out website sales info and newsletters to customers. Good job!

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I am still learning everyday. I guess my next one will be in November at a local high school. Also thanks to Candybee and Twoscentsworth for saying "cutiepie" Made me smile :-)

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