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Noob CP Soaps

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OK. Finally replaced my camera battery so I have no excuse for not posting some photos of my first batches of CP Soap. There's plenty of room for improvement, but I'm pretty well-pleased thus far. My friends and co-workers (guinea pigs) are very enthused and are giving me valuable feedback ("When ya gonna make more?"). I have only a couple of pieces of the first 3 batches left that I'm holding on to to see how they age. They're already whining for the new stuff that I made last Tuesday! :)

This is the first batch. I was convinced it was too moist, so I saved one piece and rebatched the rest. As it turned out, it was fine and didn't need to be rebatched... :rolleyes2

Grasshopper learning patience...


Batch #2

This one was an attempt at some swirling, but the FO accelerated the trace, so the mixing was poor at best...


Batch #3

I had set aside some herbs months ago to include in soap - I think it was tarragon... The FO accelerated this one, too, so the colors weren't "swirlable," but I liked how it came out despite the crappy cutting job.


Batch #4

This is the "Pride Cometh Before A Fall" Soap. It seemed so promising while I was making it - the consistency was swirlable, it looked like hot fudge & milk chocolate swirled together and I *THOUGHT* I had something good going on in there, but it came out looking more like burnt cookies and meadow muffins. :rolleyes2 Smells great despite how it looks...


Batch #5

This is the batch I was sure had seized and was going to totally suck. It smells great and came out looking surprisingly well despite wrestling it into the mold and doing my usual crappy cutting job. One gal at work wanted to buy the entire batch as soon as I cut it!


Each batch taught me loads of valuable stuff... like to get a different cutting method soon! :laugh2:Thanks for lookin'.

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Nice job Stella!

I especially like the first one and the Mango Cilantro. The yellow citrus one has a very pretty pearlesent(sp?) look to it :)

I love your description of burnt cookies! LOL

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They look pretty dang good for first batches. I kinda like the burnt cookie and meadow muffin soap. Maybe take them to a hockey game :smiley2:. I dread the day I make the foray into CP. Like I need another addiction.



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Wow! Thanks, folks. :) I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. I am humbled by the amazing work I see so many of y'all do - dunno if I'll ever get there, but at least some of mine don't look completely horrific.

Maybe take them to a hockey game
:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:GOTTA LOVE IT!! Chocolate hockey pucks!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

You've given my twisted mind a marketing idea... :D

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  • 3 months later...

What a wonderful job you did Stella. And my favorite ones are the "burnt" ones....lol....I love how they turned out. They look great and would fit right into a prim look, especially with some of my candles I made for a rustic look! Do some more and put up pictures. I love looking at pictures. You go girl!


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Awww, y'all are so nice! Lori, the Saguaro Cactus is scented... ummmm... saguaro cactus by (now defunct) JBN. WONDERFUL sweet herbally fragrance (can you tell I'm not good at describing scents LOL)!

Sorry I haven't been back to comment... I see I'm behind on photos, so I'll try to catch up real quickly...

Even when something looks like THIS after gelling...


It CAN come out okay... :yay:



Both the soaps above got a little overheated when I wrapped them all up snugly, and had minor volcanic oozage. I really like what happened with the brown & tan coffee soap... made it look like faux bois! Some of the bars looked like they had annular rings! That one was scented Amaretto nog (CS) which smelled neither like amaretto or nog, but had a pleasant fruity smell anyway.

The green & cream swirlie one was made with STRONG green tea (in place of water), green tea leaves (the boogers in the bars) and scented Basil & Herb (CS), They smelled great! I colored 1/3 of the soap with TD, another third with a drop or two of forest green and left the rest the natural color.

I was gonna try a column swirl with batch 11, but I fiddled around too long and let the batter get thick. When I tried it, I put a glop on top of the column and it just sagged and died right there :rolleyes2 so after a few hissed cuss words, I went in a different direction. Here's what the loaf looked like: (that's a vintage mini eclair box mold, BTW - I had to eat those eclairs but it was all for art, KWIM?)


Not terrible... Scent is nag champa, frankincense & myrrh & sandalwood - back to the 60s again!

The cut pics started out pretty...


But it became much darker over time and now looks like blue dog sh*t. Still smells great though, and my friends love it.

Batch 12 was Black Canyon - a black & white swirl. The white darkened and looked UGH, so I rebatched it and it looks mo' betta.


I didn't take any pics of Batch 13 because it was a 100% CO, 0% superfat formula I made to grate up for laundry soap. It works very well, so no more buying detergent for me! Stuff was hard as a brick!!

Batch 14 gave me hell. It seized and separated, so I threw it in the crock pot and forced it to behave. I added some cinnamon for visual interest and scented it neroli. I love this one!! All the bars look like a desert sunset...



Batch 15 was a column swirl I'd rather not talk about. I'll show y'all the photos someday when it doesn't p*ss me off so bad to look at them...

Batch 16 gave me a lotta trouble. Seized, separated and became soap on a stick. Into the crock pot it went, and out came a very pretty soap! I am proud of this one, especially since I hadda wrestle with it for so long... I love how it looks like marble! This one is my pet - I hold a bar and snuffle it and gaze at the marbled design, and pet it and snuffle some more... this soaping thing is a sickness, ya hear me?!!



It's scented Rosemary & Spearmint EO, made with crushed rosemary (boogers) and rosemary infusion. It smells heavenly and I can hardly wait for it to cure enough to try it in the tub!

The last one is Batch 17 - Honey Pecan Oatmeal. It's a 70% OO bastile with ground oatmeal and ground pecan meal in it, scented Peak's Wild Mountain Honey (MAN! Does it smell GOOD!!).

It soaped like a dream, but the loafs didn't wanna get dry - very hot & humid here. Here's what the loaf (crystal light container) looked like up close and all weepy:


And a group shot of the last two soaps...


So that's where I am right now... I feel another column swirl attempt coming on, but the question is...

Do I feel lucky today, punk? :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

Thanks for lookin'!

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I think you've got the addiction Stella.......lol ....They are all just lovely and you sure sound like your having a ball...My favorite are the desert ones and marble ones.....but they are all just beautiful....

And "do I feel lucky today, Punk?, lol, lol, lol


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