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  1. I also need to find a replacement as mine is running out. BOO!!!
  2. Thank you!!! I'll buy some different size wicks just in case. I'm familiar that I will need to test them well before putting them in the lantern. So how are they wicked? First with skewers then feed the wick through? That's what it looks like in the photo. Also what temp do you heat the wax to before pouring?
  3. 3.5" long, 1 3/16" in diameter ,each one can hold about 1.8 ozs wax
  4. Hi all, it's been a few hot minutes since I've posted here. I am trying to get back to my love/hobby and I have a personal project. I'm trying to make tapers for my UCO Candle lantern, and I want to make them in beeswax. I've added a photo to show you all my project. I've never used beeswax for candles before. I've determined from the mold maker that a #5 wick will work well. Is this braided cotton? If so do I need to add a metal plate on the bottom of the wick. Is there a primer out there somewhere showing how to wick beeswax molded candles? Do I insert the wick afte
  5. Shelley most of her oils are as close to perfect as can be. I've ordered a lot from Daystar and never found one I didn't love. The problem I've had is often if it is an unusual one that I fall in love with and no one else did, that scent would be discontinued. booooooooo
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering what jar is this? Have you ever used it and your results? Where can you buy them? Do they have lids? Do you think that the little flare inwards at the top might help the sides clean up better? Thanks! Lorelei
  7. Orange Danish, Vanilla Grapefruit, White Cake, these are the ones that came to mind for me I can't remember the rest if I get into my studio I'll look them up.
  8. I have Cajun Mulberry, it is nice and strong and throws well!
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