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  1. Shelley most of her oils are as close to perfect as can be. I've ordered a lot from Daystar and never found one I didn't love. The problem I've had is often if it is an unusual one that I fall in love with and no one else did, that scent would be discontinued. booooooooo
  2. Thanks all!! Has anyone used them?
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering what jar is this? Have you ever used it and your results? Where can you buy them? Do they have lids? Do you think that the little flare inwards at the top might help the sides clean up better? Thanks! Lorelei
  4. Orange Danish, Vanilla Grapefruit, White Cake, these are the ones that came to mind for me I can't remember the rest if I get into my studio I'll look them up.
  5. I have Cajun Mulberry, it is nice and strong and throws well!
  6. It wasn't the Joy Wax but I love that one too. I looked up my order and it was the WOW wax. It throws like crazy.
  7. She told me that she's trying to get Winter Wonderland in because many have asked for it.
  8. I had a large supply of Ecosoya PB but apparently it has been discontinued? Geez.
  9. 150-155 I've mixed the paraffin that is like Vaseline with it (I'm sorry I can't remember the name) I bought it at NG with it.
  10. I love the KY Para Soy Tart Blend at RE. I've played around with adding a bit of soy to it to get smooth tops. I've also used straight Ecosoya Pillar Blend, it needs a longer cure time but it pops right out!
  11. I'm in Amarillo, and because of my daughter's rare disease, we have to travel to Dallas and Houston often.
  12. I live about 6 hours from them and my daughter has medical treatment in Dallas. I get all my glassware and wax from them. They have a showroom if you are local with all the samples you can sniff. Prepare to leave with a headache. Butternut Pumpkin is pretty great!
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