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  1. Have you checked out Aztec's ecosoya pb? It states that ecosoya tells them it's the original pb formula. https://www.candlemaking.com/ecosoya-pb-pillar-blend-soy-wax-45lb-case.html
  2. LeahRB

    Favorite Christmas Tree/Spruce Scent FO

    Barbara, do you prefer one over the other?
  3. LeahRB

    Best orange clove

    Peak's clove performed very well in 444.
  4. LeahRB

    Best Pumpkin Spice FO?

    It is skin safe and if my memory serves me correctly, it was awesome in cp! Oh and AH does have a ton of pumpkins. :-)
  5. LeahRB

    Best Pumpkin Spice FO?

    I'm going to throw another pumpkin out there--I love AH's Butternut Pumpkin. It's a sweet pumpkin with plenty of spice and a little something extra. For Halloween I love NG's Tricks or Treats. It is quite sweet. If you remember Candle Science's Spiced Wassail, it is smells very similar. Strong throw too!
  6. LeahRB

    Berts ..Redwood & cedar

    I tried the Redwood fo from Aroma Haven, and although I usually have good look with their fos, this fragrance was way too light in wax.
  7. LeahRB

    ICS new oils

    Thank you, Belinda! I'm going to be placing an order soon and I'll just get a couple 4 oz bottles and keep my fingers crossed. I've been on a vanilla kick lately.
  8. LeahRB

    ICS new oils

    Did anyone ever test the Vanilla Custard in wax? I really have my eye on this one. Also, has anyone tried the Toasted Marshmallow?
  9. LeahRB

    Berts ..Redwood & cedar

    I have not come across anything that smells even close. Did anyone keep some? Fragrance Buddy seems to dupe quite a few for people.
  10. LeahRB

    Wax Melt Pics

    I'm so jealous! Where is your frosting? I always get some frosting with colors. I have been using pb with 444. They look very creamy and beautiful!
  11. LeahRB

    Best Lavender?

    I like Lavender and vanilla from The Candle Source. It's good and strong in melts and people seem to love it.
  12. Aztec's Blueberry Cobbler is the best and strongest to me.
  13. LeahRB

    The name game

    I have a Baked Apple that mix I with orange and I call it Country Store. I think that name would work for either of those two scents. Or how about Mercantile, Country Store, Country Kitchen, Southern Home, Mulling Spices and Apple, Apple Barrel, Harvest Apple or Farmer's Market. I don't always completely match a scent to its name, sometimes I just find a name I like and go with it. It seems to work for me.
  14. LeahRB

    Can't smell a thing!

    Ugh! Candle nose! I can't stand it. Lol! Hopefully you'll get your sniffer back soon!
  15. Yes, Candybee!!! That is what I want!!!