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An EO blend of Anise star and lavender


Olive Leaf


Life's A Peach


An EO blend of citrusy, lavender, mint


A fragrance call Pretty


And a scent we call Sinful, which was my first blind swirl.


Pink sugar


Pink sugar right after cut. Would have been nice to keep the yellow, but it's dark brown.









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I like them!

How's the anise blend doing?

Every freakin time I try it ... all i smell is black licorice:lipsrseal:angry2:

3 weeks in and it's heavier on anise. Thinking I may leave this one as a scent I call Orion for the hunters and try a higher ration of lav to anise. Then when I sniff again and there's some lav coming through, so I'm thinking I'll have to wait out the cure on this and see what happens.

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You are going to share some of these beauties at the PA gathering aren't you???????? I loved the ones I won last year. I really want to start soaping with eo instead of fo but haven't braved it yet. I did get some good info in TN last weekend, so now I just have to find the time to soap.............they'll never look as good as yours though. Your soaps are always beautiful.

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Thanks all!

Thanks, Nancy! Remind me and I will bring some with me. Just hoping I'm not on a mad dash to get out of dodge lol.

Going for a Cypress, grapefruit and patch blend next I think ... till the new EOs get here I think. Want to find something to do with petitgrain and some others I have for I don't know why lol.

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