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Mardi Gras soap


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Slidell, but was born and raised until 1984 in Chalmette-(it ain't there no more!).

Hey, I'm not far from you in Hattiesburg, MS, and one of my bellydance troupe members is from Chalmette. We're planning to make a trip down there in the not-far future to kick around for the day since she can act as guide.

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Darbla, I don't know if I ever asked you this....do you know where Southland Florist is? My cousin, Paulette, I think owns it. It was her mom & dad's (my aunt Betty & uncle Paul's) and I know she took over running it so I assumed she owns it now. It's on Hardy St. across from the cemetary. 3 of my mom's sisters lived in Hattiesburg and my grandmother. I grew up playing hide and seek in that graveyard and riding my cousin Anita's two seater bike down the huge hill at the back of the cemetary across from the ball park. If I would ever leave New Orleans it would be to go to Hattiesburg.....hay any Tiger sightings?

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