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  1. Cmzaha, I am addicted to making cleansing liquid soap for dishes and I dilute with water to make a kitchen spray. i currently use only 50% coconut oil and do a 25% olive and 25% sunflower. I have been to scared to do a 100% coconut oil fearing it may leave a residue on my dishes. Do you get any residue left after using a 100% coconut for dish soap?
  2. I agree with Proud Marine Mom "PKO gives a great, creamy lather, smaller bubbles. The CO gives the bigger bubbles "
  3. Usullay when someone infuses a herb into an oil, its done with fresh herbs since they still hold the important vitamins/benefits that you are trying to get from them. Dried herbs contain almost no vitamins, or benefits, they dont usually have a fragrance anymore either. They are mostly used for decoration purposed since they still hold their color. They are best used in potpurri and a fragrance oil is added.
  4. love the sparkle in the green. hope it stays
  5. Do a search, I think others who have tried this, end up having a big mess on their hands. It seems the salt thins out the base too much and never re-hardens. You may have to also add a hardener like Steric Acid or something.
  6. great coloring on those. extremely cute
  7. great job, and thanks for the heads up on the plastic
  8. they look nice and smooth. Just a heads up, sometimes metal tins will have a reaction with some FOs so keep a look out for anything strange happening while you are awaiting to give them them out as gifts.
  9. I would honestly say..... blend them both together.
  10. Here are some 2oz jars that are similar http://www.essentialsbycatalina.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=554
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