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  1. Cmzaha, I am addicted to making cleansing liquid soap for dishes and I dilute with water to make a kitchen spray. i currently use only 50% coconut oil and do a 25% olive and 25% sunflower. I have been to scared to do a 100% coconut oil fearing it may leave a residue on my dishes. Do you get any residue left after using a 100% coconut for dish soap?
  2. I agree with Proud Marine Mom "PKO gives a great, creamy lather, smaller bubbles. The CO gives the bigger bubbles "
  3. OMG I love them. Do you paint your lids yourself?
  4. A patent can also be a special "process". Which in a way is an idea. The TM symbol doesnt mean it is registered. Otherwise it should be the R with a circle around it.
  5. did you end up putting some clay in those? They look great.
  6. Use apricot meal instead of ground apricot seed.
  7. Violet Lime is awesome in CP and behaves well.
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