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Gas Torch Wax Painted Candles

Jojo T.

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Hi Guys, Here are some of my latest painted candles - done by melting the wax dye onto the outside of the candle with a gas torch and making patterns. Most of them are scented lavender and cedar, except for the sand and salmon coloured one which is orange, sandalwood and cinnamon. I hope you enjoy having a look.








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Those are cooling. Did you melt the dye chips, then pour the wax in the mold??

Hi Anita, I made a white candle, placed wax dye shavings on the outside and then melted them into the outside with a gas torch. It's lots of fun and each candle is unique.

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I did find that using liquid dye was easier on the poor wax. I used my heat gun....put on a couple of drops.....moved the color around with the heat and then got down close and blew on the wax to really spread it. You can come up with all kinds of interesting designs like that. I also did entire cookie sheets....then cut/broke the pieces into tiles and embedded them in chunk candles. Very interesting. I also have a palette melter for doing batik. I have several metal cups and metal eyedroppers so I can melt my chunks or chips and then very easily use the eyedropper method. Candlewic sells them. I also use them for a marble technique I do called swirls. Donita

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They look Great! There must be a fine line between melting the dye shavings and melting the candle.
Yes, that's what I aim to do, blend the original colour candle (white in this case) with the dye shavings, thereby getting different shades of the dye. It's a slow process and can take an hour per candle before I'm happy with the result - if I do it too fast too much melting occurs so patience is a definite requirement!!! I find it very relaxing.
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