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First time using Black Oxide w/CP soap (go ahead and giggle)


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Ok, I've already fessed up to this batch not turning out quite "right", and now you'll see what I mean, lol. Too much black oxide, took me too long to get it mixed and swirled, too many distractions while soaping, couldn't pull off a gel, yada yada yada...and here's what ya end up with:

Here it is in the mold. Scented Axe Tsunami from Serendipity:


And here's some cut pics from today


Looks like a friggin BAT invasion in my soap, instead of swirls. They're already ashing on top too, but hey, what's one more thing going wrong at this point? lolol. But ya know, all things considered...I had a BLAST! I'm gonna keep playing with these colors until I get em figured out.

Many thanks again to everybody who gave me advice & support this first go around! It's hard to tell how bad things would've gotten if I'd been left to my own devices.



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You mean ya'll LIKE it??? *faint*

Gosh you people sure know how to make somebody feel better!!

Or are you just being enablers? lol. You KNOW that I'm just gonna keep making more funky swirls now, right?

Thanks a bunch for all the great comments! And my ego thanks you too. :-)

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omg ohmmigosh ohmmigoodness! I don't buy or generally use cp but omg I would soooooo buy this in a frickin' heartbeat. :drool: Scent it in Safari or make a line around it called Safari, lol... it totally belongs in my house! You will be so lucky if you can learn to do this on purpose!

I say, Good job, way to go!:highfive:

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