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Another set that need a new name. This is a very strong

floral from TC. I am thinking English Garden. I must be the

only one who prefers color blocks to liquids. I made the

switch, and now I want to switch back, LOL.

For containers, large batches and consistency, I like the liquids.

For Rustics, I miss my blocks! I prefer to shave that tiny bit

of color for the layers. These are much deeper than I wanted.


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E, you sure have been making some beautiful rustics lately and these are no exception...I love them! I think English Garden is a perfect name...I wouldn't change it. P.S. I too prefer the color blocks, for the most part, so you're not alone in that respect.

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I don't use any mold release. Just straight paraffin, 3 TBS of stearic per lb. of wax, 1 oz of FO per lb., room temp mold and pour each layer at 150 degrees.

Can you do the same thing using 100% soy or would you need a mold release??

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