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Grandma's kitchen


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I have no idea how you did those. Those are some funky cool candles. Love what you do. I think you get new ideas daily....right? You are receiving messages from the "candle angel"......directing you to a new design constantly...hee hee hee and BTW...when I clicked on your pic, which is large, it just took me to Image Shack Hosting..????????? Donita

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Julie, I want to be just like you when I grow up! I love your creativity. These are fabulous. My younger daughter walked by and said, "oh, man! That is not just toying around." (She liked your "dinking", too.)

Who are you kidding! I saw those candles for the white elephant exchange :D

Thanks for your comments folks and sorry about that link. Just one of those days where what used to work quit working and that day electronics and I weren't getting along.

I think you get new ideas daily....right?

Ummmm I try to on days when I have time for candles actually :) Don't know that the candle angel is visiting, but if she is, I need to keep her there ;)

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