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  1. I'm not going to add additional soy to 6006. I like it just the way it is so far. I've been testing it on and off for yrs. I'm burning a harder to wick fo with a 60z in the status and so far love it and the throw. Otherwise the 51's are good.
  2. Yes, size down to a CD 8 in that wax and jar. I personally hate eco's.
  3. If it is a harder paraffin added, then bring on more wet spots. smh
  4. The 62 isn't too hot or sooty? Oh you add soy also to 6006? I like it straight so the One fo I've tested with color had done well with a 51z
  5. The mushrooms aren't too bad if wicked correctly and not a heavy fo load. They do throw the best in this wax. Customers need to know to trim there wicks before each burn. The zincs soot less than what I have tested.
  6. I'm beginning to settle on 51's with hard to burn fo's. 44's and CD 7 are working well so far
  7. I LOVE this FO. It's a top seller for me. Yes, it is Very heavy and has a bit of burnt smell to it oob and melted. I can't live without it lol
  8. I've been testing these cute little jars and love them. The 51z does well with heavy fo's. The cd 8 put's out quite a bit of soot. Trim before each lighting. I hate any soot, but it is what it is. I don't like the throw of soy. How is everyone else doing with these?
  9. Homemade hanger. My hubby bent hangers for me to fit in almost all of my molds. There are times that I feel I should refrain from using the hanger but if it don't I feel a huge fit spilling over in me. But I live through it lol Thankfully I am always happy with my hanger swirls this one attached is actually one of the ugliest that I've done but it's the only one on my iPad. My iCloud is messed up so my devices aren't syncing together sigh!
  10. I have a wholesale account and my cupcakes I sell for 3.95 each to start...depends on how much they weigh and the time/effort I put into them and also if they are seasonal/limited they are more expensive due to demand. My bars also depend on weight and effort. Very simple soaps start at 4.25 and go up from there. Cake slice ect more. I sell to boutiques. That is my target market because I just don't add lye and pour...my soap is artisan.
  11. Nancy, How are you doing with the CD8's? I am still finding them a but too large. Too much soot...Going to stop testing the 8's unless I have an fo that's a bugger to wick. The cd 6 and 7 I'm going to test extensively and this is with 6006 and dye.
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