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Beeswax - white or yellow?


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Both. White for when I don't want to have the honey smell. Yellow for the other times. My Yellow is in a block so I also use the white pellets when I want it to melt faster.

I also feel yellow is more natural like Daniedb said.

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Where did you get yours from? I had never used beeswax before and ordered 5 lbs from elementsbathandbody. She had the lowest price I could find anywhere, and was very substantially cheaper than most places. After I got it and worked with it, I decided to order more. When I went back her prices had gone up. :mad:

I contacted a beeswax distributor and I will have to get 55 lbs to get close to the price I got before. I received a generous sized sample from this other company and have to say that I prefer their wax over Tammy's. The cosmetic grade beeswax was whiter, and did not have as strong of a smell as the other wax.

Anybody think they might be interested in a co-op?

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