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  1. They are great quality molds, but their customer service leaves a little to be desired. I ordered at the beginning of August when the time frame on their site was 1-2 weeks. At 3 weeks I e-mailed them cause I hadnt gotten a shipping notification yet. I was told it'd be shipped right then. At 6 weeks I e-mailed again. It hadnt even been shipped out yet. I was NOT impressed.
  2. I ended up going with flat rate shipping. So much easier for my sanity!
  3. I only sell one size jar - the 16oz apothecary jar. It does well.
  4. My favourite place to order from (especially because you're in Canada!) is http://www.scrapbookstar.ca/ They also have an online message board that is amazing (and they're having an online crop this weekend!)
  5. The only soap I've ever had DOS in is my Spa soap, which is a dark grey/brown colour. I would never have known it had DOS if it wasnt for the smell. Yuck!
  6. I have been using vistaprint for 3 years now & never had a problem. I'm always very apprehensive about deals that sound too good to be true - they usually are!
  7. Wholesale is usually double your costs. Most of the time it works out to about 50% of retail - so in your case, about $5.
  8. Nope, I havent heard of that one.
  9. Yep, this will be my 3rd year attending! It's a great time!
  10. Congratulations! That's awesome!
  11. I drove down to Buffalo & bought my presto's, then had my dad put in the spigot for me. Both Canwax & VCC are awesome suppliers, I'm going to the VCC retreat in May!
  12. Congratulations! I will be at the same retreat in May! Is this your first time going? Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about it, it's my 3rd year attending.
  13. I get mine from vistaprint. Best price for full-colour cards I've found!
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