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  1. Okay, I think I lied, I think it is tetrasodium EDTA. Spanks!
  2. Okay, it's on the tip of my tongue...I was experimenting with combining it with Germall and it worked fabulously, I have some 1.5 yr. old lotion that is still in great shape. It's a four-letter abbreviation, not EDTA, I'm fairly certain it started with a T. I used to get it at TDF, but they don't have it now. HELP!
  3. That is wonderful, Michelle! I remember reading the OP when it happened, and I cried and prayed for your boy for months. I'm so glad to hear good news.
  4. It appears that the logo in question has been altered enough to look similar, but not identical. Therefore, as I have informed Bizzy, I consider the matter closed from my end.
  5. 1. That is not a stock border. I created it by hand, exacting and detailed, and while it is possible to come up with a similar graphic, it is impossible to get that identical graphic unless you simply pull it from my webpage. Period. 2. I never stated a name, never intended to make this public, never desired a name to be identified.
  6. Mine is a Konica Minolta 2400w. I bought it online at Staples.com and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I had a problem with the printing belt (or whatever it's called), and while the first CSR I talked to was not helpful, and basically said that it was my fault, and I couldn't use clear labels with it, that I'd damaged it myself, I got a followup call a day later, explained the whole thing again and they set it straight. They sent me a new belt and it's worked perfectly ever since. http://www.staples.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaplesProductDisplay?prodCatType=1&stor
  7. Thank you, e...in fact, it was my intention to keep her identity private if and until there was a need to make it public, which I don't know what that would have taken. However, I did post in another post about it, which did identify her, and so I take responsibility for doing so, but as only two people responded to it, I assumed that only two people cataloged it, and those two people are ones that I know are not drama-seeking people. Therefore, I did not realize that it would be easily connected, or I probably would have just avoided posting about it. As I mentioned, I'm hoping that there wil
  8. sudsnwicks - I have no earthly idea when the other logo was designed, but I do know that I designed mine myself, without seeing anything remotely similar before, using a simple editing program and solely my creativity and knowing what I wanted it to look like. That was in early 2004, and like I said, I've been using it since then. E - not a problem, I'm all about the clarity, LOL! Nah, I know I have no claim on the concept, it's all the rage, and if I started getting pissed about that, I'd have to sue EVERYBODY, right?! LOL!
  9. Oh e, not at all. Of course not. I don't want to post the logo in question, but I think if I posted it, it would be more obvious side by side. If someone is going to go for that faded border look, thats fine. Not much I can do about it. But it's quite obvious that my logo was copied from the internet, flipped around 180 degrees and the new name was put where mine is. To come up with your own version is not something I can fuss about, nor would I. But to just take mine, turn it around and use it as your own, to me, is unacceptable. Fade your own border if you like it so much, but don't take wha
  10. THe best way to do it is to remelt your lotion batch, melt the ewax and combine them around 100. You can certainly remelt your batch, and like you said, if you try to just melt the ewax and add it, it will be a disaster.
  11. I have the copyright symbol on all my web pages, which covers everything on the site, including text and pictures. Regardless, even if it weren't protected, ethically, it's just not the cool thing to do.
  12. Well, I would cut and paste the email I sent, but I think it has too much identifying information in the body - this person is indentifiable here, and I would hate to cause a problem for that person's business if this is all a simple misunderstanding. I tried to cut out the parts that might reveal the person's identity, but there's basically not much left. Here's the massacred email: Dear X,
  13. Few more questions - obviously, since it's whipped, you must have mixed it well while it was cooling. If you are sure that you mixed it well as it cooled (sometimes even the most perfect recipes will separate if I don't mix well until it's cooled for about 36 hours), then the next suggestion I have is to increase your ewax load. I usually use btwn 5-10% ewax (but then again, I don't use stearic) depending on how much oil/butter is in it. Since you have such a heavy cream, you may need to get closer to the 10%. I'd say that an 8% load of ewax wouldn't be too much.
  14. It's not TM, but it's been copyrighted for a few years. I put on my big girl undies and sent an email. Polite but professional, I hope.
  15. I'm working on my first email, and since I have a relationship (albeit only online and not particularly close) with this person, I don't want to get all nasty. I'm hoping that they will simply remove it with the first email, but I want to make sure I'm clear, without being offensive. I have a few paragraphs written, but I'm vacillating between "You better remove that sh!t now or I'll blast you all over the 'Net" and "Would you please pretty please mind changing your eerily similar logo?" Just wondered if there was sort of a template for an initial contact for this sort of thing. I guess your
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