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Striped and Rustic

Candle Kitty

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Am I going to be the only clueless one to ask how you got those stripes?! :confused: They look absolutely amazing! I tried achieving a similar effect by using dowel sticks and taping them to the inside of a pillar mold and creating hollows and pouring in colored wax and... :rolleyes2 I think I just try and make things too complicated! :cheesy2:

Great job Candle Kitty!! :grin2:

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I was going to ask the same question!!! How do you do that? Is it difficult to learn??? They are gorgeous!!!!:yay:

I'm still trying to learn how to do basic pillars!!! That second pour gets me everytime.... I can see the line where my 2nd pour is!! Grrrrrrrr!!! What am I doing wrong?

Candle Kitty, I sent you a PM on another subject, btw!!

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