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Coffee and Pipe Tobacco FO


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On 3/31/2018 at 10:34 AM, strugglebrother said:

RE has a nice Pipe smoke FO and also their Cuban Tobacco FO is great.



I also really like rustic escentuals' Cuban tobacco. It doesn't smell like actual tobacco to me, but then this seems to be the case with the vast majority of tobacco themed fragrance oils so far, anyway. Seems to be a shared goal throughout the FO market to focus more on the fantasy appeal of naming with such things, and then for it to simply smell good. But all of that said their cuban tobacco does smell extremely nice to me. It's mildly masculine, mildly fruity, mildly warm. A lot of women I've had try it really like it, as well, as a potpourri/atmosphere sort of scent. If going for an actual smoky smell, though, I have personally found that I don't care for it much when blended with a tiny bit of something for a little smokiness, such as some birch tar oil or naturesgarden's fireplace FO. All on its own, though, the Cuban tobacco one smells pretty flippin good. 


My favorite coffee FO so far hands down in bulk apothecary's coffee beans FO. It smells like a really good cup of fresh strong espresso x10, and blends well with many other things so far (cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, etc) to customize it. I can't speak to its performance in candles, though. I use FO's mostly for solid perfumes/colognes, solid lotions/balms/butters/etc and for some heat-less room aroma. Someone I recommended BA to had less than stellar results when trying some FO's for candles.

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