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  1. Haven't gotten quite this far yet, but when I run business expenses through Turbo Tax, I believe it gives me the option to either go the inventory route or just look at what I spent vs. made.
  2. Yes, a crabapple tree. I will go try a few apple blossom scents and see if those make her happy.
  3. Oooo, I like that. I have thermocouple readers I could probably bring home from work and use. May be worth an order.
  4. So my wife REALLY loves the smell of flowering crab trees and of course told me to go find a fragrance oil that matched it. I have yet to find one through my Google searches. I've tried a few other "flowering tree" FOs, but none have been close. Has anyone run across something that matches the scent of flowering crab trees?
  5. What I found was that color accuracy between color lasers varies significantly. I started with a Brother, but my red was printing out nothing like it looked on the screen. I tried everything to adjust. I then found a used HP that is much better (I'll get exact info when I get home today). Only issue with that one is I can't print on 2 sides of the paper. It has worked well thus far and the color is spot on without any adjustments.
  6. I do usually do this, especially since I'm using HTP wicks. It certainly helps. The other worry is that as I move closer to the under-wicked side of things, am I losing hot throw? It would be great if we could fuse two sizes of wicks together on a single tab.
  7. Agreed on the balancing act, and we all have different targets! In my particular case, I had hangup on one side until the last 1/3 of the candle or so, where things caught up. Good point by @birdcharm that part of the ambiance with containers is the light coming out through the glass in the middle. Of course this wouldn't have been an issue if my new batch of 4630 matched my old batch! 😅
  8. Agreed that compared to mass market candles, we're probably a lot cooler. Metal vs. glass may matter as well. It is amazing the difference in behavior between the top 1/4 and bottom 1/4.
  9. I know this is probably a basic question, and maybe simply a personal preference, but what sort of burn behavior do you look for when burning a container candle? I recall reading in a previous thread that one shouldn't expect a full melt pool until the 2nd or 3rd burn. I've also read that you wick for the last 1/3-1/4 of the container. A few things I'm interested in: 1. Where in the jar during the burn do you target a full melt pool, all the way to the edges? Do you typically error on the side of over wicking where full wax melt pool and no wax on the wall happens earlier in the jar or do you error on the lower end of wicking where the a full, side-to-side melt pool doesn't occur until the last 1/4 jar? 2. How long do you tolerate wax grabbing on the side of the jar? 3. When doing this evaluation, do you burn 3-4 hours at a time, do power burns, everything/anything else? I may be over thinking this, but I'm an engineer, so I can only be me!!
  10. Honestly, beyond this little hiccup, it has been fine. Just one step to add to your process when a new batch comes in.
  11. Interestingly enough, I just got a new batch of 4630 and while the "look" was the same, I had to rewick. I blend it with 464 and couldn't figure out why my melt pools were no longer as large as they were before. Then I remembered I started in on a new batch of 4630. My guess it is about 1/2 a wick different, but still, now I've learned I need to check this every time I get a new batch.
  12. I always target 1 oz per pound wax, which is around 6%. I use 464/4630 blend with HTP wicks. I've found enough FOs that work well at 6% to be happy.
  13. I guess this is a good problem to have for a business!!
  14. Yup. Wonder what the hold-up is.
  15. I just tried a few and liked Blueberry Cobbler and Dicken's Christmas a lot. Does anyone else have to wick up with their oils? I tested four, and all four did not burn as hot as most of my other FOs. So either I mis-wicked my testers or LS oils require more powerful wicks.
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