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  1. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    So does anyone have an example of a descriptive "story" they use? I'm trying to imagine an example. I do like the idea, as it gives the candle a little life of its own.
  2. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    That's a great tip. There is good stuff in this thread, and you should definitely post your labels. It is so hard coming up with branding, but so critical and hard to modify after the fact.
  3. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    Guess I need to become a good story teller
  4. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    That's great, and an interesting point. I guess it depends if you're selling online vs. in person. I figure online needs the description a bit more, while in person, as you said, people usually smell and buy based on the name. Maybe I'll remove it and just go with names. It would clear some space for me in that lower region.
  5. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    Thanks for the love and suggestions...they are much appreciated. I really like the circular logo, as it is nice for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. I switched to 4630 during my development just to get the throw I wanted (even though the shrinkage is driving me nuts). I feel like there are two camps of customers: those that want soy and those that just want smelly, high throw candles. I figured I would focus on the throw side of things. I will try to get some pics of finished products. I need to make a batch for my kids' teachers for Christmas gifts, so I'll use those as my trial run. Oh, and that color....I had to buy a whole new color laser printer because my first one could not reproduce it well (it turned it very bright and skewed pink). Drove me nuts!
  6. Paintguru

    Label advice and feedback

    Well it's paraffin...do I really need to call it out? Thanks for the tips on the fonts, it all makes sense.
  7. Okay I'll put myself out there and hopefully get some good feedback. Here is what I have for my labels for my candles. I plan to put the round one on all the tops of my candles and then the rectangular one on the sides, which obviously have the details about the fragrance. Thoughts? Also, how much description do you put on the label when it comes to the scent. Notice what I did....too much? Anything else I'm missing? Thanks in advance!
  8. Paintguru

    A glitsy looking label

    I wish there was a place that had the graphics like Zazzle, but allowed you to print at home. Shutterstock is an arm and a leg for graphics for business use.
  9. Paintguru

    A glitsy looking label

    Ah interesting. Yeah it is crazy that they don't have more size choices. I'll have to look around and see if it is worth it to do these labels...guess I need to look for coupons.
  10. Paintguru

    A glitsy looking label

    It seems like they really only have one label size though. Or am I missing something somewhere?
  11. Paintguru

    A glitsy looking label

    So I stumbled on this as I was searching for label ideas. Trap, do you get all your labels from Zazzle, or just the images? I'm debating if printing my own is better or if I should just go through Zazzle and make themed ones similar to what you have. I do worry that if I vary the label with different themes, I won't have any consistent brand/logo image (unless I do a consistent one with my logo, contact, etc. on the lid?!). Ugh, I stress way too much about this because it is always easier to change before you start.
  12. Paintguru

    4630 glass adhesion/wet spots

    I actually picked up this cooler that I plan to use for cooling. Looks like the perfect size for candles. http://a.co/d/7QidkW5
  13. Paintguru

    I have an idea

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the salt test? If it speeds up my trials due to my addiction, all the better!
  14. Paintguru

    FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    Half way through a test burn of Amish Harvest from TFC. Wife loves it, as do I. Great throw and a very nice scent. I don't immediately grab "fall" from it, but it is a great scent.
  15. Paintguru

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    Interesting, I just grabbed a sample of this, so I'll have to make it up and compare it to the CS version. My wife was a big fan of the CS one, but she's more into spicy scents than sweet/fruit scents.