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  1. I always target 1 oz per pound wax, which is around 6%. I use 464/4630 blend with HTP wicks. I've found enough FOs that work well at 6% to be happy.
  2. I guess this is a good problem to have for a business!!
  3. Yup. Wonder what the hold-up is.
  4. I just tried a few and liked Blueberry Cobbler and Dicken's Christmas a lot. Does anyone else have to wick up with their oils? I tested four, and all four did not burn as hot as most of my other FOs. So either I mis-wicked my testers or LS oils require more powerful wicks.
  5. Do you no longer ship regional rate boxes? Is this one more efficient?
  6. I just got an email about this today. Allegedly running now through 5/25/2020. USA25 is the coupon code.
  7. Okay so for those that have used these country comfort jars (and double wick), I assume you run into the flames lessening once you're below 50% left to burn? I guess one needs to wick to cover this and just live with the hotter burn when you're near the top??
  8. Here is a good thread to start you off:
  9. Ugh, I hate wicks. Went to the HTP 62...still had issues. Went to the 73, way too hot (at least on the edge of the top of the CC jar). What the heck?!? Going to go back to the 62 again to see what happens. Anyone know of any wicks that may land between the 62 and 73 in other lines? Edit: Trying CD8s now. Seem to be slightly smaller diameter than the 73, so perhaps it will work. Edit edit: CD8s too big. Down to CD6s.
  10. So I just burned the Bear Claws this weekend. It is definitely different from Cinnamon Buns. IMO, it was not as cinnamon-y, but sweeter and less cream cheese-y (if that makes ANY sense). I wasn't a super big fan of it, but I can see it being a good bakery scent.
  11. Funny you should ask, as I just went through and documented my stock of "threw well and smelled good" samples. Here is what I have from ICS: Cinnamon Buns Boo Berry (I love that cereal) Cactus Sea Salt Spiced Cranberry Coffee Beans Christmas Kitchen Sugared Spruce Toasted Marshmallow I can't say I've tested a TON from them, but most that I have tested were pretty good. I do have Bear Claws made up and ready to test. I will let you know how it does.
  12. Without trimming seemed to be moving okay, but JUUUSSTTTT clearing the sides and giving a full pool. My dilemma is anyone who trims would likely run into this and be upset, while if I wick up one, I would hope it wouldn't move to an inferno with untrimmed wicks :). I'll just have to test the 62s and see I guess.
  13. Testing 16 oz country comfort jar. These are HTP 52s. If I keep them trimmed, melt pool barely reaches the edge of at all. Image is from burning for about 2-3 hours.
  14. I actually just "sold" some tester candles to a co-worker of my wife's who has not been able to go to Homegoods to restock her candle supply during this whole insanity. If I was smart, I would really ramp things up during this time as I'm sure she's not alone not having a source for candles, but I'm the glacier of candle and soap selling!!
  15. Honestly, what has driven my scent choices is how well they've thrown/performed in my candles. I've gone through a ton of 1 oz samples, but I probably only keep 1 out of 2 or so. I'd like to use the same collection of scents for soap and candles, just for economy of scale. I should go down and count how many "approved" scents I have right now. Edit: I just counted...106. Wowza.
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