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  1. Wow those stories hit home to me. I have a ton of sheets of labels in my house waiting to be used, but like you said, testing will sometimes take out a sheet or two. I'm not big time by any means, so I more often print off small batches, and if I could do single high quality labels with no waste, all the better! How do the "specialized label printers" deal with different sizes/shape of labels? Again, perhaps the printer's limitation forces you to minimize your labeling strategy and not over-complicate things.
  2. Slightly off topic and silly question, but I'm sure people have run into this with their circular warning labels. My jars have a concave bottom, so when I put round labels on them, there are wrinkles and look crappy. Have you run into this with your bottles @MilosCandles? Or do you put these warning labels somewhere else on those containers?
  3. I've been using CDs with by 464/4630 blend and they seem to do well. They do have some leaning issues and do curl, but their "power" seems to be about right for my containers.
  4. Dancing when you're down within a deeper container is usually an airflow issue, not necessarily a wick issue. Obviously, you need to make sure you have the right size wick, but even if it is the right size, I still get dancing in my 9 oz straight sided jar when I'm 1/2 way in or more. I've always assumed there is no getting around this without a candle topper, but perhaps I'm wrong.
  5. Are these holes around the wick? I've never had a wax that doesn't have them in my containers, and 4630 was no different (they weren't crazy bad though). I simply use a heat gun.
  6. So I've been playing with this blend, and thus far, I'm liking it. I use a CD6 wick for my 9 oz straight sided jar. I get a little darkening of the glass near the rim, but not nearly as bad as straight 4630 alone. Throw on my first test scent has been pretty good thus far. I need to try some CD4s from somewhere to see if I can wick down even more, but will likely stay with 6's just to make sure I get a full melt pool.
  7. Agreed, it is a unique fragrance but moderate on the throw side in candles.
  8. This is why I'm interested in starting to sell as well, the business side of it. Being an engineer, my artistic side isn't great, but the idea of connecting everything together, figuring out the best way to do things, etc., along with making something people enjoy is the appeal.
  9. Just ordered a sample of Strawberries and Champaign from Flamming....thanks! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚ I did order all their new scents as well, just to see how they are.
  10. Is this a bakery like scent? Sweet?
  11. Interesting theory. Again, I feel like I've had good luck with my 9 oz jars with other waxes (4630 again). I have a few more pounds to play with so I'll see if I can make it work. I do have some CSNs I can try as well.
  12. That is good to know. They did get about 1-2 weeks cure, but I'll make extra sure with the next batch. I'm using a CD20 in the 9 oz. straight sided jar, which gets me a reasonable melt pool once it burns down half way. I can see the potential with the wax, that is for sure, but I don't want to have crappy throwing candles! I loaded the FO at ~6% as well.
  13. Well I've tested two FOs thus far and neither has thrown much at all. I'm making three more that I know work well in my 4630 wax, so that should tell me if it is the wax or just the FO. I'm not going to use this stuff long term if finding good FOs is that difficult.
  14. True, but the other side of the coin is being paralyzed into never selling because you don't want to sell an imperfect product. I feel like there is a bare minimum threshold one needs to get their product to before it can be released into the wild. While you get feedback on that product, you can fine tune it over time while, in parallel, growing your customer base, story, etc. In other words, you can't find luck if you don't put yourself out there at some point.
  15. Well I think I've landed on CD 20 as my baseline for the 9 oz straight sided jar. Now I need to run it through my fragrances to see if that shifts things. I do like the wax thus far; at least how it burns and looks.
  16. Agreed. If it is an exclusive set of fragrances, then I wouldn't necessarily discount. However, if it is basically a boxed set of items that are for sale individually, I would do some sort of discount as the subscription provides a much better revenue stream than individual purchases.
  17. I feel like a seasonal candle box (quarterly) would be awesome and do really well. A mixture of sizes and scents in one nice package. Maybe a small and a large box option. Would be great for planning purposes. How much below a la cart do you sell it for?
  18. Definitely has a target audience too. Good stuff.
  19. This is a great thread. I do feel like I know who I am...a science nerd that likes to experiment, make things, and improve things...but the tricky part for me is how to turn that into a "brand", brand it as something a target customer would want, or even if I want to brand it off myself vs. choosing a brand/target audience outside myself personally. The worry early on is you make a mistake because it is so hard to change course with all the red tape involved in running a business.
  20. Georgia Peach from Flaming Candle is really good too.
  21. The curl has been okay thus far for me (only one test though), and I like how well they're staying nice and trimmed. I did order some CSN wicks as well to try. My other target jar is a 16 oz country comfort jar, which I assume will require a double or even triple wick.
  22. Yup, I already have two 9 oz straight sided jars running with CD14 and 16 respectively. So far I like the entire system, even though the delay in melting the sides into a full melt pool is "weird to me". I think I may land either with a CD16 or 18 as an unscented baseline depending on how the 16 finishes off the jar (it had burned half way down). After that, we'll see how scent throw goes.
  23. Good to know! I plan to offer glass jars mostly anyways, I was just using the tins to get my feet wet. If they will hurt me more than help me, I'll just move to my small jars.
  24. Well I got my first batch of container palm from Candlewic and made up some tins. Here's a pic of my first wicks that I threw in. I know palm stays central for a while, but what is the best way to know if wicks are behaving correctly all the way through? Same as every other candle (no residual on the side, reasonable flame size, etc.)? I love the look and how easy it is to work with...but the wicking looks...interesting.
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