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  1. Must resist another supplier, but I've put such a dent in all my samples I'm worried I may actually make it through them all!
  2. Well things turned a bit for the last three I've tried. Guinevere’s Attraction and Earthen Oak have pretty good throw and smell great, while Bohemian Raspberry is very nice as well with what I'd call moderate throw.
  3. Sure, I should have put that in my original post. 50/50 mix of 4630 and 464. I let them cure for about 2 weeks. Everything burns normal, just no throw unless I'm 2-3 feet from the candle. I can see how they'd both be good in soaps/body sprays, but not in my candles.
  4. Well I'm 0 for 2 on PFO oils working well in my candles (1 oz per lb wax). Black Vetiver Cafe had minimal cold throw and literally no hot throw. Fig Pomegranate smelled great in the wax, but again had very little hot throw.
  5. Eeek, that's no good. I really liked H&G's house! Hopefully you can find a substitute. I agree with Marleigha that ICS may be a good place to start looking.
  6. Any thoughts on how to measure this? I've tried using my laser IR thermometer, but I'm not sure I believe it since it is going into clear glass. Maybe a stick on thermocouple would work.
  7. Got my order. Didn't realize I ordered so much! Can't say any smell super overly strong OOB. Black Vetiver Cafe smells nothing like I thought it would. The Lavender Sage OOB smells very nice, not powdery at all. Guinevere’s Attraction is interesting OOB. I'll candle test all the ones I got and puts results into the review boards.
  8. Candles or B&B? Well have to all report out here so we can all, of course, place another order for the stuff that we missed that is good!
  9. Well either way you're raising prices, either on those that pay via CC or on everyone. Inflation is a real thing...customers shouldn't expect your prices to never change. When was the last time you raised your prices? I get it if you just raised them last year, but if they've stayed the same for 3+ years, a little bump shouldn't scare away THAT many customers.
  10. I assume this is for "in-person" sales? I always thought (perhaps I'm mistaken) that it was illegal/against credit card rules to charge extra for using a credit card. I think the way people get around this is to give a discount if you pay in cash. Of course, you could just raise all your prices to cover the credit card fees. Then you wouldn't need to explain the whole two-prices deal to customers over and over again.
  11. My kids are starting to get to the point where they stink on a regular basis, so I may grab some of this and try whipping up a body spray. I just like that I don't have to deal with formulating a preservative in or anything if I decide to give it to others/sell. I've made my own detangler via SwiftCraft, but for what those ingredients cost and for the volume I need, I'd almost rather just buy pre-made bases.
  12. All right, this is the LAST place I will sample from...I swear!! Here is what is coming: Cactus Flower Fragrance Oil Earthen Oak - Moonworks Fragrance Oil Guinevere’s Attraction - Moonworks Fragrance Oil Pomegranate Fig Fragrance Oil Relaxation Fragrance Oil Secret Garden Fragrance Oil Lavender Sage - Moonworks Fragrance Oil Black Vetiver Cafe' - Jo Malone Type Fragrance Oil Moonworks Sampler Pack Fragrance Oils Bergamot Tobacco - Moonworks Fragrance Oil Celestial Sea - Moonworks Fragrance Oil I'm all candles so it will be interesting to see what I think of these since it appears many FOs on their site are best for B&B products.
  13. Clever of you to make a limited amount of candles to keep the demand strong.....🤣🤣
  14. I've been blending 464 and 4630 together with good results. It does seem to give me the best of both worlds, but I'm sure HT is reduced with the addition of 464.
  15. Exactly...mine is for a banner picture, but IMO, it is good for someone to incorporate all their products into a banner type shot and then carry that theme through to the individual photos. Even if it is just the color space used for the background. And great point about people thinking they're getting all the items in a product's shot, not just a single item. I don't think people will get too confused by completely different props in a picture (apples/milk can), but I can see someone getting confused with two bars of soap or two candles in the same shot. I guess it comes down to how do we give our items life and personality and make people want to buy them? Does it all just come down to lighting like NL alluded to? What draws someone to the thumbnail of a product vs. another thumbnail? I feel like that is the first job of these product images.
  16. To be fair, what is best for soap may not be best for candles. Also, I think for individual product shots, I (personally) wouldn't put additional products in the background. To me, the blurred soap in the background of TTs shot distracts me from the soap that is in focus. Plus, you cropped it through the soap, which throws me off a bit too. Perhaps two bars in the shot, both in focus....one with a label and one without? Just spit-balling here.
  17. I hate a stark white background and do prefer something with more warmth or life. I actually prefer not to blur the background either, but that's just me. I've attached a background I picked up that I think goes with my "theme". I picked up a few props and tossed them in as well. I'm not quite sure what I'll do for single product images, but I think it will be something similar. For those, I may blur the background a bit, but I'll need to play. P.S. - It looks like my pic is a bit compressed, hence the resolution/focus "issues".
  18. I have Woods and Earth from TFC and it worked pretty well, so I ordered more. I may wait for Black Friday to see if PFO has a sale. ARGH...Just when I thought I was about done testing samplers!!
  19. Great...I just stumbled across a couple threads about PFO and now I'll have to go order some oils. No wonder so many of us have FO problems!! 😂
  20. So how are the oils from this company in general? I was looking around for herbal and floral fragrance recommendations and stumbled across this thread, so maybe PFO would be a good choice for me in these areas.
  21. Wax: 50/50 4630 and 464 Loading: 6.25% CT: 5/10 HT: 5/10 Surprisingly weak throw for this FO. Does smell like cinnamon red hot candies, but I could only smell it in a very small area around the candle when burning.
  22. Wax: Blend 464/4630 Loading: 6.25% HT: 10/10 CT: 9/10 Pretty impressive FO. Definitely reminds me of cider mill donuts! Super strong HT and nice localized CT.
  23. Ha...congrats I guess?!? This does become a major issue if you can't handle the spike in orders. The FB post has definitely blown up. The site just wants to generate clicks, and something like that is unique and interesting. People are willing to take a shot at a candle to see if they like it. This may spike you for the entire holiday season!!
  24. So with membership of $175, that puts us at $440 per year. A bit better, that's for sure. I guess I should finally do this so I can sell some candles. I just need to come up with a product to fulfill their "cosmetic and soap" provision....lip balm I guess.
  25. Paintguru

    Pumpkin Chai

    I just burned a trial. I'd agree with CT/HT view. I don't get any pumpkin out of it, or at least very little. Mostly spice. Good fall scent though.
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