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What FO do you think expensive French soap would smell like?


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I'd probably go for a good rose geranium, but that would just be based on all of my grandmothers/stepgrandmothers and older aunts. They all love scents that they describe with words like delicate, elegant, etc and when I made them body butter balms using a rose geranium scent, they all went nuts over it.

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I remember the french milled soaps I used to get had a clean floral scent with a bit of musk for warmth. I am thinking something like EBB's tropical white musk  https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/Tropical-White-Musk-Fragrance.html  paired with their Tuscan Lace would be awesome and unique. Warm, clean, and sensual.


Hmmmmm.... thanks for asking this question. Think next time I will add the musk to my shopping list. I already have the tuscan lace and customers love it.

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I am on this kick again, so if anybody wants to discuss the above recommendations or make some more suggestions I can research, please do.  What FOs do you think smell like the most expensive soap like you'd find in 5-star hotels that only the rich & infamous can afford to visit?  A perfume I was thinking of buying is described as having the best luxury soap scent ever, and I want to examine FOs first.  My all-time favorite clean scent was discontinued (D'Lish Clean Sweet Layer, and I think it was Scent Works who had the FO version and we all are still lamenting their exit) so I've just got to get over it and pick something else.  Thanks, guys.

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