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  1. I am interested @TallTayl Maybe 2lbs.
  2. Thank you @Candybee I have been stalking your posts and also reading your old posts, you are so so knowledgeable. I want to be like you when I grow up 😍. I am still reading up and will ask more questions at the general wax forum. I think my problem might be the wick though because I have just the RRD and CDN.
  3. Hello @kandlekrazy, thank you for your reply. I got the Glass glow from Southwest Candle supply. The top of the ‘stearic acid’ I bought here that looks like palm wax looks like stars linked together. Since I make them for myself, I actually don’t mind flipping the jar since it’s just 2 and 3 jars at most. If I can get it to throw, I am set!
  4. Hello Chandlers, My name is Sarah and I am a soaper from Nigeria 😁. I can see some familiar screen names from another forum am on. Good to see familiar names. I recently developed interest in candlemaking and I ordered some Palm wax from Southwest Candle supply about 10lbs and somehow got it shipped to me here in Lagos..... I hope hubby never knows what that cost! It’s been a hair tearing experience working with Palm wax. 🤣 I have to admit, soaping is way easier. Anyhoo, I get lovely cold throw but barely there hot throw in a 4oz jelly jar with CD wick 10 but I think the burn is great. The 2 fragrances I have tried for my wax candles are Sea salt and Orchid and Black Sea from Candle Science at 10%. I have been reading a bit and I was going to do a test Candle with 6% fragrance because I read on here that more might not be better. Now to the conundrum that turned me from a lurker to a poster. I had a brain wave to use the stearic acid flakes I bought from a supplier here to make a test candle before I start wasting my precious Palm wax. I mean they look similar so I made a 160g Candle with my stearic acid and while cooling, it started looking like palm wax. I decided to be funky since I have an abundance of the stearic acid and it’s cheap for me. About $5 for 1kg. So I added 10% of fragrance (Balck Sea from Aztec and Passionate kisses from NG at equal amount, really yummy by the way) two fragrances I dislike made a yummy fragrance I love).... can you tell I love fragrances 😁 Made the candle, looked like Palm Wax burns like Palm wax but it is stearic acid. I need experienced eyes to help me compare. Did I just luck out with my buy of the stearic acid or it’s just stearic acid? The candle has no hot throw by the way. Glass is 3 inches in diameter and wick is CD 18. Questions: 1. Do I have Palm wax or Stearic acid? 2. How do I get my Palm wax to throw when it’s burning. Thank you all for your help and didn’t mean to bore you so.......😅
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