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December 2016 Soap of the Month

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For this months SOTM, I decided to do my version of a swirled Melt and Pour, mainly just to show that you CAN swirl it....though

it's not as easy as swirling CP soap.  It's simple enough to do and quite fun waiting to see how it will look :)


Supplies needed:


Clear Melt and Pour

White Melt and Pour


Fragrance....I used 1 oz.

Rubbing alcohol spray bottle



Saran Wrap

Measuring Cups


Bamboo skewer or similiar


You will want to cut up your soap and put into measuring cups to go into the microwave.  You should also use saran wrap to cover your

soap chunks while it's microwaving.  I used about 2 lbs of soap here, to fill my tall skinny mold. Feel free to add additives to your base

if you want, there is a great thread here somewhere on what additives you can add to M & P  I didn't...I like these bases as they are.






I wanted a Holiday theme soap....so I chose green and red colorants.  I chose Mulberry Fragrance Oil.





Melt your soap chunks in your microwave.  I did 1 minute...then 30 second bursts until my soap was melted.  Add your colorants to your different soap cups.

I used about 10 drops of colorant to achieve these colors....your mileage may vary.

You will want the white to be white, so no need to color this one.  You can, I just didn't because I think it shows the swirl better.

Add your fragrance






Pour your first layer when the soap is at about 150. Spritz with Alcohol.





It's going to get thick quick, so pour your white and immediately start moving it around with your skewer or chopstick. 

Don't over swirl too much or it will become muddied.  Spritz with alcohol.



Allow to set up so a skin forms....then spritz with alcohol again and s l o w l y pour your red layer, I poured over a spoon. 

Do the same as you did with the green layer...immediately pour your white and work it around with your skewer




Move your skewer around until the top looks like you want it.  Spritz with alcohol.

You can glitter the top at this point if you like :)




I waited overnight and unmolded in the morning before work.




Looks promising!




The first cuts!





The end result!  So fun....and relatively easy to do.  And you can use immediately.

To prevent sweating, you should wrap each bar in saran wrap, or shrink wrap...up to you.

My base is low sweat...so I have not wrapped it yet, but I will at some point.



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working on tutorial
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Ooooo, I love those!  Yes, very festive - almost like a Christmas candy/desert/jello of sorts :)

What scent did you use?   Swirling with M&P, very interesting........

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OH MY!!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL Debratant!! Those colors are just so pretty! I have always wondered how to do this with melt and pour soap. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! :)

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How'd I miss this? Amazing. Looks so good. I normally don't work with M&P for this reason, I can't get it to look this good. I'm going to have to try now! :)


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