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They look great! Very professional looking.

This is probably a dumb question but does everyone put warning labels on their clam shells or tarts like the candle warning labels? I've been making some labels out of brown kraft paper and at the bottom I've written to never leave hot wax unattended. Is that enough or do I need to add more information?

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Your labels are beautiful! You did a great job. @Belinda, I always add warnings similar to what's on this package.

Is there something already printed up like the candle warning labels? I may have to google it. My labels aren't big enough. I use the 2 1/2 inch round kraft brown label. Or I may have to get bigger labels! :o)


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OMG its great.... I need help on my labels...I may go clear also...thanks

If it helps I found these labels at Staples in the labels/packaging section and they are by Avery and I believe item number is 22822. Very easy to design and print online. My printer is nothing special, and these labels say INKJET right on the packaging, some say laser, and some are suitable for both. Hope this helps!

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