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  1. What was the burn results?
  2. mzphee

    I need a scent duplicated

    Thanks Belinda
  3. I'm not sure who I should contact. I purchased a scent called Ginger CucumberMelon several years ago out the classifieds section... I do not know the name of the supplier. I have about an ounce left. Who can I contact to duplicate this for me? Or am I out of luck.... Help me please
  4. Hi are the maxi tea lights still available? My zip is 61614 for shipping  quote 

    1. moonshine


      Yes they are 

      I don't do much shipping so I have to figure out how to get a quote 

    2. mzphee


      Ok ...whenever no rush

  5. mzphee

    I need answers

    I'm sorry guys I opened a store in November and still trying to get adjusted..yes I finished the candle and I had no issues..i just replaced the candle..i think its her and not the candle
  6. how many lbs of shea do you have? I will take it... abanga karite? is that a butter? if so how many lbs do you have of it too

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cindym


      It's awesome stuff,  I have 3 total lbs to sell, how much do you want

    3. mzphee


      I will take the 3lbs trueroyaltyscents@yahoo.com 61614...

    4. cindym


      Hey there, okay,  I will send paypal later tonight or in the am.  thanks

  7. mzphee

    new tart wax suggestions

    .7or.8 if light
  8. mzphee

    new tart wax suggestions

    ok ive been using eco soya PB and excel mix for 4yrs now and i think I want more.. Im not sure why i want to torture myself but im noticing something that i do not like. after about 6months my calmshells smell like wax.. like i can smell the scent but the waxy smell is there. i rotate my scents based on seasons and there are some thats left over that I store. now tell me is this normal and its been happening and maybe I just noticed it.
  9. mzphee

    464 users please help!

    oh..lol i feel silly...thanks
  10. mzphee

    464 users please help!

    TT whats colored bits?
  11. mzphee

    Fragrance Buddy

    I have tried FB and I must say I love there oils I love ancient incense Suede and Leather is really good also... Sugar cookie Royale is great I've only tried one other and that was Aztec. Now I got strawberries and cream from FB and it didn't do well at all in my combination.. I'm testing black cedar wood and juniper from FB I must say its not bad.
  12. mzphee

    I need answers

    I have been wrecking my brain all of what you guys shared I appreciate and somethings I knew. I even told her maybe your senses is rejecting it. She told me I'm not ready to part with my scent... And asked me to see what I can do.... I CANT DO ANYTHING OTHERTHAN MAKE HER ANOTHER CANDLE....✌?️
  13. mzphee

    I need answers

    Yes the only scent she will buy from me. This time she purchased 3 jars and she said only one jar made her eyes burn. It's burned down half way
  14. Ok I need help. I have this customer that has purchased candles from me for a few years. Today she bought her candle to me and it was half burned. She told me the candle is burning her eyes, I'm not sure what that has to do with me. But I told her I will take it and burn the rest and also do some research. Now I'm not sure she's purchased many many candles the same scent from me. I asked if any of the others made her eyes burn, she said no. So let's start the jar is the 12 oz Libbey Square(from dollar tree) wax: 6006 excel mix wick: 62 fo .08 melon Jasmine from NG please help I will continue to research but I'm not sure none out of that batch only this one candle