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  1. I am LOVING it! In my opinion, they are the exact same. The cold and hot throw are both amazing! I don’t think you will be disappointed in it at all!
  2. Thanks! I did call and talk to them this morning and they said they have there wax blended just for them, so the chances of it being the same are pretty low. BUT they were so super friendly and the reviews on the website for the wax are all really good so I am going to place an order to do a pickup and hope it works well! Taking a leap of faith here, but I think it will work out well! Thanks!
  3. so I have been using the KY blend from Rustic Escentuals, but the shipping is killing me!!!! I am heading on vacation at the end of the week to Northern Alabama and Flaming Candle is only about 90 minutes away. I have read a few things that these are the same wax, but wanted some opinions...has anyone tried both and can say they are the same or nearly identical? I would order some and test it, but we leave Friday, so I won't have time before we leave. IF its the same I will be buying 6-8 cases of wax, so wanted to ask the pros what your thoughts are? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I sooo am waiting for someone to reply as I haven't noticed any sales listed anywhere either. I have lists from 4 different suppliers I want to order but figured there would be some sales this weekend, sooooo waiting patiently....maybe impatiently.. lol
  5. mellsmom

    HELP!!!! Trying to stamp these bags~~~

    ok thanks!!! Heading out later to pick some up!
  6. mellsmom

    HELP!!!! Trying to stamp these bags~~~

    Thank you!!! I knew there had to be a way to do this...lol!! So do you stamp on them, or run them thru your printer?
  7. Ok so maybe someone here can help.... I have purchased these muslin bags, and stamped them with fabric stamp then sealed it with Krylon Low odor clear finish in Matte. While they turned out great, I went to pull them out of the tote at my last show and the ink is running. I have them filled with the corn cob sachet filling but it is dry when I fill my bags....any other suggestions on how to "seal" the ink so it won't run when exposed to the filling that scented? I tried to "heat set" them and that didn't work either.... Not sure if there is some kind of "iron on" product out there that would allow me to seal it from the oil but still let a scent thru?!?!?!?! ANY help at all would be GREAT!!! Ready to pull my hair out and I KNOW there has to be a way to do this...just can't get my slow mind to figure it out! lol These sat for appox 1 month before my show in a closed container......
  8. mellsmom

    New CP Style MP Soap Base

    Not sure, but I ordered some to check it out.. I have been using a Rebatch base from RE/AH for testing the last few months and the opinions seem to be fairly good!! I have added lots of different oils/EO's/other additives, and it seems to work really well. Not sure if this is the same rebatch base, but I ordered it to try it out... The one from RE/AH is a stephensons base......
  9. mellsmom

    How was your events this weekend?

    its my name for an essential oil blend with cyclo to keep pesky bugs away:) basically a mosquito repellant, but I can't say that!! lol
  10. mellsmom

    How was your events this weekend?

    I had an open house at my home this weekend, and it went really well! Sold a ton of melts and bye bye bugs ( the bugs are starting to arrive thick and heavy...lol!) all in all a great weekend! Now to gear up for a huge craft show in 2 weeks!! Hope everyone did well this weekend!
  11. mellsmom

    The latest and greatest

    sorry, it has a 2 pack with it, not a 2 pack of the warmers~~
  12. mellsmom

    The latest and greatest

    http://www.target.com/p/wax-free-warmer-set-2-extra-fragrance-disks-included-white-leaf/-/A-15095088 Target has a 2 pack set for 17.99...not sure how they work though
  13. mellsmom

    new website

    Very nice!!!!
  14. mellsmom

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Welcome!! I too started a little over a year ago, and the obsession continues to grow...lol. Many hours are spent researching info but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My daughter is 11 and we are doing this together and it is amazing to have someone to bounce ideas off of:) Hoping someday she will take over this company that I started! I am sure your daughter will grow up the same way, wanting to be mom's sidekick! The candle looks awesome and congrats on the farmer's market gig! Good luck!!
  15. Juggy, I have been using Maestro since last summer, and haven't had many problems with the labels not printing in line....BUT I have had it happen a few times, and once you are done printing, a box comes up and asks if you need to start the alignment wizard. Just click on that and it guides you through how to fix it...easy peasey!!