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  1. Melted all this soap down and made a lavender loaf with white swirls and gold mica.
  2. While these bars are not for sale, I made them to test colors and mixes of soap bases. Here are my resaults
  3. This soap didn't come out as well as I expected, but still happy with the look. It scent is the key. Fragrance: Best Friends. A wonderful aromatic blend of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava and pomegranate with a down of soft vanilla. I used Goats Milk (white), clear soap (pink, purple), some white mica
  4. Just finished making this Mimosa and Mandarin loaf. Smells so amazing, people are walking into the shop just to ask what the smell is. Here is some photos. I will cut this tomorrow and hopefully upload the video tomorrow night. I used, Shooting star glitter, Mica (white, yellow and orange). 20ml fragrance - loaf holds 1092 grams of soap. 3 Layers. I will cut this loaf up and post the video tomorrow night. But I will post more photos tomorrow.
  5. Two youtube video. Rose Scented Video Lime, Basil & Mandarin Video
  6. This is Lime, Basil & Mandarin. Kelly green colored curls, goats milk (white), Crystal clear soap with yellow and white mica. Video will be uploaded tonight.
  7. This is another loaf I made last night. It's scented with Rose It's Crystal clear base with pink, purple and white mica with a touch of white goats milk. Video will be uploaded tomorrow night.
  8. Yes. You have to other wise the layers just fall apart. I have tried this before but never got the heart in the right spot, so now I know where to put it. The heart is also sprayed with RA to bond with the base soap.
  9. Some more hearts. Here is how I made it. Single Red Heart Soap - 1 Long Red Heart ( 112 grams ) Use silicon mold (30cm long) Cut down to fit into mold. - Melt down 980 grams of Goats Milk - 20 ml scent (2%) - Pour 370 grams goats milk into the loaf - Let it set with a skin - Pour 5mm on top of this making sure not to brake the skin. - Insert red heart into liquid goats milk up side down. (Point of the heart facing up as it's easier to balance on the base) - Pour 610 grams white goats milk over heart at 130 degree making sure not to melt it. I should have made a video of this but no battery left in my camera. Hope this helps smile emoticon
  10. This one turned out amazing but I used the wrong fragrance. Next time I will use Japanese Cherry Blossom.
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