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So, CS has pushed out a (edited. Please refrain from giving specifics of a sale in the future. Thanks. Scented) sale on sample scents. Figured I'd bite, but I wanted to see what you pro's thought of these scents:

Cinnamon Buns

Hazelnut Coffee

Red Hot Cinnamon

Buttered Rum


Christmas Hearth

Blue Spruce

Beach Linen

I'd appreciate any feedback. My plans for these are to make tarts with ecosoya pillar blend.


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I use paraffin so cannot recommend based on wax type. Do not know if that matters.

I have not had the best luck with many of these. Too light for me.

Some I buy big bottles of and really like. Those are:

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon Buns

Apple Harvest

Red Hot Cinnamon


Also like:

Banana Bread

Strudel and Spice

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Same here; I use paraffin. Tried a few of the ones you mention but was not impressed with them and did not re-order them. However, most other Candle Science FOs throw great for me; for example (trying to think of FOs similar to the ones you listed):

Hansel and Gretel's house

English garden

Caramelized pralines

Lavender chamomile

Clean cotton.

Hth :wink2:

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NOOOOOO!! I'm trying to be GOOD and not order more FOs...

That said, I love so many of CS's fragrances:

Blueberry Cobbler, Hansel & Gretel's House, Pumpkin Souffle are kick-you-in-the-face strong.... Christmas Hearth and Hazelnut Coffee both throw like crazy in 6006 too.

and Raspberry Macaroon, I swear I want to drink it, but the throw isn't as strong as I'd like, it's just okay for smaller rooms, but it rocks in B&B stuff (haven't tried it in soap yet).

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mmmm time for more pumpkin souffle...:: pause::.. and driftwood annnd white tea, cant forget mistletoe (eye glazing over) and gotta try da smoke eliminator and I seriously need to leave this thread lol

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I really like the Macintosh apple that I got from them, smells soooo good. I've got about 14 others from them I have yet to try but they all smells wonderful oob. Would like to try the smoke and odor eliminator as well. According to the reviews some say it smells like cinnamon and other say bubble gum, will have to try for myself!

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I second odors smells like juicy fruit gum and it works like insanely works on all odors!

I use 415 and get great throw from most all their FO's- the only ones I can think of that I didn't were

-carribean teakwood

-amaretto nog

-brandied pear

-clean cotton

-green tea and lemongrass

Their Macintosh apple- hazelnut vanilla and mistletoe are my strongest throwers

I can get them all to throw in a melt with PB/415 blend- IMO you can't go wrong with CS and I have tried just about 90% of their oils

I can't stand hansel and gretels house or pumpkin soufflé but they did throw great

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Just got my order, only took 2 days! woohoo new reno warehouse. Question??? Does anybody else think the pumpkin souffle smells like buttered popcorn?? I get no pumpkin at all, lots of butter and a little sweet cinnamon. I think they may have mistakenly given me their new carmel popcorn fragrance.

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