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  1. She did get to smell it. She sent it back to me too! LOL! oh well, more for us. I'm sending to AFI as soon as I get off my lazy butt.
  2. I just learned recently from this board, I could use a skewer instead of a whisk & stop wasting all those papertowels each FO change, to clean it.
  3. I will MS, love, love making soap. It might be a bit tho, until I order again or we have duped.
  4. FMC should give you credit for promoting them!
  5. It smells like another FO I recently sniffed here at home, I just can't remember which, but I'll find it again, sooner or later & pitch both of them on the weeds. I guess Lebermuths Patch & NGs Fresh Squeezed Oranges will be what I try next to dupe it.
  6. I should not have ordered a lb of it before trying it. I have got to stop doing that!
  7. That's better than trying to explain it's real name.
  8. I think we've agreed to send the 1ozer of gold to AFI, after OG tries it. I really, really wanted to send it to FCC, but I had such trouble getting HT with their fOs in my wax. Their scents are wonderful smelling OOB, strawberry is the best I've smelt, better then Sweetcakes Strawberry but can't get any throw. It's a shame, but not switching waxes at this point. I bought straight from AFI to see if their Sugar Cookie Royale is the Moonworks Dupe, it's very, very good at 6%, think could go down to a much lower %. My sniffer is really off right now, so I don't trust myself & will be getting opinions on it, as soon as I can get samples sent out. Which is looking far off from the way I'm getting things done. I'm taking some to puma, who will give to OG & then she'll get it done! OBTW, Sun & Earth from FB is not so good, I can't stand sniffing it, BLECH. At some point I'd like to send the 2 FOS to you to compare. If that's ok.
  9. The problem with using a big wick & trimming it shorter to make it work is: what happens if a customer doesn't trim the wick that short & the wick gets huge & something awful happens. It is a pain to keep testing, but customers don't always follow instructions to trim short. HTH
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