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  1. She did get to smell it. She sent it back to me too! LOL! oh well, more for us. I'm sending to AFI as soon as I get off my lazy butt.
  2. That makes them no longer one of the best companies.
  3. I just learned recently from this board, I could use a skewer instead of a whisk & stop wasting all those papertowels each FO change, to clean it.
  4. I will MS, love, love making soap. It might be a bit tho, until I order again or we have duped.
  5. FMC should give you credit for promoting them!
  6. It smells like another FO I recently sniffed here at home, I just can't remember which, but I'll find it again, sooner or later & pitch both of them on the weeds. I guess Lebermuths Patch & NGs Fresh Squeezed Oranges will be what I try next to dupe it.
  7. I should not have ordered a lb of it before trying it. I have got to stop doing that!
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